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  1. I ordered it from Boomarms (i'm sure i sent you the link), it's on airsoftglobal as well now. Anyways, pics of the thing: The markings remind me of the shooters design glock slides, not sure if they're true to the RS. The finish is nice and the fit is good, I'll try and get some pictures of the places i had to sand/file on the BBU if someone is interested. Forgive the marui sights. . . they'll get replaced as soon as I get some money. . . whenever that is.
  2. After a little bit of filing of the BBU got the sucker running on my old glock (the slide, barrel and sights of that one will have to wait until I get another glock)... As expected from prime the fitting is tight and nice and works great, will post pics tomorrow (no light right now).
  3. Well, time to come back to this thread. . . with a 34 (not the salient arms one, sadly). The Prime 34 kit finally arrived, all I need now is a base 17.... oh well... Oddly enough, the BBU sits even LOWER than the guarder cast slides (tested with a 17 I already have). . . I thought prime would be a drop-in (specially with something as easy as a glock. . . ), we'll see how that goes.
  4. PMed the links : ) Anyways, what the hell... I've been itching for a marui G34 and as soon as I buy the Salient arms one, prime comes out with a G34 slide for the marui 17. . . . and at a good price too. . .92$ http://www.boomarms.com/shop/item.cfm/id/PRIME-SL-TMG34-SV/curr_code/USD Apparently they also produce kits for the 26, very nice
  5. OOS already? holy guacamole that was FAST... I guess I was correct for ordering one ASAP. Anyways they are still listed as "on stock" at CRW airsoft, they also have them at tokyo-model if you're still searching for one : D
  6. Absolutely gorgeous, are you going to go racegun route? I'm currently waiting for crw to send me the glock 34 salient arms slide. . .
  7. Actually, to my knowledge detonator doesn't do tritium sights, they are just glow sights (even if some of them have trijicon markings).
  8. Correct, the detonator 10-8's rear sight lacks that little notch typical of the MEU sight. There, found you a picture of how it looks upside down: Also, they are an absolute pain to fit to the PGC kit, both the front one and the rear one need serious fitting.
  9. Well well, time to contribute to this fine thread. Springfield armory custom, pretty much hand-picked the components to what suited me better. Nova parts include magwell, single safety (kimber type), full length guide rod and plug. Sadly i couldnt find the nova extended slidestop, so that's nineball. Detonator 10-8 sights and freedom arts fiber optic front. The kit itself is a PGC MEU and the grips are ready fighter. Only missing a shooter's design outer barrel.
  10. Well well, FINALLY shooters design decided to release a PX4 slide....... Sorry for the quality of the pictures, too much light makes the slide appear way too blue.
  11. I like it a lot. It doesn't scratch the hop-up chamber like the guarder/shooter's design ones and the fitting is better. The only downside is that its not as hard as the shooter's design slide so it's more easy to scratch. Oh and its CW....sadly. I'm fairly impressed with Detonator, I'm also going to order their 10-8 sights for a 1911 project I'm working on.
  12. Finally time to join this thread (long time lurker)... Here's a little something
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