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  1. Hm, and when you cycle it by hand or without the slide it works well? Glad I didn't even try to get one...
  2. Shooters design have been a bit hit & miss lately. Their PX4 slides were bad. Nova and Prime in general are the top in terms of quality, fitting and finish but even they have some bad runs (the prime g34 slide for marui did require some fitting).
  3. Indeed, where did you source this? very very nice.
  4. Jesus, what do you plan on shooting at 300 or 370 fps with .48s? :S I agree thou, shell chambering IS cool.
  5. Jesus, the hammer dropping when you click the safety off...... that is BAD.
  6. Good guess, I'd add that something in the valve knocker is f...ed so it gets stuck and thus doesn't strike the valve again. Incidentally, for the valve knocker to resist the impact from the hammer without hitting the valve hard enough to go full auto...something is wrong.
  7. Amazing quality by WE My best guess would be the valve knocker or the spring that resets it being bent/broken/overall destroyed. Also something must be wrong with the hammer. Try racking the slide again, see if that resets the valve knocker or whatever happens. Other guesses, the part that catches the hammer is worn out or something is very wrong with the hammer or valve knocker. Sad to see this pistol fail so miserably...
  8. Thanks. I can't really find any instances of the mk23 trigger breaking (where there's plenty for the usp). How's yours holding up?
  9. Wonderful job! care to post a parts list? EDIT: Sigh....double post. It wasn't me, I swear.
  10. Quick questions: -Is the trigger steel? I ask because my KWA USPC's trigger broke, and it had a VERY low round count. -How's the thing holding up to use? I mean a few thousand shots, not a few hundred. I'm thinking of picking one up...but those things are expensive.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. If you happen to come across a NOVA/PGC frame to spare, do tell : P. I sourced the thumb safety in the good nature of Mr.Hwagan, original owner of the piece. To remove the pictures, edit the quote. Select the picture and just hit delete. It feels so weird to have a metal slide but plastic framed 1911...
  12. Agreed. I wish Iron Airsoft did a less limited run to lower the cost enough to make it attractive to more people.
  13. If I filed down the screws to the point where they sat flat, there'd be nothing left to screw... literally all of the head screw is out of the grip. NEVER, that's the official pistol-holding-pencil. Again, I won't file those. so yeah, time to search for some screws. On a related note, when nighthawk says SLIM grips, they're not kidding.
  14. Finally all the pieces came in..... still sporting a marui frame..... I also need shorter/flatter screws..... any ideas?
  15. I'm just impressed to see aftermarket support for WEs...
  16. Well, RA-tech decided to do a WE M&P slide. *sigh* I'll keep waiting for Marui's but damn...
  17. OCT had them made, the manufacturer is Prime/NOVA: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/207348-chris-costa-nighthawk-recon-pistol-kit-for-marui-meu/ Didn't you post there as well?
  18. Does anyone have any prowin V2s for sale?

  19. Indeed, sweet collection.
  20. Beautiful, but why 2 detonics-sized backups instead of 2 full size mags? Also, yeah, TM PLEASE, Officer model.
  21. kenxin

    CZ Picture Thread

    It's the trigger bar not being pressed down enough. It's due to wear on the BBU or the trigger bar itself. IF you cycle the slide pressing down on it, the full auto doesn't happen (dry firing it, obviously). Happened to me as well.
  22. Lovely Talon volante. Also, yeah, any marui 1911/hicapa will do nicely.
  23. Perhaps if you put the PEQ further back and put the handstop a couple of cm further back so your arm needs to be less stretched to grab the rail that could help. Really loving the magpul carbine setup. Also, a question, did that handstop come with the URX?
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