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  1. this is a bit depressing. ,

    I was really psyching myself up to get one of these, but what with the disappointment I suffered with my G&GL85 (which, granted, eventually turned into a real gem of a gun, but it did take a lot of heart ache) and the ultimate failure that was the Star AW338, I'm really reconsidering whether to actually get one if they are proving to be so unreliable.


    Now I am no stranger to gas guns, had plenty of pistols in my time and owned every Tanaka rifle known to man or beast. So I know the pitfalls, but the replacement of wearing moving parts really shouldn't need to happen on a weekly basis.


    Are they really as unreliable as this thread appears to be making out, or is it just me seeing the negative?

  2. before I go trawling through 70 pages of supposition, opinion and speculation....


    Is there actually a 'review' of this gun in here somewhere and if so can someone point me in the direction of the page! this is after all a review section, not a discussion section.


    I thank you in advance.



  3. Well, just seen one at my site (I ordered it for the guy).




    its almost as good as my G&G one in terms of build quality, performed faultlessly on full auto all day, unlike my G&G one on its first outing and was even possibly a little more accurate than my G&G one (then then he had installed a CA tight barrel and new hop rubber).


    In short, totally worth the money in my opinion.

    Still love my G&G though.

  4. Just for information..


    9.6v batteries do fit. The two end cells are side by side longitudinally. Its a squeeze, but they fit.


    Been running one in my G&G version for a while now.


    Glad to see the Army one is holding up. Even sicker than a parrot now....

  5. Nice review there FarEast. Congrats on the family and your continuing patience within this thread.


    I have a G&G L85A1 which is now working quite flawlessly and I shall add my comparision here.


    From the pics that FE kindly added, the Army does indeed appear to be a complete direct copy of the G&G. The gearbox internals are not of shiny black plastic as are the G&G, but I am sure this doesnt make them any less functional.


    Odd thing about the power.....

    The G&G come stock at circa 390fps (which is very hot for the UK) and replacement of the spring to a 1J item caused all the problems. The lighter spring increased the ROF and the increased ROF caused the gears to shred (due to the precise tolerances if G&G are to be beleived).

    Basically, the increased ROF wasnt allowing the piston head to go fully forward before the sector gear tried to re-engage the piston resulting in a spring pushing forward/sector gear pulling back moment which knacked the gears.

    This scenario also happened if you tried to use a 9.6v battery.


    Which is why I dont quite understand, that if this is a direct copy with the 18 tooth gearset, it doesnt break using the 8.4 battery and low power spring. But anyway, its proven to work, so who cares.


    The G&G problem of gear stripping can be fixed by adding a standard TM (or equivalent) Sector gear and piston (16 tooth) and a 10mm spacer (which can be either made, or purchased from Redwolf for about $20). If you wish to retain the pre-cocked function of the G&G then you need to file some teeth off of the G&G sector gear.


    This has been done to mine, and its now worked quite happily for a number of hard skirmishes. Which is infinitely longer than when I first got it, which was less than 50 rounds a time (I kid you not).


    The Blowback mechanism, whilst disabled on mine (nice touch, but I am not all that bothered about it) does function perfectly. The problems arose when the small plastic catch that operates the blowback snapped and the resulting debris dropped into the gearbox through the large hole on the top, getting stuck in the gears and causing them to jam.

    This has been fixed on all new G&G's by the addition of a small plate that covers up the hole which the blowback operates. I assume the Army one has this feature too.


    All in all, the Army one looks to be an absolute bargain, and even if it does suffer from the same ills as the G&G, they have been sorted out thanks to all us G&G R&D researchers. Sale and StealthBomber should get special mention at this point.

    The fixes are quick and cheap.


    Sick as a parrot because I bought the expensive version.... Definitely.


    Still, hopefully there will be a red-dot SUSAT in the pipeline and maybe even an aftermarket mag catch shroud to stick on the A1 versions.


    I have a normal Aimpoint mounted on my G&G and it went on with no modification what so ever.

  6. In light of ASCUK being renderred inoperative can I suggest a revision to the current Sniper's Perch thread that seems to be the sole place for everything that relates to the wierd and wonderful world of the 'one shot - one kill' brigade?


    I have looked to see if this has been suggested before, but I got bored at about page 5.


    Not being a web monkey I have no idea how difficult it would be to install a subforum covering the aspects of Bolt Action rifles in all their guises, Gear, tactics etc.


    This would make it easier for people to place their questions to the right people and to quickly source information from the relevant threads (unlike the current 113 page long thread which is hard going to flick through) rather than reposting a question that already exists.


    I would suggest something along the lines thus.....


    VSR-10 Thread, split into internal / external sub threads

    APS-2 Thread, split into Internal / External

    Tanaka gas rifles (can include the KJW version in there too)

    Classic Army series

    Other BA rifles - the likes of obscure and rare BA's and UTG type stuff

    AEG Sniper Rifles - covering aspects of making an AEG into a sniper peice


    General - for all other random stuff



    Thats my suggestion, feel free to do with it as you wish.



    Just noticed there is a suggestions sub forum, please feel free to move this.


    cheers ears.


  7. Sherlock, due to that crazy grey area thing called the Law in the UK, I doubt we will see a fundamental change in the forums rules reagarding the 1 Joule limit.


    I dont see why this would affect sales though, because an astute seller will just refrain from posting the power capability or what spring is installed or even alluding to it.

    That way, the site cannot be held accountable for the item on sale.

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