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  1. kenxin

    CZ Picture Thread

    What the...is that the KWC-made (cybergun sold, yuck) tangfolio? does it take RS triggers? 0.o
  2. kenxin

    $1K club.

    I saw this at gasguns....jesus man. Very sweet build.
  3. Judging by the magazine, it's a WE from RW's page.
  4. Beautiful piece, as usual.
  5. Looking for a NOVA frame (and associated parts) for 1911...

  6. Finished assemblying the G&P GBBR reciever with all the internals, I HATE that full auto sear.

    1. hitmanNo2


      Yeah. They are tricky little basterds.

  7. Got my G&P VLTOR MUR body for WA today...the pins were so tight I had to use a hammer and a punch to even open the body....*sigh

  8. Also of interest, gunsmodify is doing an mp7 nozzle (along with a g17/g26 nozzle). http://www.gunsmodify.com/news/detail-id-44.html
  9. And on DA the valve knocker stays retracted? the only thing that occurs to me is that the valve knocker spring (the one that holds it retracted) is broken......
  10. Well, I do believe that the new BBU design is a cost-saving feature , however I can't see it making that much difference. I really have no clue about why they changed the design. What do you mean it will only hit the valve knocker in SA? doesn't the valve knocker actually move in DA? or do you mean it doesn't strike the valve hard enough?. If it's the 2nd, your hammer spring might've gone weak, lightstrikes on a fully charged mag are common in marui's DA. As far as answering your question, I go DA for the first shot of every magazine and sometimes if I decock the hammer mid-mag.
  11. Oh ok then. Also, more pictures of those 3 1911s please!
  12. Do you have a cat or something?there is quite a bit of...hair on the LDC Operator. Also why does that LA Vickers have a 1911A1 barrel? Beautiful collection by the way.
  13. Nova Operator and NightHawk......that is BEAUTIFUL.
  14. Mine is one of the first batch too, imported straight from japan as soon as it came out. It's been a while since I've seen mine with the original plastic slide, but the frame didn't feel different to me. The most notable difference for me is the colour (frame and slide finish-wise), but then again I don't actually own the new gen.
  15. The plastic feels identical to me, the newer one might be a bit darker in colour but feels identical. The finish on the controls is identical. What worries me, the slide on the px4 rides VERY low (more so than previous double actions marui did). With that new ramp, the slide has a lot more trouble returning to battery and cycling. Not that it should cause a problem when shooting (unless the gun is extremely dry) but it's worse than the original in that respect. Also yesterday I got a chance to examine one for a bit, the slide to frame gap has increased quite a bit...and it's not just on
  16. So far, the only thing that has broken in mine is the trigger spring. And that's after god knows how many shots (and more than 2 years of use). HOWEVER, there is a 2nd generation of PX4s from marui with some slight differences. The new PX4s have the bbu bump that pushes the hammer down ramped (as the p226) instead of just a bump. Also the gap between slide and frame appears to be wider in the new ones.... I have not observed any other differences. PICS (sorry, those are taken off google's cache, since the original ones disappeared. I don't have pictures of my own, sadly.): (red =
  17. Velcro won't hold with the recoil. Your only chances are: - Make a mount to replace the rear sight (like some of the currently availiable glock mounts). - Drill some threads on the slide and BBU to attach it there (I don't think it'll hold and I don't know if the BBU has enough material in it for that but...) So far I've only seen 1 airsoft gun with the setup you want, and it was a japanese gun (so, less powerful gas). Also, just in case you succeded (somehow), you'll be adding quite a bit of weight to the slide, so your gas efficiency will take a hit. In short, no you don'
  18. kenxin

    WE XDM

    Wow, that's quite a bit of failures for less than a year. How many shots do you think you've fired through it?
  19. Looking good! I love that sight picture. Do tell how that guarder slide is holding up.
  20. Sorry, missread the mag thing. what are your overall impressions so far?
  21. What I tried to say is that the roller can't miss that part....I can't picture how it can make an improper contact since the roller can't really move from the spot. On the other hand, yeah I was referring to exactly this, if the bbu is not pushing the hammer down enough. And yeah, some insert as in epoxy or a piece of plastic glued. Good to know if those do make it to spain...some day.
  22. If the slide lock always locks when you do it by hand there shouldn't be a problem. check if the recoil spring is too stiff (unlikely but you never know). the first 4 shots not locking the slide can indicate a light striking issue.
  23. The way it's designed, it's 100% impossible for the BBU ramp to not contact the roller. Now if the ramp was badly casted or i worn out it may not push the hammer down enough. If this is the case the only solution is installing some sort of insert or get a replacement bbu. Or if you can post pictures! this is a review thread after all.
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