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  1. Aside from a nineball 6.03 for a regular marui 17 the internals are pretty much stock, so I guess the same FPS you'd get on a stock marui.
  2. Lovely and rare piece Desert! sed) The comp and the slide racker are 3d printed and of my own design. I screwed up the comp design a bit but the slide racker works perfectly!
  3. It happens to both KSCs and KWAs, it's a fault on a design level of the platform. I've had it happen on all my KSCs/KWAs (Cz75, Mk23, HK USP compact)
  4. The jaming issues with KSC/KWA guns on the last two shots are related to the feeding ramp plus the design on the magazines. There is little you can do to resolve that, sadly. Sometimes, loading the magazine to full capacity helps.
  5. The hammer on my VFC full size broke after a bit over 1300 shots. The tab that retains the spring on the hammer just snapped clean.
  6. Might as well post it here, detonator is already working on a marui HK45 slide. Coming soon, apparently
  7. The safety on the marui is not true to RS. When the safety is engaged the trigger is disconnected and doesn't do anything at all. On the plus side, it should work well for cocked and locked.
  8. Easier than a glock, doesn't even require you to pull the slide back. It's actually easier to manipulate the hop wheel when field-stripped though, I can't get my finger in that chamber properly. Also, the first marui to have the new 15mm cylinder is the 5-7. After that, PX4, XDM, now the HK45. Very disappointed about the slide catch.
  9. Splendid review! such detail! thanks for your efforts but I'll give this one a pass. I'm seriously worried about marui if they start being THIS lazy with the fake ambi slide release and all.
  10. The camera itself works like a primary schooler made it. Anyhow... the front sight is held in place by a plastic post installed from the inside part of the slide, that's why everyone's sight feels spring loaded. It might be compatible with RS sights, however I don't have easy access to those so I can't provide more info.
  11. It is bizarre.... ah well. Some pictures to illustrate the point. First one of the sight itself taken by yours truly, with a camera that challenges cameras everywhere else to be as un-focused as itself. And now a picture taken from a japanese blog, edited by me: As you can see, the hex screw from the sight just pushes down on the BBU, while the screw that holds the bbu in place goes into the sight. Too bad, to be honest I was expecting the sights to be RS compatible.
  12. Unless I somehow got a different VFC M&P design, the BBU screws into the rear sight (a la marui glock). The hex screw on the sight is mostly decorative (it actually screws but serves no function).
  13. WE: VFC: I have no idea on how these two can be compatible. Also, angrygun's barrel is aluminum, so I'll give it a pass for now.
  14. Yeah, the rear isn't supposed to either, this way makes the print a bit stronger. Be carefull when drilling, otherwise should work fine. I use pointed screws to sort of thread them. Just to make sure I was fairly rough with my front sight to see if it would snap, so far works awesome. I hope the fitting was as good as my print!
  15. Time for some pics. Please ignore the GM costa glock, I got it out for the x300 clone but I thought it might make for a beautiful background. Now for some new info about this thing: - The rear sight at least is NOT RS compatible, at all. It has a screw hole that holds the BBU in place. So much for that. - The rotor on the hammer, pins on the frame, recoil guide rod and the slide stop are steel. - The front of the trigger bar appears to be welded (at least to me) - The bottom of the magazine (not the baseplate) is held on by 3 screws, the design of that seems somewhat
  16. I've been using this setup for a few weeks, finally I can use the sights. Next coming up: warren tactical rear for my G34.
  17. Finally got mine in today, from France at that. A couple of things to note: - Mine is serialized sta4819, making it slightly older than both the other ones in this thread. I ordered it from France like 2 weeks ago. - Mine did not have the out of the box barrel wear from factory testing - The factory grease smells like *albatross*, seriously. - The magazine is by far the worst part of the gun, more on that later. So after years and years of waiting for the marui, I finally got an m&p after refusing to get the WE. After having been reading I immediately tested my ambi sli
  18. Ofcourse I wouldn't mind. I don't have contacts nor money to print sets but I don't mind someone producing them.
  19. Made them myself, actually, and got Shapeways to print them. Aside from having to thread them youtself and paint the dots, they're nice.
  20. Testing 3d printed tall sights for marui's G17......they work.
  21. Finally the X300 clone and Angrygun magwell arrived....
  22. It's kind of bizarre... I'm still getting used to the RMR. My splits are identical to regular irons for some reason..... Then again I'm very used to the high bore axis of a c-more on a racegun and even more so to regular irons. I keep catching myself putting the glock on the same height as my 2011 racegun and wondering where the hell the dot is....
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