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  1. @Skarclaw & @DrAlexanderTobacco @Skarclaw @PureSilver @blobface @DrAlexanderTobacco @bladerunner168 @Skarclaw & Friend
  2. And there are a lot that do - I think the thing that's most worrying from Dimitri's post is how the failures are spread out over the entire gun - indication of general quality etc.
  3. Hitman02, Hardcore-16, Skarclaw, Blobface, Bladerunner, Me, Puresilver, and 3 non-arnies members. Longmoor, last Legion Battlesim. Great day!
  4. The ASG CZ P09 I have (purchased ~2015) has the same DA issue.
  5. Various Arnies members out for the day at UCAP's new site, Vendetta - formerly HMP Gloucester Skarclaw, Bovinedog, Bladerunner, Blobface, Puresilver, DrAlexTobacco and a few non-arnies heathens
  6. You're really testing my decision to wait for the WE before I make a decision, haha! Thanks for the pics
  7. I only joined in 2012 I think so not one of the OG posters, but it was definitely a lot more active at that time, although I'm sure it was a lot more active before then! Ultimately I share your frustrations with Facebook. It very nearly killed forums across the board for all hobbies despite being objectively inferior for consistent, organised discussion. It got a lot worse in the last year or so however when FB started ramping up the work their content algorithms do to match content they think you want to see - and I think that's off a lot of people, especially considering the anti-gun/R
  8. I don't think the root embedding feature is broken necessarily - if I grab a photo from my Google Photos dump and paste it into the message window, the forum software captures it and embeds it. Looking at the URL for your image, it does take a similar format to the ones I'm pasting but because it's so verbose it's hard to discern differences. Can I ask how you're copying it over? I.e. for me, I click on the photo in Google Photos to bring it full screen, then right-click and hit "Copy image location" through Chrome. Are you doing it differently? Another thing to consider would be whe
  9. Just a Smersh I think - ask Skarclaw as it's his! Or was.
  10. Pic of me in the field, also in a field, in the game!!
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