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  1. mh78

    WE P-38

    I wanted a brown grip so I just went with Maruzen one which were dirt cheap. It also came with nice set of weights and I think I prefer the weight balance with them installed.
  2. mh78

    WE TA 2015, P90 review

    It's just a mod mentioned in a youtube vid posted before. Starts around 7:50 mark.
  3. mh78

    WE TA 2015, P90 review

    Oh man, that piece-of-rubber-to-make-sure-mag-is-aligned-properly mod is so simple yet perfect. I got used to lining up the mag carefully but every so often I get it wrong, so having such a foolproof method is a godsend.
  4. mh78

    GHK G5 First Impressions.

    The G5 bolt is exactly the same as the ones in kac pdw; my PDW is still working fine after couple of thousand rounds over the years and haven't heard of others breaking either. So yeah, it sounds like some PR to sell this bolt.
  5. Yeah, I ended up replacing the switch with the Firekylin one on the first day mine arrived. Another gripe I have is that it's waaaay too easy to switch into strobe mode. I mean, 5 second interval needed to make sure it doesn't strobe is like what the *fruitcage*? The replica is superb looking, I love the brightness and the light it throws, but if you can afford the extra bucks I'd recommend going for the real steel. Either that, or go for TLR-1 which is another great professional light that's cheaper than X300.
  6. mh78

    Stark-Arms/VFC Glock 19

    There's several extensive Marui Glock re-assembly vids on Youtube that helps.
  7. mh78

    GHK G5 First Impressions.

    Just FYI, G5 takes standard AEG inner barrel, with stock one 200mm long which shoots around 75m/s on 152a duster gas with 0.25g BB. I've since replaces it with Ra-Tech 275mm precision barrel, and now it shoots around 85m/s. I've gone with tighter & longer barrel since I'm using weak *albatross* duster gas so the fps is well within the legal limit, but if anyone's concerned about the fps increase with the carbine kit I'd definitely recommend using wide bore or just go with the stock barrel.
  8. mh78

    GHK G5 First Impressions.

    Well, I've decided to Magpul up my G5, and I think it ended up looking quite nice Push down on the piece of plastic locking the baseplate with small screw driver, and gently tap on the plate with a hammer. The piece of plastic will fly out into oblivion when you take off the plate, so make sure you do the work within a plastic bag or something. Yeah mine's not as bad as you describe, but it's still a very fine line between no hop and over hop when adjusting. I've ordered spare stock Marui AEG buckings so I'll see if it can make any improvements.
  9. Have you actually shot TM MP7? Cos if you have you wouldn't be saying such nonsense. TM MP7 is absolutely amazing in terms of accuracy, better than any gbbr I've ever shot. As for recoil, lack of it in KSC MP7 was what turned me off, since it was really weak that I might as well just use aeg MP7 then.
  10. Take a look at this part on the nozzle: Apparently Marui had to do a quick diagonal cut on it to prevent jams. Since the cut is pretty crude and rough, there have been some reports that it was causing problems with loaded mags, and solution is to sand the rough surface smooth.

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