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  1. A pic of me from last summer, i think it can be called "artistic"
  2. e-mail me ztims62b@hotmail.com

  3. Protec ACE + Anvis NVG mount + LPBP + ANVIS 9 resin kit* IBH* + Norotos Inc. mount + norotos short arm Protec Classic + custom headset + boom mic + kroops + SDU-5 strobe HGU 55 + MBU 20 + SDU-5 strobe Protec Classic + Rhino mount + rhino arm + AN/PVS 14 Protec Classic + Wilcox L2 G04 + Wilcox arm + Bolle X800 + MS2000 strobe Protec Classic + Wilcox L2 G01 + Wilcox mount + MS2000 strobe * = Replica Hope you like them guys!
  4. Updated my lids, here you have some pics. Familly pic MSA Mich 2002 + Wilcox L2 G05 + Wilcox arm MSA Mich 2000 + STS PVS 21 NVG mount Mich 2000* + Norotos* Protec + Norotos Inc. mount + norotos short arm + IR vip Mich 2001* + Wilcox L2 G05 + Wilcox arm + surefire hl1 MSA Mich 2000 + Norotos Inc. mount + norotos short arm + IR Vip
  5. Got back 3 weeks ago from A-stan, and as i am a sniper i thought i could share some pics in this thread...
  6. Its nice to be home at last, and be able to clean and organize my stuff again.... so here ou have an uptade in my gun room... Hope you like it!
  7. Oh man, whish i never had posted those pics... I don't understand why there has to be 2 sides, the " LS fans" and the, "Sorry I'm not on LS's nuts like everyone else dry.gif" Dude, i have nothing against you, why do you seem to be unpleased with me ? have i done somethin wrong ? just posted a pic of a loadout i have in progress, so i could get some suggestions and some help, as i am not an afsoc expert, an all i get is a world war 3... I dont really want to continue with this argueing, i really whish i had never post the pj wip loadout here, so non of this had started. Let
  8. Got a new helmet today: MSA mich 2002 Wilcox + arm Wilcox + arm, old gen STS PVS 21 mount x 2
  9. my WIP pj loadout More detailed pics here: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...0&start=860 Im working on it, just build that out in one day with stuff i had at home, hope to finish the details asap.
  10. Im trying out a new loadout, it is a work in progress, and it is not based in operator or team, it is just a mix of items, using as ref pics of different pj's. PJ night ops, Iraq KIT LIST: DCU modded BDU Polartec fleece Merrel sawtooth boots Mechanix heavy duty gloves Alta black knee pads Eagle Industries harness LBT black safety laynard Eagle Industries combat belt Safariland 6004 Safariland body armor DCU SDS chest rig mjk BHI utillity pou
  11. Kitlist: Protec Ace Freecarve custom Anvis mount Battery pack Wilcox NVG retention strap IR long tab Mich black chin strap Unknown black googles Modified Liberator II with LEDs in boom mic Replica anvis 9 nvg
  12. 7 of 9 of my m4/CQBr's collection.
  13. Trying out a Surefire 60r on some of my colt's...
  14. Updated my War room, the guns are almost the same as the last time, just have a couple new ones. Big thing was put all the gear in a way i could actually use it, not stored in boxes as before. Also, backpacks, boots, 50% of the vests and gear is on the closet, dont have room for all of them out in the shelf, so i kept the ones i dont use as much on the closet or on my garage. Behind the pirate flag, i have small boxes with gun accesories, radios, some pouches (the mlcs ones are on the 2 bags under the flag) and spare parts. I love
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