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  1. DrAlexanderTobacco

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    You're absolutely fine and doing what I would do in your situation. You've made it clear to us that you're aware of the nature of the relationship i.e. they could go elsewhere, you could go elsewhere, so looks like it won't be a shock if they decide to walk. Obviously with the company being your primary source of income though I would take the time to consider what it would mean if they did walk! But other than that, yeah increased pricing for unsociable work is part and parcel of business.
  2. DrAlexanderTobacco

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Video is good.
  3. DrAlexanderTobacco

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Stuck waiting on a delivery from Parcelforce, can't leave the office until it's here. More like ParcelFARCE amirite ahahahahsiduhaiuhfiug
  4. DrAlexanderTobacco

    Few aug questions

    Dare I say, walk before you run mate. Seems risky to place so much responsibility onto a single gun, considering you haven't owned a RIF before - or are you mainly a GBB guy?
  5. DrAlexanderTobacco

    CQB/Urban/FIBUA in the south

    I've heard the Thurs night games at The Mall are substantially better, fewer people and they tend to make the site far darker. Cheaper too!
  6. DrAlexanderTobacco

    Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    LCT RPK74M! First AK. Cleaning rod rattles a lot which is annoying, I'll probably keep it off the gun.
  7. DrAlexanderTobacco

    The automotive question thread

    Hi Hitman - My apologies, missed this post! I did yeah - basically there was a small plastic skirt on the bottom, kind of like a small mud guard, which had one attach point come loose and it had twisted. So it was scraping against the wheel when I turned. Simply re-attached it HOWEVER I've now managed to rip the entire *fruitcage* off. i.e. the entire plastic housing around one wheel, hitting a pothole in a similar situation. The view of each wheel - you can see how most of the housing has gone from the right wheel. Can I replace this myself, do you think? What would I need to ask for when calling up ECP?
  8. DrAlexanderTobacco

    WGC Shop

    Just went to place an order from WGC - Haven't ordered in years so I needed to reset my password. But they sent it in plain text!! Bad for 2 reasons - One it means they have it unencrypted on a database somewhere, meaning that database is vulnerable to being stolen and used for identity theft, standard theft if payment details are saved etc (not sure if that's possible on WGC but there you go) - Secondly it's bad form to send out any sensitive info over email.

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