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  1. The gunsmodify slide set recoil is fairly mild , the RMR that came with it is still holding up. The RMR that came with the ace 1 died from recoil. The ace 1 set has a very very nice kick to it (much stronger than the GM set).
  2. The threaded barrel on the picture looks like a SD one. The good thing about the GM SAI slide is that it's ramped to ease supressor use but I'm not sure if it'll work... those ospreys are heavy.
  3. If it does come with a manual and the manual has an exploded diagram, would it be possible for you to take a picture of it and/or scan it please?
  4. I need one of these, pronto. So far no other retailer other than Airsoft Gi has stocked them that I could find.... Forgot to ask, is the front sight moulded in or are the two pins removeable? Also a bit far fetched but does it look possible to switch the front with RS sights?
  5. Agreed, needs more bling for appropiate compensation. Make it so.
  6. Doable? Yes. BUT not without some SERIOUS work on redesigning both a new slide and a new BBU. See the problem with current availiable slides is.. there is not enough material to secure an RMR in there, the slide would have to be designed anew. Plus there aren't any tall sights availiable on the market. A while ago I toyed with the idea of securing the RMR directly to a custom BBU, and machining the slide to accomodate that. On the current designs, even if you opened up the slide to accomodate the RMR, the space for the sights would be gone (since those also use the BBU for secure
  7. Yes, nova did the slide and frame for the RWL Nighthawks. Good luck finding the stand alone kits however.
  8. Finally some sunlight...
  9. Absolutely lovely piece Ico. it does look remarkable. I actually had to sacrifice one of my builds to finish the raptor, but I couldn't stand not having it finished. Not gonna fire that thing though. Whenever the weather returns to our mediterranean lovely weather instead of the british weather we're having now I'll take decent-er pictures.
  10. I...I finally "completed" this thing, I thought I'd never manage it. To do: - New grip screws - Correct hammer - Wait for the weather to get better to take some decent pictures
  11. I dislike PDI piston heads, too tight for my taste. Also, I don't know if they make one for the px4.
  12. Part PX10 is the piston head (or piston cup or however you want to call it). It's the part that seals the gas in the nozzle. You might want to try lubing it, but if it's swollen it won't do any good. If it's deformed and or swollen your best bet is to get a replacement piston head: http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/product_detail1.php?search_From=category&item=SD-PT-S758&search=special&rs=Pistol%20-%20Piston%20Head&catid=&cat=679&view_choice=c Check the interior of the nozzle itself or deformation and or damage.
  13. That's almost too much revolver to handle by one man alone.....
  14. A bit more SAI porn. This time it's an AS g35 set vs the GM 17
  15. A few pictures of the wear that has started appearing on the cerakote... I thought it'd be stronger. The more experts should be able to tell if this kind of wear is normal for such low level of use (100-ish rounds, probably less). Now the barrel, now the barrel is another matter entirely..... As you can see, not a scratch on the finish, not even on the underside with the stainless steel recoil spring.... colour me impressed.
  16. If by madbull you mean this: I'd avoid it. I got it basically for free and I use it to have some fun with. However: - The hop up chamber is for WE, it will work if you use a full length recoil rod with your 1911. However you can swap the hop and inner for marui ones. - The barrel is a 3 piece affair, the thread itself is the WE threaded barrel adapter, glued to a standard WE barrel. Also the chamber and the barrel itself are separate parts GLUED together (not threaded) - The barrel itself will end up falling off the chamber sooner or later, I guarantee it. You can re-glue it but it'll
  17. DIY aye? I'd be worried of that thing flying into my face from recoil. How did you mount it anyhow? A little heads up on the gunsmodify RMR set, it's INCREDIBLY sensitive to sear wear. since the trigger bar gunsmodify provides is slightly longer: TM: Guarder: gunsmodify: As you can see, guarder being guarder it's the shortest. That's why sometimes the trigger bar they provide makes the sear don't catch the hammer. As it turns out, I had my sear fitted to a guarder trigger bar before knowing the trigger bar was included in the package, since I've been waiting for this thin
  18. Well, since it's understandable that some people are worried about weight and cycling I did weight the two...let's get nerdy! 778.8 corresponds to the Gunsmodify, 757.3 corresponds to the ACE 1. A few things to note: - The gunsmodify has the steel lonewolf type extended slide lock included in the pack. - The gunsmodify has the zero hammer (steel), vs the marui one on the ACE 1 - The gunsmodify has the adjustable trigger vs the plastic marui on the ACE 1 - The gunsmodify one has steel sights vs the aluminum ones on the ACE 1 - The gunsmodify has a steel barrel vs the aluminum one on th
  19. Ask and you shall recieve!... beware, pic intensive... And now, comparison shots with the ACE 1 , for good measure: Lastly, a comparison between the quality of assembly of the RMRs... the ACE 1's dot is a lot brighter and a bit hard to use in low light conditions. Here's a comparison shot between the glueing of the glass on those things. First up the ACE 1: As you can see, the glue on the gunsmodify is a lot more regularly applied. As for the cerakote, I haven't shot the thing nearly enough to cause any wear and I'm not familiar with the finish. It's the first
  20. Gunsmodify's goodies arrived.... Tightest slide for glock, no question. What an amazing piece..... I am at a loss for words to express how awesome this set is.
  21. Lovely piece! How's the quality? I bet it wasn't easy to get that kit.... dentrinity? Too bad it's HW ABS....
  22. The slide set does come with tall sights, however only the front one is dotted and the dot is dim and small. The RMR is the one that comes with the kit, ACM replica of the brightness adjustable one. The dot is way too bright and big to be used in dim light conditions but outside works fairly well. Comment on quality below. Well, this particular kit is a japanese one (or at least one that was supposedly going to japan)which means it also comes with a precision inner (of undetermined diameter since I lack the tools to test), however it's stainless steel much to my surprise. Surface q
  23. I find it odd that I haven't seen one of these posted in here so here it goes... Ace 1 SAI RMR slide and Staedtler B 1 pencil.
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