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  1. I haven't used the prog4 inner frames yet, as it's an expensive piece. HOWEVER, most of the nova kits I've encountered don't use the slide spacer, instead opting to use something like the Airsoft surgeon slide guide thing (which is included in all the nova kits I have).



    Thus the Prog4 inner frame should work with them. The only kit for which this was not the case was the Nighthawk GRP. I had no idea about the tolerances on the prog4 frame being meh though.


    I didn't know about the LAPD kimber being single side safety, thanks for enlightening me.



    Just to prove that I'm not talking out of my *albatross*, this is a picture from AirsoftGlobal of the Nova LAPD 2010 (not the 2013):


    You can clearly see the piece I was talking about.

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  2. Has anyone who has installed the Guarder TM Glock 17 frame found that the magazine is a very tight fit and it doesn't drop free very easily?

    Happened on my 2013 guarder G17 frame too. The tolerances are all over the damn place.


    The magwell of the frame was also too low so I couldn't use a magwell and normal mags wouldn't fit until I took a file to it.

  3. I wouldn't cerakote the marui inner frame. HOWEVER, if you're going all out...  you could get the PROG4/gunsmithbros advanced inner frame for 1911. It'd make it look more realistic as well and perhaps a little more worth the cost of the cerakote.


    I'm curious though, why 2 LAPD kimbers? twins?

  4. Beautiful kimbers. I'm pretty sure the mag release and slide stop for the cerakoted one are from a hurricane kit though! You wouldn't happen to have any extra nova kimber parts would you? (for example a slide stop, mag release and mainspring housing....)


    The only thing I'd change would be the grips for the real kimber plain black ones (and ofc the correct ambi safety).


    About the colours, there was a guy quite a few pages back with a Nighthawk GRP/Talon (can't remember which) and a Springfield Operator  cerakoted in 2 different colours, check it out.

  5. Allow me (pictures courtesy of Enten):




    Guess it's a replica of this: 


    The web lists it as "Colt Commander Pre 70 series" Sadly I don't know much more at all. I can't find many examples with the stars at either side of the "model"

  6. The trigger spring also tend to break but other than that its a very solid pistol, which I highly recommend.

    Sorry I totally forgot about that (ironic since mine did break), yes indeed. The trigger spring is a known weakpoint of the design.


    In fairness, mine lasted 2+ years of constant use and more than 5000 rounds through it (and god knows how many times I pulled the trigger between dry firing and all).

  7. The PX4 is one of marui's most solid designs, already sporting a plastic recoil buffer to reduce the stress on the slide. Also, the lack of aftermarket parts should give you a hint as to how many parts on the px4 tend to break.


    The only part documented to break is the slide stop, and that was a bad batch by marui with a bubble right on a weak spot.


    The only other think that has problems is the decocker, stopping to work 100% if you rack the slide a lot with the decocker down.

  8. PGC slides are great, they also come with metal sights.


    Shooters design slides are tighter but might need some fittment (around the barrel area).


    I'd recommend one of those two, since the quality and price is very reasonable.


    Also beware, since mid-2012 guarder frames need some sanding on the magwell to seat magazines properly  (specially if you plan on using a magwell) and also have some other fittment issues.


    The guarder frame on my SAI 35 was impossible to use with a Shooters Design slide I had.

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  9. See what I mean when I said "very sensitive to tolerances"?


    Oh well. The px4 decocking system is a bit more tolerant with racking the slide with the safety on since it's kind of rounded on both ends.


    I still wouldn't recommend it.

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  10. My point exactly, the decocker  on the usp springs back up so you cannot really rack the slide with the decocker on.


    The way marui did the decocker on both the px4 and the m9a1 is very sensitive to tolerances, for example the play on my ShootersDesign px4 slide allows a bit too much space between the slide decocker and the piece I mentioned so it doesn't really work well. This also means that warped plastic slides and worn out decockers may cause trouble on the long run....


    If I ever get my hands on one of those m9a1 with faulty decockers I'll try to fix it and report my results.

  11. The safety IS the decokcer on the 92F.


    I just ask, because in real steel, you'd want to put on the safety as you unload the gun and such, so it's a relatively common thing to do. Kinda odd it wears down the gun so, but I guess I'll have to avoid it when I get mine.

    I meant it as in a frame-mounted safety that are just safeties (think of the 5-7, usp,  or even the sig p938).

  12. 1.- As far as I know it's the same as RS also, here's a video on a WE one (same as marui):



    2.- Sorry, I can offer no help there.


    3.- Firefly and nineball are the same company. IIRC the purple bucking gave about 20-30 extra fps on average depending on other parts.


    4.- None. If you drop the mags on the lips they're still going to break. If you're talking about the gas route, that's another matter.



  13. What exactly does charging the slide with the safety on do? It's a rather routine thing to do to the gun...

    With the safety...yes, with the decocker....no.


    The decocker on the slide-mounted decocker of the berettas has to push down a small part, not really designed for racking the slide with the decocker down.



    You see the black part on the right of the frame rails that looks like it can be pushed down? (looking from the rear) that's the part that decocks the hammer.


    As you can see it's squared off in the rear meaning it's going to have trouble when the slide comes forward with the decocker down.


    If you have racked the slide a fair bit with the decocker down, that part should show a fair amount of wear.

  14. Decocker on mine now only works if I use the lever on the right hand side.


    Any ideas? Literally only takes a tiny press on the right hand side to decock if I use the left hand lever first.

    It's probably one of two things:


    - the hex screw that unites the two-pieces of the safety decocker  is a bit loose (don't overtighten it).

    - The piece that the decocker on the slide depresses is worn.


    Did you by any chance rack the slide with the decocker down?

  15. It does look like a NOVA. If it was PGC, the plunger would be re-used from marui.


    If you could show pictures of the machining on the inside of the slide, I'm sure more than one person here could tell you if that's NOVA or not.



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