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  1. It happened to start raining today, so I decided it was going to be a good day to take some pictures of my [Relatively] new gun. Business. Props. Just gripping.
  2. Here's a couple of pictures of what happened. Basically, the two vertical nubs which hold the barrel where broken off. I do not believe it's because of having racked the slide with the safety engaged, rather just from the recoil of the gun. I've put >8,000 rounds through it plus maybe 1,000 dry fires.
  3. Quick Update: I disassembled my Px4 today and I discovered that the nubs inside the hop up chamber which hold the barrel in position have been sheared off...My guess is due to the recoil, much like the Fn 5-7's outer barrel.
  4. *blush* I cocked mine with the safety on....but only a few times I swear. The hammer always fell forward when I did it, however. Could this possibly have led to my broken barrel?
  5. Mine shoots pretty well here in Michigan, ~30 degrees outside and I can get around 35 shots slowly
  6. So, my gun had its first "real" problem occur. About a month ago, my the "chamber" part of my barrel snapped off while firing. I can post pictures later. Firing with the barrel broken is possible, but occasionally the slide gets jammed, as it hasno real way to push the barrel forwards. My temporary fix is to use the WE threaded barrel adapter, which has a diameter slightly larger than that of the slide's cut for the barrel, which allows the slide to pull the barrel forwards while cycling. I have put ~3k rounds through the gun, with no upgrades. Has anyone heard any news about the threaded
  7. I've put around 1k rounds through mine, and my trigger doesn't seem to reset nearly as fast, I'm assuming something is broke inside the frame. However, I can't figure out how to take it apart. Any ideas?
  8. .4? Whoa...do you have any idea of the FPS? If it's not unbearably slow, I'll pick up a bag and try them out. Also, I polished my barrel to the point where it'll blind anyone looking...xD I think it looks great, except it caused there to be much more wobble from the barrel to the slide. Has anyone come up with a way to reduce the wobble? I tried shunning the little nub on the bottom of the barrel, but couldn't get anything to stay. Any ideas?
  9. Just a quick note, if you don't want to spend the money on the RA-Tech silencer kit, you can just pick up a WE 1911 threaded barrel adapter, mine works perfectly on my 3PX4
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