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  1. As a mod of the sniper haven I have to admit I play a very small role and generally have very little call to have to fall back on any moderation powers. I've wagged my fingers at a few people in the past, but I can count those incidents on one hand. So on the whole, the people in this forum are generally well behaved and should take some personal satisfaction from that. We are human (just), and we all approach situations in different ways. As a former Police Constable, I am well aware that situations can be dealt with in a myriad of ways whilst still remaining within a certain fram
  2. rvp69... by all means copy it. If you want a real detailed explanation of what to do just shout up. Doesn't take long to do. I can't see why it wouldn't work for the CO2 nozzle, you don't actually change the nozzle part itself or the valve at all. Just it's position on the operating rod, the same as the TS-Custom one that A123 has shown. Although granted theirs looks nicer and is blue! If anyone in the UK wants this doing, just post me your op rod and I'll sort it for you. If you've got a die set, 15 minutes or so of your time and a 3mm nut... you can do it yourself. It really i
  3. Hmmm, not overly different from my mod which I mentioned a while back (finally got a pic). There is a slight difference in that I've put the locking nut behind the nozzle and trimmed the plastic part to suit (rather than using grub screw locking on the internal piece) , so the lock nut and new collar, are the same size as the original. But for all intents and purposes the operation is the same. You undo the lock nut, screw the nozzle back and forth on the extended threads on the 'op rod', and retighten the lock nut when it's in the desired position. Slide the collar back up to
  4. Indeed WETTI.... The lengths that some of us will go to, to get the best out of this! I've currently got a spare brass hop housing away at my engineering section (strangely at a university 300 miles away) where they are machining it to fit an AEG hop rubber.
  5. Ben... the blur only occurs when the operator is shaking like a virgin about to pop his cherry! As for tightening the stock, just look for a screw in the back somewhere. Things to do.... Always remove the mag before trying to open up the receiver (trust me, you'll do it with it in at least once!) Make sure it's set to SEMI before trying to put the receiver back together. Try not to release the bolt forward whilst the charging handle is extended to the rear. That's probably about it really.
  6. I'm using the complete Brass nozzle set-up. So it can't be that!
  7. Well, just tried my M4 using 0.36's.... still the same problem. I think its definitely a power inconsistency now though. Decided to run it through the crono, and on 0.2's I get a variation of between about 450fps and just below 300fps. There's no pattern to it. Back on the shelf she goes until I can get hold of the CO2 conversion kit. And to cap my day off, one of the mags started leaking again... So no matter what o-rings I try, how often I soak them, or how much PTFE I stick on it, this one continues to defy me!
  8. hmmmm. don't want to run it on anything less than propane... I'll give some heavier ammo a whirl. see if that cures it. Fingers crossed. BBStriker: check out the WIKI http://wem4guide.wikidot.com/ the take down guide is in there. The nozzle assembly goes in your bolt carrier, and the brass cylinder goes in the upper receiver. To get into the upper, you'll need to take the foresight and stuff off.
  9. Righty, just a quick one guys. I've solved my bolt stop and hop issues, but now another problem has reared its ugly head. I'm getting a real inconsistency problem. Some shots fire nice and straight and go for a considerable distance, yet others just dribble out of the barrel and curve sharply downward after about 5m. I can't quite determine whether its a hop issue, or a power issue. Any ideas?
  10. I suppose you could just do the same as everyone with the standard nozzle, and stick something behind the floating valve say like a gearbox bearing or something. There is rumour that the CO2 nozzle can be supplied in a downgraded form as well! But I've not seen one advertised anywhere. I made my nozzle fully adjustable... pretty easy conversion. Er..... as long as they have the new hop unit, I don't think there is any difference. There might be some trades and receiver finish differences but to be honest I can't remember what those differences were and if they are still
  11. Well, I seem to have fixed my bolt stop issue. Having done the mod on the mags as described on the WIKI I was still experiencing problems. So I did a bit of looking and it appeared as though due to some friction in the bolt stop and the spring underneath it, this was stopping the power of the spring in the magazine from pushing up the bolt stop. so I put a tiny shim in the bolt stop to take out some of the play, and I clipped the spring down ever so slightly (and I mean slightly), so it had just enough to push it out of the way when not under tension from the the mag spring. H
  12. TB6, You didn't actually take in 'any' of my post at all did you! Oh well. Not to worry. Irony. It's not something they build cars out of.
