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  1. It does look like a NOVA. If it was PGC, the plunger would be re-used from marui. If you could show pictures of the machining on the inside of the slide, I'm sure more than one person here could tell you if that's NOVA or not. Cheers.
  2. Awesome piece, I'm waiting for my pro CDP II kit to arrive.... glad NOVA is finally venturing on smaller 1911 kits. Now if only they made 3" 1911 kits....
  3. Damn. that's gotta be the best looking airsoft classic 1911 I've ever seen. Where did you get the s70 kit? boomarms?
  4. Check for wear marks (places where the paint is scratched), that will tell you where the jamming is happening.
  5. About to acquire a cybergun licensed (kwa made) Sig SP2022 system 7 for pocket money... any comments?

    1. PureSilver


      Well, Aod's been fitting my black Shooters Design slide yesterday and today - spoiler alert, the rear sight need substantial shimming; if you want to know where to get the slides, PM me as I think my magazine source also has them.

    2. kenxin


      The pistol arrived....and with problems. Ah well, can't really complain for the price I paid. The symptoms are similar to lightstriking. I changed the rocket valve and spring, since I thought it was just a problem with the nozzle , still nothing. I put a shim in the hammer spring so it hit the valve knocker harder. Nothing.

      The only other things I can think of are: worn hammer and or valve knocker and faulty magazine.

    3. PureSilver


      Hmm. I haven't fiddled with mine internally except by fitting the Volante hop-up upgrade, and my biggest problem was getting the magazines to stop leaking around the base blocks. Liquid gasket is going to be employed next week.

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  6. My slide catch has survived over 2 years with EXTENSIVE use with metal slides and upgraded recoil springs. The truth is one (or a few) runs of marui PX4s had an air bubble in there that caused the part to fail.
  7. The detonator should be OK. Did you have a bubble on the slide catch? I could've sworn I saw a review on the crusader px4 slide on arms-cool, but I can't seem to find it anymore. It looks ok thou: http://echigoyayokohama.militaryblog.jp/e352070.html
  8. Your G&P lasted 11 days?
  9. Man ...the finish on that S70 is pure sex. Thanks for the extra pictures.
  10. About time the spanish postal services released the final missing pieces for my build..... jesus. Still missing a clone LaRue mount and a visionking 1.25-5......
  11. Can you do a few more close-ups on that S70? the finish on that nova kit looks SEXY.
  12. That is VERY unlikely. The lugs are responsable 99% of the time. If you release the slide slowly and it stops about .5 or 1 mm short of battery, it's the lugs for sure.
  13. Whoa....I've never seen this kind of thing.
  14. Aitch, boomarms had them a little ago, check there. So far NOVA are just re-releasing old models with the new firing pin and extractor design...let's see if they decide to do new stuff.
  15. In japan this is fairly normal for people with metal kits for their GBB pistols since sourcing green is harder over there. They do change the recoil springs thou.
  16. You can have it, the new NOVA design cannot. Also, I think you misunderstood me, I was referring to the design, not to your comment.
  17. Regardless of loosening the hex-screw you have to leave it fixed in place, otherwise it'll just unscrew itself. I really cannot approve of this. Also, as far as I know, the detonator kits also have this and don't require any modification.
  18. I have no clue as to why they did it like that. Hurricane has a separate extractor and the design doesn't need any adjustments to the BBU....
  19. Correct,no issues with the 3px4 and well past 5k rounds through that upper and the marui lower. The lower isn't damaged in the slightest and it took the trigger that many rounds to break. It's fairly safe to assume the 3xp4 and the WE px4 are the same, thou I do not know the specifics of that relationship (or if that's still the case).
  20. It's a nova so it should be....fairly good.....ok, excellent. Not a fan of those grips, I prefer the wood SFAs.
  21. Now that is a LONG hurricane..... Still nice thou.
  22. That's some impressive HK dedication...
  23. Took my SD kitted px4 out for a bit today...fired about 200 shots with 1 jam. I thought it odd that a marui jammed, so back home I opened it up and remembered that I hadn't lubed the thing for about 6 months. All that was left of the lube was the grey gunk. So, I remove the stuff and try to fire it absolutely and completely dry (I don't have any lube left ATM). To my surprise, it refused to cycle properly, jamming every two shots (the cause was the rotating barrel no less). Now, you should never fire a GBB without lube, but I didn't remember the same kind of trouble with either the
  24. Or until the pot metal gives in to the steel insert and just snaps in half Kidding (mostly), it just sounded a bit drastic and too much hassle for a WE (IMO).
  25. That sounds rather drastic. Glad you got yours working NonEx, too bad it took so much work.
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