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  1. yeah, sorry Anakchan....


    It is SOPMOD related, because I want it for my SOCOM (my bad). Just in the process of upgrading my barrel. Was going for a Prometheus barrel, just was wondering over the hop rubber.


    Not being an AEG user normally (boltie for me), I'm a little out of date on all this. I'd heard the Shark was pretty good, then I see everyone raving about the Firefly one, so was just after some feedback on it.

  2. Yeah, it's smaller than a 9.6v Mini Battery, so is just a direct replacement.


    but still if there's a new accessory for the gun, its got to be mentioned.


    Oh, fully agree.

    Wasn't having a go. I just think for a cost/effectiveness package, running a LiPo seems to be much better than the standard SOPMOD special battery arrangement.

  3. I'm with Isamu on this one.


    My LiPo installed SOCOM has been in the field now a few times with astounding results. And the batteries 7.4v 2200mah, for two of them cost about the same as one SOPMOD special battery. Doesn't make any sense to me.


    My advice to everyone would be to either sort out their rifles to front wiring, or to ditch the special connector in the SOPMOD stock and wire it to Deans for LiPo installation.


    The performance on mine is superb. ROF is much better than on a 9.6v mini NiMh (but not insane) and one battery has easily lasted a full days skirmishing.


    I am feeling the love for this gun. So much so, I even put down my VSR for most of the day. And for those who know me, this is like separating co-joined twins.



    I'm just waiting on my dude to get my MOSFET sorted and I'm away. Oh, blatant plug here. If any UK based persons require a 3 Round Burst 'Fet let me know and I'll see if he can add extra to his run.

  4. From what I can see the bolt stop mechanism on the gearbox side of things is pretty infallible. It is literally a lever that does an 'on/off' thing.


    I'd bet money on the problem lying with your magazines and they are not feeding properly. Hence they are not stopping with what appears to be the last round.

    I had this with mine.


    Gave my mags a bit of a clean and lube and they all feed fine now (and incidentally it did mess with my hop a bit) and bolt stop function is flawless.



    To make sure it is the mags and not the catch, get a mag that works, and just run it through a few times. If it works all the time, it's pointing to your magazines.

    If it still plays up, then there really is something more serious.

  5. Got my Li-Po's (7.4v 2200mah jobbies) for my SOCOM finally.


    I'm pleased.... the ROF is better than using my 9.6v NiMh (but not insanely so), snappier trigger response and gives a little more room in the foregrip.


    I'm also pleased that I didn't turn my garage into ground zero when I charged them up. BONUS!



    Just got to change the connectors over to deans and wait for the 'Fet.


    Can well recommend this little tweak.

  6. The sopmods tube is designed with that step to clear the gearbox and fit into the reciever, a smaller tube wouldnt take the recoil unit and also not fit between the gearbox and receiver.


    Just whipped off my stock tube. I see what you mean about clearing the gearbox. That's a bad deal.


    But the recoil unit will fit in a real steel stock tube. If a RS stock, fits over the tube, and the recoil unit is inside the same tube... stands to reason that it should.


    Not that it matters, that step is the critical part.


    So yeah. new parts ahoy. Or stop.... dremel time!






    Oh, got my springs by the way. Cheers bud. Proper Job.

  7. Barrel lengths...


    well there are only really three that are of any importance (in my opinion).


    Commando/Standard M4/Standard M16. This should cover a number of options. M733/M933/CAR15/M4 and all it's variants/M16 and all those DMR's


    And if the outer barrel was threaded (for the flash hider), then the extra lengths could just be added as straight extensions (being threaded with male/female ends respectively). This then gives the owner the option to swap out the fore ends for what ever they desire.



    Something to consider about the sling swivels....


    We know the stock tube is the same diameter as the real steel one (hence all those Magpul Stocks fitting), but it has that small step in it where it enters the back of the receiver. Is there any way to make like a heli-coil insert that screws into the receiver to allow it to take real steel stock tubes (or is the difference too small?). That would alleviate the need for special sling plates because real steel ones would then fit.