  13. Savage, this is a bit of a double edged sword really. If WETTI releases this information early (like they did with the CO2 stuff) and then it is delayed and delayed (as these things invariably are), then we all get miffed about that and claim they are slow, useless etc.... If they don't release the information, then we claim they are not doing anything. So as you can see, its a bit of a fine line to tread. At the moment it does feel like a community project, what with our suggestions being put into the design. I quite like that. But, design changes are happening. which is more t
  14. Hi guys, one of the team regulars has just got one of these and is quite impressed. If you want to see a real 'tongue in cheek' review please visit our site. www.kgbairsoft.com/forum (I'm not sure if you have to sign up to view the reviews section.. If so, let me know and I'll get my webmonkey to de-restrict it). All I'll say is.... I mentioned recently that a lot of reviewers seem to make quite a fuss over the packaging! Save to say that a proper review will no doubt be forthcoming. I think there is one for the new SIG 226 as well.
  15. well, I've installed my new revised hop and chrome barrel. After some initial headaches with jams and double feeds, which I think I have now cured, I'm ready to get some testing done. Initial reports would indicate that this new system is far far better than the old one. Beebs are going straight for a change, rather than straight UP! unfortunately, other worldly things got in the way and I'm now out for the weekend and unable to give it a run down. So we'll just have to wait a while longer. But as mentioned before, the new gen hop rubbers are madly different. Get plenty! My in
  16. At least you'll have a suitable back up plan as a suicide bomber if all else fails!
  17. Looks like our man got his end away! heheheh.....
  18. It's not as bad as it seems Somegirls. I've got Co2 mags for my Hi-Capa and it has the similar screw in system. You can get quite quick at it. It's amazing how fast you can do it under fire! I like the idea of tuning the magazine capacity to suit the output of the capsule. That makes so much sense. WETTI... I assume you're joking, but in case you're not. Sluggish, means slow or laboured.
  19. Its always tight until you get it to move the first time, then it tends to free up a little. Bear with it.
  20. Thats an interesting concept, one which would appeal to a proportion of people (not me personally, I like my M4 pretty stock). Not sure how cheap it would be to do though. Basically the bits you're really going to change/personalise are going to be stock/carry handle/foregrips/grip/foresight and flash hider. And those bits probably don't amount to much cost wise (considering all the other bits in the gun!). But hell, any saving's a saving!
  21. Somegirls... I've just posted in your other thread. Just get hold of the M4 length barrel extension piece. Either someone here will have one spare if they are using their M4 as a CQB-R or buy a new bit. You can then either cut this down to length if required, and then tap out the end so it fits on. I've got the correct tap set if you need to know the size. M14x1 is what you're after.
  22. Looks like the TS Nozzle is an adaption of the current nozzle system. Whereas in the current nozzle the inner valve is free floating and on a spring, it would appear that the TS inner valve is threaded onto the same rod as the nozzle. I don't know what would stop it creeping under continued use, maybe its just a very tight thread?
  23. Blimey, you leave a thread over night and look what happens! You guys are drinking too much coffee. To be honest, bad customer service should not be tolerated, thats true. But I think the service from WETTI and AB isn't truly 'bad'. They have come to this thread and have listened to our comments. They don't get it right 100% of the time. I can only assume they are 'relatively' small and sometimes the ball gets dropped. This product has been quite big in a short space of time, and with the added element of listening to customers, I think they've created a bit of a monster. Vic
  24. Yeah, from what I can gather rod is just a floating piece that delays the nozzle coming back to reduce 'slap' (Otto explains it much better). The important part in getting the nozzle to sit in the correct place is the little plastic bush that sits behind the nozzle. When the rod is closed, this bush determines the final resting point of the nozzle tip in relation to the bolt carrier. And when it is closed the rod is actually inside the piston, so the 'apparent' shorter length is somewhat immaterial. The only thing I can see that happens with my new set up is the nozzle is pulled ba
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