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  1. Crimson...


    I think you might get a bit of a biased view seeing as this topic is dedicated to the WE.


    I've not had my hands on the WA/G&P, but my WE is certainly pushing my buttons.


    Its got a lovely build quality, yes there are a few issues but these seem to be minor and easily fixed and are being addressed by WE on subsequent releases.

    Being full metal (Am I right in saying the WA has a plastic body?), its very solid and a lovely weight to carry about.

    The breakdown and operation of are pretty sublime. Certainly much better than any AEG I've handled, including the Systema M4. Mag changes, stoppages and reloading are wonderful. The recoil is sufficient enough to make sure that any 'spray and pray' moments will only result in a number of missed shots as recoil upsets the firing position.


    The hop up design lets the early releases (I'll avoid V1 and V2 terminology to keep people pleased) down, but that is being addressed. Without seeing the results of the new hop, I can't say how well it will perform.

    The claims seem to be favourable.


    Like all gas guns, it will not live up to the consistency of an AEG, but in terms of realism, it outstrips ANY AEG in a heartbeat.


    How it compares to the WA I cannot say.


    Is the WE worth it.... definitely.

  2. aaarrrgh..... Mein Gott!!


    I'm itching like I've got a dose of the clap for this new barrel and the CO2 stuff to come out!


    My mate has just got his and he's gone all quiet! I can just hear faint fwap fwap noises coming through the internet ether!


    I have to say, I am really impressed with the feedback and attention to this thread that WETTI has undertaken. I don't think I've ever seen any other manufacturer so receptive to customer feedback and a willingness to address any issue.


    Certainly beats the debacle that was the G&G L85!


    Hopefully, this will be one in the eye for a lot of other manufacturers.


    I think the main thing about why this is proving to such a nice journey is because whilst the M4 has its issues, we all know its a new product, we can see improvements being made, and quickly, but mostly its because of the interaction of people like WETTI and AB. Good customer service can make even a mediocre product very successful. And this is no mediocre product!


    I mean, where else can you get a FULL parts breakdown from a supplier? This gun is so very versatile, its cheap to buy (relatively), its well made, it's realistic, its different (well as different as an armalite is going to get), it's cheap to repair (it's only an O ring or a small part going to fail), its cheap to upgrade (how many other airsoft guns cost about $16 to get from 300fps to 500fps?) and its easy to work on.


    I'm sure WE and the gang are well on top of this, but as with all gas guns, just tighten up the velocity consistency and give it a good hop. Full of WIN!


    keep it up chaps!

  3. SomeGirls...


    I'm with Dan on this one. All day when using mine, when I got to a relatively safe area I'd whip the mag out and refill it with Beebs. When you've only got 30 in a mag, you want to know that on your next push you've got a full 30 in there rather than getting the 'click' after a few rounds.


    I'd covet those 30 rounds like they were ambrosia...

  4. SmokenGhosts/Tengar


    No, they do not. There is no pre-hop tube to catch a number of BB's in, the loading tube feeds straight from the top of the mag the same as it does for a pistol.


    So a Beeb will remain inside the chamber if you change mag before its empty.


    Whether it stays in the barrel and doesn't roll out the front depends on how much your hop is on. Mine has yet to have a 'roll out'.

  5. Having used mine exclusively for the weekend skirmish the Version 1 hop definitely needs to be changed. Despite cleaning, realigning etc, I still found my hop to be ultra aggressive and always hooking to the right.


    Getting the new barrel/hop combo available as a replacement item would be a good idea in my opinion. Hopefully it will eliminate the large majority of the hop related issues.

    Personally, seeing some form of VSR based barrel conversion would be a dream (might not be possible though).


    Also, to tighten up the shot to shot consistency the CO2 mags are definite must. I'm not sure what they'll push out using the sleeved down power nozzle, but I'm hoping that it will be useable in the UK.


    Any idea how much the CO2 mags are going to be yet?


    AB, do you know when you'll be getting some more Bolt Carriers in stock? Just having that unit as a switchable part is going to be tremendous.