    Either that, or draw some new ones with the correct diameter and get them laser cut from sheet steel.

  8. Hell, the lack of aftermarket parts has never really bothered me.


    I'd say 90% of the guns I've owned have had almost zero aftermarket support! Star AW338, DSR-1, Marushin Garand, Ruger Mk1, the list goes on.....


    Going into it with your eyes open is a better way to look at it.


    I've made some BAD choices in my time, the Star AW338 and the WE GBBR M4 probably being the worst. Yes they are beautiful guns don't get me wrong and are well put together but they don't fire for poop and that's a real shame. And without the aftermarket support, that situation is not likely to improve.






    With the Socom/Sopmod you don't actually have that problem. The Marui fires just fine out of the box, it will be reliable and go on for years in typical Marui fashion. Things like stocks, foregrips, delta rings, pistol grips, Rails, and all manner of other attachments do actually fit. We now have a source for springs so power isn't an issue and inner barrels and hop rubbers are standard anyway. We know this, because it's all here in this thread.

    Batteries can be made to fit (I've got a 9.6v mini in mine, and LiPo's will fit almost anywhere. This issue is no different to a standard M4.


    The only bits that aren't available are the myriad of different receivers and a varying outer barrel lengths (and is that really a problem?).


    So, in essence, whilst the specific aftermarket support isn't there, it doesn't mean there are no parts for it.


    For me. I bought it well in this knowledge and I don't regret it one bit.


    If you don't mind living with a standard engraved receiver for a while then get one now, you won't regret it either.

    If the lack of a Diemaco LaRue Marine SWAT body with HooYah on the selector really makes you want to turn the gun on yourself every time you pick it up...... then I suggest you don't get one, and go and check yourself into a clinic pretty sharpish.

  9. well, I've had a reply from Extreme Fire about their mosfet installation.



    When ever the trigger signal is lost the gun will stop firing instantly no matter where in the burst it is. So if the three round burst is at two shots, it will stop right there if the trigger signal is lost due to the magazine switch. That will not affect the timing if you try it again. Once the timing is set it will remember where it is even if the trigger goes off early. So it should all work fine.



    So all looking good so far. should be no problems with the cut-off.

  10. I think the systema 3 round burst is part of the onboard programming. It comes as standard on M4's but is a really nice feature which I would like to replicate.


    (then I can laugh at my mate who has the systema in that I've got a rifle that cost half as much as his. Does everything his does (stops on empty/3 round burst/quick spring change) and has recoil to boot!..... ho ho ho!)

  11. Now I've already posed this question to Richard in a PM, but thought I'd ask it here just because it's quite an interesting question.



    I'm considering getting a 3-round burst MOSFET for my SOCOM (because that's pretty sweet, love the function on Systema's).


    So firstly......


    1: Does anyone already have this set-up, and if so, any issues?




    My poser is this.


    You stick in a 3-round burst jobby.


    You fire a burst and the gun fires maybe 1 or 2 rounds then the mag is empty.

    The cut off engages and the rifle goes 'dead' with the empty mag.


    At this point the 'FET has 1 shot left 'active' in it's cycle.


    Now, does the 'FET clear itself due to timing, or does it register the shots somehow.


    If it does register the shots, does this fire off when you 'reload' in a Spectacular 'Negligent Discharge' moment? Or do you get a single shot on the next burst before returning to normal?




    So yeah, all input and discussion welcomed.

  12. I think in terms of parts, you'd probably be quite surprised as to how many parts actually fit.


    Yes, it's a shame that some of the major components are missing suitable alternatives (outer barrels, receivers etc). But for the most part things like RIS, Stocks, Grips and other little add on parts do go on without too much fuss. I've got a set of WE handguards and they fit, with less wobble! Pity you then can't fit any battery in though (uber thin Li-Po possibly).


