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  1. DrAlexanderTobacco

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Yup! Looks v nice.
  2. DrAlexanderTobacco

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Photo doesn't load for me!
  3. DrAlexanderTobacco

    E&L - QBZ-95

    UGHGHHGHGHGH Sorry for the false info guys!
  4. DrAlexanderTobacco

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    Hi chaps - hope all is well. I have a TM HiCycle AUG, love it! Like an idiot I used it all day in the rain and then left it in an extremely damp car for a day. Testing it out this evening, semi is extremely flakey - I have to pull quite hard on the trigger to get a shot off, and whilst I can do it consistently if I try it's not going to work spamming semi "in combat" - too hard to do. To confuse matters more, if I switch to full auto it no longer has the two-stage trigger - as soon as I feel it hitting the 1st stage's mark, it then slips to full auto. Any suggestions for what to look for when taking it apart? It does sound a little clunkier when firing, though I know that's hard to describe. Corrosion on the trigger contacts, perhaps? Edit: squeezing slowly, increasing pressure, makes a slight groan/crunching sound near the rear, just above the magwell.
  5. DrAlexanderTobacco

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Sunny through to about 12, then a constant, heavy, downpour. Great day!
  6. DrAlexanderTobacco

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

  7. DrAlexanderTobacco

    E&L - QBZ-95

    This is a stock photo they've found online so I wouldn't make too many assumptions yet!
  8. DrAlexanderTobacco

    E&L - QBZ-95

    E&L seem to be hinting at a new release, the QBZ-95 Nothing significant to go off yet other than a solitary photo posted to their Facebook...
  9. DrAlexanderTobacco

    The Computer Question Thread

    NP, feel free to PM if you get stuck - could talk you through on the phone as well if you want.
  10. DrAlexanderTobacco

    The Computer Question Thread

    It's a little tricky to do if you're new to doing it but with patience and human guile I have full faith in you - download NTPasswd from the following link and burn it to a CD. Then, put it in the computer and turn on the PC, pressing whatever key is required to pick which storage to load an operating system for (i.e. CD Drive, hard drive etc) - pick the CD Drive. Once it's booted, follow the instructions on the program/on the website to reset the password to something you'll remember. E: For clarity, there are commonly two types of administrator in a Windows business environment - local admins, user accounts which have full access to the PC they've been created on, and domain admins, which are the network accounts a business has which could log into any computer on the network. This guide I've given you can help with the former but not the latter - I'm essentially hoping that there's a local account on the PC with administrative rights she can use for the password. Please be advised however that because this PC is still "domain joined", linked to the company she received it from, there's a chance it may get confused over being in the domain anymore and not let people log on. This isn't a burning issue necessarily but something to make you want to back data up just in case!
  11. DrAlexanderTobacco

    LCT RPK - fell apart mid-game!

    Thanks - Considering the various other things I had planned for this and a relative lack of time/enthusiasm to do carry them out myself, I'll prob be in contact this/next month to ask you to take a look and a few of your services offered on your website - stay tuned
  12. DrAlexanderTobacco

    LCT RPK - fell apart mid-game!

    Supplementary question; I've taken another look, finally, and can see that both screws seem to be secure within the bracket they screw into: Poor photo, but you can see the two screws (marked SC0AK-SET0AA-6) in the centre. What I'm confused by at this stage is how the front end is secured by these screws; am I missing one? I can't see how they're responsible for securing the front end. I can try to get a video of the front end sliding forwards and backwards, if that would make it clearer. Edit: Looking at it further there's a circular shaped mark on the outer barrel, visible above both grub screws - thinking the screws might need to dig in there maybe aka be tightened. Will play around to see what happens. Edit 2: Looks like those indents on the OB are actually the other half of the grub screws... I'm guessing they've been shorn off due to misuse. Could someone confirm? If so looks like I'm drilling them out to tap for 4mm
  13. DrAlexanderTobacco

    W&P Revival Show is on Netflix's Dark Tourist

    I feel like you're being a bit disingenuous here considering most people are specifically talking about objectively *suitcase* stuff i.e. deliberately displaying the swastika at an airsoft game, or selling hitler worship memorabilia. No one's throwing a fit over someone dressing as the (so-called) "clean wehrmacht" despite their not-so-clean status.

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