    Also, you have this new part "Stabilizer for Valve Guide Rod of WE Gas Blow Back M4". Where abouts does this part fit? I assume it goes inside the Part 38 to help centralise the rod?

  6. So do we know of any release date on the TS Custom steel nozzles and new barrel/hop sets yet? Say's coming soon on their webby.


    Also, I shall assume that the Steel nozzles are going to come in at 'UBER FPS' setting rather than a more UK skirmish friendly 300-350fps.

    and if that is the case, do you think that the brass power reduction part No.42 will be compatible with it?


  7. well, used mine for the first time today in a skirmish.


    I managed to hit bugger all really compared to my usual standard (the hop is still wild and I don't have a decent selection of ammo to try, limited to 0.2's and 0.36's at the mo).... BUT..


    I had an absolute hoot. I don't know what it is, but this thing is just a blast to use.


    Its a real shocker getting used to 30rnd real caps, certainly makes you think about your shots and keep a count of your ammo. Blowback is just excellent. Really enjoyed using it.


    Now all I need to do is make it shoot straight and I'll be a happy man.


    New barrel/hop and CO2 mags me thinks...

  8. Hoot.


    Well, like everything new it has its issues. Like all gas rifles its not as consistent as its spring counterpart.


    But, as for downright uber cool factor, it poops all over an AEG in a heartbeat.


    You have to go into a GBB rifle purchase with your eyes wide open. Expect it to break, expect it to not be as consistent as the AEG you are used to, expect to have to devote time love and attention to it.

    If you can live with these points then you will love it.


    The whole recoil system and the realistic breakdown and operation over an AEG is just sublime. The build quality on the external parts id brilliant and it feels ultra solid.

    Obviously the known issues like bolt stop and mag catches and aggressive hop and leaky mags are a bit of a bind, but they are not irretrievable.

    It will take work, it will take time....


    If you really want one of these, but want it to be faultless, you are going to have to wait a while until they iron out the small bugs. If you don't mind a few bugs, then go for it.... and now.


    I showed mine to a few of the guys the other day and it was like taking in the ORGASMATRON. everyone wet themselves.


    You don't tend to get that with an AEG.

  9. Ho ho ho!! just got mine through the post today.


    TQM, you get a massive thumbs up on the customer service front from the carrot cruncher daaahhhn saaafff.


    Initial impression... WHOOP WHOOP! can't wait to tweak it and getting it running sweet.


    Need to get more gas..


    Couple of quick niggles I can see. The mag empty lock back is not fully functioning, works sometimes..... and the hop is screwing the Beebs quite severely to the right.


    Time for me to get over to the Wiki and give it a thorough strip down.


    Not sure anyone else had this problem, but my G&P Acog was loose on the rail. Nothing a bit of leccy tape as a spacer couldn't sort out, but still, minor annoyance. All solved now.


    Off now to get my noodle around the guts of this little baby.

  10. Well, finally got mine coming tomorrow.


    After a stack of running about with 'its delayed...' I switched shops.


    Got in touch with Mark at Tactical Quartermaster who had some in stock (despite showing out of stock), and its in the post.


    TOP MARKS for TQM. Friendly, helpful and quick as a flash.


    Just for anyone in the UK, he still had a couple in stock, and one AFC version with an M203 strapped underneath.


    I'll have my own review up in the next few days.

  11. Well, if you think about it logically (and I say this from my experience with Tanaka Gas Rifles), there are many variables within a gas system to allow you to fine tune your stick to your particular requirement.


    I'm not sure about across the globe, but I don't think many places skirmish with fall auto over 500fps (I might be wrong...).


    So if WE provide nozzles for the power regions of 350 and 500 and the after market sources like TS (for example) provide nozzles for the power regions of 328, 375, 415 and 460 for instance, you can then use different gases to tune that up or down.


    We already know that you get about 50fps variance from using HFC134 (now I know the WE M4 is not designed to use it, but people have reported favourable results with it) through Propane/Green all the way to CO2.


    So with that in mind, you can see that you can cover all the way from down as low as 300(ish) through to over 500fps, which I am sure is suitable for most people.



