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  1. Oh well, can't edit my last post... Here, a video comparing the marui trigger to the gunsmodify one, in case someone is curious: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQ0CE2OD_Q0&feature=plcp
  2. Comes with the gunsmodify trigger, you get to choose from 3 colours of trigger safety (black, silver or red). As I said, awesome trigger.
  3. a 700$ kit plus wa base gun...nice one-off indeed. Let's see if marui gets up to speed in the world of 1911 subcompacts...
  4. Well, time for some glocking. It might not look like it, but the gunsmodify adjustable trigger is awesome, both glocks are cocked. That lonewolf doggie... And novak sights on glocks... Ah well, enough glocking for today... If someone knows where the choffin hell I can get adjustable sights for a marui glock do share...
  5. I didn't forget that, why do you mention it? 1.4 kg...ouch, very nice. After a few hundred rounds, would you mind posting pictures of the insides of the slide and of the outer barrel? I'm currious about how they handle repeated fire and if they scratch or wear at all.
  6. Awesome stuff... It shouldn't do as well when shooting bbs thou (since like that you use part of the gas to propel the bb), still, awesome. What's the weight of the whole thing (with magazine inserted)?
  7. kenxin

    WE XDM

    So, how's this thing holding up? any updates? By the way, you're quite wrong about the markings, it's got the same markings as the marui (except for the magazine) and lacks the springfield armory logo on the top of the slide and the springfield armory USA markings on the side of the slide
  8. I see, makes sense, thanks for clarifying. Best of luck on drilling the holes then.
  9. I'm unsure on how I feel about a p210 with novaks ... BUT. Good GOD man, that is GORGEOUS.
  10. PureSilver, did you order RS trijicons? why didn't you order the nineball/laylax or gunsmodify trijicon ones? (or do RS sights fit the marui no problem?)
  11. Prime and guarder (if I recall correctly, prime is for sure) are RS sized, thus you have to file the lower part of the BBU (at least in the case of a marui) in order for the slide to cycle well. I don't know about the PGC one, but the SD one is a drop in for the marui.
  12. An online shop here in spain. They ran out of stock as soon as I ordered mine thou...
  13. Err, something's not right: " "DETONATOR PRO V10 Ultra Compact Kit for Marui M.E.U (Special Magazine)(Silver)(Out of Stock)"
  14. For WAs? sure, prime. . for maruis. . . not to my knowledge, sadly.
  15. That's a colorful way to put it.... puresilver , I believe it's for the MEU, but I think it was discontinued long ago. .. (plus was something like 800$ or so...), you can find the kit on the enten link a few pages back.
  16. Heh, you never know untill you go to the black market. . . just be careful not to get your own kidneys stolen. If the price wasn't so obnoxious I'd love to get my claws on one of those detonator kits... (pic not mine but awesome):
  17. Phew, managed to smooth out the action and make the trigger work well. . . these ACM clones sure do need some work.... Still, this thing is kickass. . . I think I'll get a nice RS stock for it. . .
  18. You'll have to pay a black market surgeon thou , plus the fees of the broker, plus a medical insurance for me , plus 110% of profits go to me and my family, plus any future medical expenses will be billed to you until the day of my death, So, anyways, yeah, compact WAs....damn TM, compact 1911 go (still thinking if I sould pick up a detonics. . . )
  19. By black bar. . . you mean the fake shell lifter? I figured it out, the spring of the pump blocker (or whatever that thing is called) was jamming the hammer and when that happened, no matter how hard I pulled the trigger nothing happened. Therefore, I was confusing a problem with the hammer with a problem with the trigger. . . oh well, live and learn.
  20. I'll buy the left one from you : <, do you accept payment in kidneys? 100% healthy, stone-free .
  21. I was referring to the complexity of the blowback unit /nozzle assembly, not the blowback per-se.
  22. Hum, Just got my hands on an ACM m500. . . loving the thing and I'll post pictures later but. . . the trigger is DAMN HARD to pull...is that normal?
  23. Wrong, they already go head to head in some areas (M9s and 1911 full size-lines). In japan, WAs are more of a collector's item and not really skirmished much. As far as reliability and such. . . can't comment since I don't own WAs, but their blowback system and hopup is more complex than marui's one (and that's not a compliment).
  24. I wonder why. . . . WA's compact line of 1911s is quite popular. . . why wouldn't marui want to dominate that niche?
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