    You only have to look at the pics in this thread to see the variation of parts that people have stuck on their gats.


    Me, I'm keeping mine simple. UBR and possibly an aimpoint (if I can get another).


    I'd love a shorter barrel and a long flash hider so I can look like 'Zeke' Anderson.


    As for sling plates.


    It took me about 20 mins with a dremel to just open out the hole to get it to fit (you could probably do it quicker if your being brutal). The real steel ones are really very close, like i said before, if it wasn't for that little threaded step in the stock tube, they'd go straight on.

  13. BB's left in the mag and they can get stuck half way down the channel without even coming into contact with the bolt stop mechanism parts. It happened whether I filled the mag, or just had one or a few BB's in.


    A little (and I'm talking the tiniest squirt here) lube seems to have done the trick for now, but it has transferred to my hop because it's being a little wild. Hopefully running it through will clear this.


    I understand perfectly why they have done what they have done.


    The channel in the mag allows the BB's to double stack (hence fit more in for a given space) and is probably 6mmx8-9mm. But that follower (the double BB looking bit) is a straight 6mm (with one larger part to stop it pinging out) and because its the size it is it can slop about in the channel. It twists in the channel when the first BB double stacks against it. It's this twist that is partially jamming the follower in the channel. There are no burrs inside the channel it's purely a friction interference issue.


    It happens occasionally on a pistol mag when the BB doesn't fall to the correct side of the follower, skewing it in it's channel.


    Lubing reduces this friction by the very nature of lube. But it adversely affects the hop because some of it is transferred to the BB whilst it goes up the channel.


    Personally, a better follower would be the same shape as the channel to minimise the skewing, with a notch at the top to offset the first BB. Like a pistol mag follower. Difficult to describe I know.... much easier if I posted a pic.


    I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced this issue with brand new magazines not feeding correctly.





    I have to explain my position a little.


    Being an avid sniper type and predominantly using a bolt action where the tiniest fluctuation in hop can be a real headache, hence my quite anal fascination with not getting any thing 'adverse' in the hop area.

    I'll just have to see what the difference in time is from having the hop messed up by too much lube and the mags sticking because of not enough lube!



    But you're right I've switched from the sticky cube BB's to the round ones and that's made a drastic improvement!


    I have to say, I like what they've done with the rifle though.

    The open backed gearbox is a bit genius. That's one in the eye for those Systema and ICS users who rant on about quick spring changes. The recoil unit is a nice design. Would have been better if they made the stock tube the same dimensions though so there wasn't a need to mod the sling plates (I mean, they've managed to fit the recoil unit inside a 'standard' stock dimension, but they they put that step into it where it goes into the back of the receiver! WHY!!). The change in hop was well overdue.


    I think my only criticisms would be....


    why make it only take an 8.4v battery (without having to mod it!) and it would have been much nicer to have a two piece outer barrel so you have the Carbine and Commando length outer options.

    But hey, if that's the only thing I can find to gripe about, I think it's a bit of a success.


    Here is the concluding statement from my own forums review for this rifle.


    Overall as a first impression, this is looking to be a real gem of a rifle. It looks to be a really nice halfway house between the ultra realism that a GBBR provides and the simplistic reliability and functionality that an AEG provides.

    At this current moment in time, nothing provides this level of engagement, recoil, working bolt (after a fashion), stop on empty and a decent simulated reload. Not even your uber expensive Systema. Yes, there are different models that can provide individual elements of all this, but none (other than the Marui) that provide it all in one neatly made package

  14. Hi Richard...


    I've had one of them apart, and back together.


    Still the same. This was all part of my elimination process to see what was going wrong. I actually like the mags, nice and simple and easy to work on.


    My own opinion is that the design is a little flawed (not much, but a bit). The nub should be shaped to follow the rail (like a pistol mag follower) rather than being allowed to skew over to one side.