    This is exactly how I used to tune Tanaka's. Now obviously I didn't have the CO2 option (this was a while ago, now its possible), but I only needed two different nozzle diameters to vary the power of them from a lowly 350fps all the way through to over 600fps (weather dependant).


    You might not be able to get your desired fps on your desired gas meduim, but you can at least get close.

  12. I'm sure there are a million different variations on power levels that we all require.


    I think its a bit unfair to ask the manufacturer to accomodate them all.


    I'm sure the after market parts suppliers will get around to making a new nozzle part that will suit the myriad of peoples power needs.


    Just remember, "you can't please everyone, all of the time".


    I think the 350 and 500 brackets are more than acceptable from a manufacturer, with maybe 3 or 4 variables from after market sources.


    We have to remember, this is still very new to the market.

  13. Having looked at Otto's pics, the bit looks pretty small (less than 50mm overall) and has to go through that 90 degree bend pretty sharpish.


    I don't think there is much of a way around this.


    Using a better quality steel and then annealing (heating up) the metal after it has been bent should relieve some of the stress that gets put into the metal by the bending process. This should reduce the likelihood that it will split in that area again.


    Also, putting some small drill holes in the corners will disipate any forces exerted there. We used this technique on Aluminium panels when building monocoque shells for sportscars.


    definitely worth looking at Stainless Steel for this, its impact resistance is pretty good.

  14. Looking at this part 59... surely its not beyond the wit of man to get a bit of sheet steel the same thickness, mark out the correct shape and then bend it 90 degrees to suit.


    If you're feeling really flash, you could even do it out of stainless (bit of a bugger to bend though).


    I really hope I'm not getting myself into a world of hurt with this, mine is on its way as we speak.


    At least we can look at it as a point of failure and try to counter it as soon as possible. Aftermarket parts anyone!!!

  15. Hey Marky... seeing as you need so little of the Krytox stuff, and there are so few of us in the UK that are going to have this...


    Maybe we should have a WE M4 Krytox owners club and just send the bottle between us as and when we need it!


    When I get mine, I'll trawl this thread again for the common probs and then go through the strip down process.


    It looks like the main one is that part *38 coming adrift, which in turn knacks the O ring. Priority number one me'thinks.

  16. Well I believe my M4 will be arriving within the next couple of weeks or so.


    So to all those users who have experienced problems.


    I can second the call for a quick run-down guide of the potential problems and the solutions for them.


    OTTO, I place this squarely upon your shoulders... wink wink!


    Do you think its worthwhile giving a complete strip down prior to usage and tightening, modifying, everything before going bananas with it?

  17. I can only relate the CO2 issue to my own experiences.


    I currently use a TM Hi-Capa 4.3 with CO2 magazines. I have to say... Fantastic. It doesn't suffer any real noticeable cool-down effects even on rapid shooting and easily lasts 4-5 mags worth of rounds. This is compared to noticeable cool-down and maybe only 2-3 mags worth on a charge of propane in a standard magazine.


    One thing I have found that is peculiar to the CO2 mags (in the hi-capa) is that whilst they last a long time, they dont hold the CO2 over time, so if you leave the mag with a bulb in for a day or two, it will have run out. Where as a standard mag will happily hold propane for weeks at a time.

    If this occurs with the WE M4 mags, then it could become quite expensive on bulbs if you fill a shed load of mags and then don't use them.


    Personally, I am really looking forward to the CO2 mag option (and for WGC to get the M4 back in stock!).


    In terms of the pics of the new mags, personally (and I know most won't agree), but I'd prefer to have the mags without a removable base plate, but with just the screw plate visible. The only reason I say this, is the Hi-Capa ones have a cover, and its a very small bind having to take that off every time. What with having to potentially do this more often on the M4 Mags, that extra faff might become a bit tiresome.

    Also, is that baseplate going to be strong enough to allow you to twist the bulb retainer in and out?


    Anyhows, thanks to RottenOtto's resounding praise for this gat, I'm going to bite the bullet and get one. Just need WGC to get them back in stock.

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