    I've yet to go and check my next theory (family is back so no time now), and that is to remove the nub completely and just let the BB's sit on the spring head (the 'pivoty' bit). But this is all dependant on whether the spring head stops when it hits the cut off switch or whether the nub not being able to travel any further is what stops the spring head.


    failing that.... I'm going to lube them (but this really is against all my better judgement) and after that, I'm probably going to fashion a follower.

  15. Hola,


    Just got my baby and sweet she is too. Just a standard Socom Carbine so no frills.


    Replaced the Stock for a Magpul PTS (no issue there), replaced the sling plate. I had to mod mine. The real steel ones won't fit without modification because the stock tube is ever so slightly bigger in diameter on the Marui. Nothing 5 mins with the dremel didn't sort out.


    Modded the barrel so I can get a 9.6v in, although I will be going to Li-Po and Mosfet in the near future.


    Overall, really pleased with this. Might upgrade the spring dunno yet.




    Now my issue is thus.



    My mags (Both of the ones I've tried, I've got 4 more to get out of the wrappers yet) are misfeeding. They are the standard lo/mid caps.

    From what I can gather the problem lies with the little nub inside the feed rail.


    As the BB's apparently double stack, the 1st BB is jamming with the nub (I know its the 1st BB because I've put only one in and pushed it down with a loading rod, same result) as the nub skews ever so slightly to the side.


    By the nub, I mean the bit that looks like 2 BB's together (one bigger to stop it flying out).


    This is obviously causing some dry firing.


    Anyone else getting the same issue?



    I have't tried lubing them yet. Never a big fan of putting lube near BB's because this inevitably gets on the hop and cacks things up.

  16. righty....


    after reading through the whole of this thread, and speaking to a few well trusted individuals, I am now convinced that this new M4 is the way to go.

    I've been disappointed with all this GBBR shennanigans.

    And I've yet to find an AEG that tickles my mojo (like my original Marui M4 did back when I first started), so hopefully this will be a full circle experience.





    my question is thus:


    Anyone know of a UK supplier that has the M4 Carbine (not one of these silly SOPMOD versions will all the bling on) in stock?


    I'm going for a good old fashioned M733 Commando look ala Tour of Duty / Platoon. Yes I know it's either an XM177 or a Colt 653P but you know what I'm getting at.

    Something without all the flim flam on.


    I've checked FireSupport and Z1, but they only seem to have the SOPMODs in.





    or failing that, does anyone know if a Magpul CTR stock and something like WE GBBR M4 handguards will fit on as replacements for the SOPMOD stock and RIS?


    any help would be greatly appreciated.


    cheers chaps.

  17. Well, here's my little baby...


    not quite finished yet. Got to find a small barrel extension, got to whip off the front sight, possibly a bipod and then tweak the hell out of the innards for that real DMR goodness. I think I'm going to take off the RIS cover on the scope too... think it makes it look too blocky.


    Based around a Jin Peng Sig 556.



  18. No idea,


    I know some warning points do disappear (I know mine have..... yes I've been a bad boy, but I'm not telling you what for)


    I do think there needs to be some permanent record, purely for evidential purposes.

    It shouldn't be a damning report to be relied on, but it shows a pattern of history, or indeed the change in a pattern of history, that can then be used to formulate the correct response.


    Maybe a secret moderator sub section called the SH.ONE.T List or some such other wheeze. Whereby persons brought to our notice are entered on there for future re-education.




    - Moderators shouldn't be rude to members, particularly when wearing their moderator hats. This avoids allegations of unprofessional conduct and would save people reacting badly to decisions.

    - If people express an negative opinion about what you are doing it's better to talk to them about it (via PM) than suspend them in the hopes of ignoring it.

    - If a moderator thinks there is a conflict of interest (such as they have been involved in the thread or previous history) it should be passed on to another mod.

    - If a moderator can't manage the above then they should quit.


    The obvious ones are generally the correct ones. Especially the third one.

    Conflict of Interest, I love that one. Anything that detracts from a position of neutrality, then get the sweet bejesus out of there!





    EDIT.... no-ones replied, so I can't fall foul of my own request!


    I think talking via PM is a good starter, but if that illicits no suitable outcome , then you may have no other option than to resort to warnings or suspensions. Or if you think that it will illicit no suitable outcome (no point in reinforcing failure), then a quick cursory PM to explain the course of action is always a good idea.


    Anyways, always food for thought and my sausages were delicious.

  19. Blimey, this is running thick and fast, so I'm going to have to read and write at the same time (sheesh, my poor little mind).


    Righty then.


    No, it's not alright for moderators to swear and insult users, just as it's not alright for users to swear at other users. I am unaware as to whether Stealth apologised to the user in question, however, so can't really comment any further.


    Couldn't agree more with misfit on this.


    Personally, I go one further and try not to address any personalisation to any admonishment. Partly because it negates anything like this situation arising, and partly because I know how infuriating it is to be nice to someone who is incredibly p!$$ed at you! Hey it works for me.


    But seriously, the more professional, and less personal a response then the less likelihood of combustion. I'm sure that's basic chemistry..... Stick an inert substance into a volatile one and nothing happens.



    There should be a place for complaints. I think one exists, and it exists in the moderating team itself. If you have an issue with someone, by all means try addressing it with the individual, but if that gets nothing but static, then you can escalate that to one of the other mods.

    I don't think we have an 'in crowd' mentality within this team, and if there is one.... I'm certainly unaware of it. (maybe I'm not on the 'in-crowd'!).








    So at this juncture, I shall say this.


    MCXL, Chimpy, Stealth. You all seem to have reached an impasse. I am not going to throw judgement on who I think is right or wrong (it's not my place), but I think dialogue directed between yourselves is not going to be 'without incident'. So step back from the lighted firework and let it go off with the dull uninspiring thwap of a tesco barcode banger, rather than a rather earth shattering and spectacular KABOOM!




    back to work.


    I'm going to step away from the particular incident that this seems to be revolving around. We are all aware of the circumstances and personally it's now for the upper echelons to deal with. What I think this thread can be useful for is defining a framework (jesus, I'm starting to sound like management! take me outside and have a word!) of how these issues should be tackled, both from a moderators and users perspective.


    This thread is sort of a step up, but I don't know that its ok to basically walk away to a different section of the forum. Calling him in thread on it and leaving it there I think is totally acceptable, no matter what his mod mandate is, mostly because of the fact because that way you don't stifle spontaneity


    I think an action/response in a thread is probably OK, it firmly puts a lid on things quickly and quietly (I've done it), but once it descends further than that, resulting in numerous posts focussing on that issue, but are ultimately 'off topic', then I think it should resort to PM or escalation further.


    We arent all Jesus

    Speak for yourself!


    so why should our members be held to a higher standard then our moderators?

    They shouldn't..... They should all should be bound by the same rules.

    But the moderators should strive to transcend these rules.


    Besides, I'm just going to clean my pistols with my special lotion whilst standing next to my waspy glue fountain! what's ridiculous about that?


    There's a difference here. The threads are broadly on a topic for a reason, it's a method of organising conversations into topics and areas. Otherwise you may as well have one thread with everyone talking across one another at will. It's also why we have moderators who try to keep things organised. The key point here is that they should be facilitators of debate not some sort of authoritarian in charge of debate. So having rules about not going too off-topic and posting in the right place is entirely in keeping with the framework of a forum. You do need to make it clear what is or isn't allowed though.


    99% of moderation is dealing with the admin side of it. Well certainly for me it is.


    Ultimately I think the 'do unto others as you'd have them do unto you' blurb is quite valid. If on the receiving end, you'd find it a little unreasonable, then it probably is.


    I'm as guilty of the swear filter as the next guy. I know I shouldn't and it's terribly hypoctitical of me to then go and admonish someone for it, hence I let most of it slide, unless I think they 'deserve a Rory' (google 'Rory Award, first link) or they are directing it towards another person.



    Maybe we could have a 'Personal Apologies' sub-section? Nothing like a bit of social spotlight to humble the soul. Open to postee and recipient only but available for all to see.

    Public admissions of wrong doing do make a person consider what they have done more than arbitary punishment. Plus it can't be worn as a status symbol.



    Undermining someone's authority because you think you know better than someone who has been given the position isn't very mature.


    Differing with an opinion is different to undermining someones authority. I'm sure you can see the irony in your statement with this in mind.


    I can see nothing but mature debate in this thread. Admittedly, there is a polar difference in opinion, and one which I cannot see being resolved between those persons in question, but it is being handled in a mature fashion.


    Long may this continue.


    But in the crux of it, let's find a solution.

    It's probably taken me the best part of an hour to type this all out.... I'm hungry and I've got pork and apple sausages in the fridge! I may be some time.





    And before anyone says it, I know... I've just done what I'm about to ask everyone not to do....


    Can we please not edit a post if someone has replied to it already.

    Besides warping my noodle, it can give a person chance to change a post sufficiently to change the initial meaning, and in a thread like this, is counter productive.

  20. That doesn't make him immune from criticism for his actions though.


    I couldn't agree more, and this should apply to everyone who inhabits the place. Me included (but feel free to grant me total immunity if it makes you feel better!)


    Anyway, off to pick my Mac up, this vista based pile of donkey droppings of a Laptop is driving me batshit by the minute!


    Edit.... ignore that... They've just called to say it's not ready yet. So if you hear some loud banging noises, don't panic it's just my head on the keyboard!

  21. This is certainly a glass half full approach to the community. Yes the moderators are better then some other sites, but what does that have to do with this discussion. Saying "At least its not (insert worse site)" doesn't improve the situation. This is a topic on a very specific subject and saying its better then something feels like a cop out rather then addressing what I am saying. I know you didn't necessarily mean it to come off that way, but it does.


    It's just like the teenager, after he comes home drunk going "Well at least I'm not on crack!" Sounds like avoidance to me.


    It was no way intended to be a glass half full avoidance. I was merely pointing out that you can do 'A LOT WORSE' elsewhere. Like all things, we as people have the option to vote with our feet, hence why I personally do not inhabit another certain forum.


    It is not a perfect world by any means and the addage of 'if you don't like it, go elsewhere' is a rather bad bastardisation of the individuals ability to choose a course of action for themselves. I am well aware that it's taken as a very negative comment, but the meaning of it is certainly very valid.



    Dude.... this is a British Forum! hehehehe, yes, yes, yes, I know you spell things differently on your side of the pond. Let's not argue somantics (might not be the correct usage of the word, but you get my drift). Ahloominum I ask you.....


    Now I cannot condone such a course of conduct, it's not my style. I'll grant you Moderators have to appear to be whiter than white (in a 'clean' sense, don't go misconstruing that comment into something its not...) and above reproach.


    There should be a system of addressing these issues..... and indeed you are making good usage of that very system by posting your comments here. So you see, the process can and does work. Nobody is hiding anything and it's certainly not the 'pack mentality' I spoke of before.


    Nobody is coming to your house with a black sack and some large batons (well, not yet anyway! but best keep any eye out).


    What the eventual outcome will be is far from me to speculate upon. I am merely a pawn and do not consider the functions of higher beings (it makes my brain hurt).


    But one thing I will say is, whilst Stealth is brash, ubrupt, cynical, opinionated, hot tempered and dare I say ugly.....

    He's a good honest bloke, he's done a lot in this forum and is a worthy addition. It would be a more monochrome place without him.


    I don't like Marmite..... but apparently some people do.








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