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  1. Hey pal, Sorry for a late reply - hopefully you get an email about this. Quite simply, you can sell this for more than you bought it new The magazines aren't worth as much as they used to, as a manufacturer has just released a clone of the mags. I think. But the gun itself is extremely rare and sought after. Please think carefully about buying it. There's another user at "Airsoft Forums UK" (airsoft-forums.uk) where a user "Rocketdogbert" lives, breathes and eats KWA Krisses - maybe get in touch with him?
  2. This is the key really - the various rating systems for masks were developed with ingress, not egress in mind - they're PPE first and foremost. When studied, it's been found that pretty much any level of mask, homemade, surgical, construction and so on, all reduce droplet expulsion to varying degrees. In a situation like this, where the pandemic is in action, people doing what they can to flatten the curve, reduce exposure etc. "every little helps" And another thing - this is completely anecdotal - but I reckon if more people started wearing them then more people would remember to take, o
  3. From when I posted a thread about this last year - have they said directly that it's a RIF etc?
  4. Your tenancy lease should carry over from seller to buyer, if that's any help - i.e. if you've got 10 months left on your contract you're safe until then. The buyer can't just evict you straight away etc.
  5. @Skarclaw & @DrAlexanderTobacco @Skarclaw @PureSilver @blobface @DrAlexanderTobacco @bladerunner168 @Skarclaw & Friend
  6. No problem, I think it's one of those jobs where "Measure twice, cut once" applies - it's a few careful cuts with some superglue and sanding, I don't think it's as tricky as you think it may be. Looks like a fun project anyway! Love the aesthetics.
  7. Looks like it was based off the N23, a custom built mini CAR15 I found this: From here: https://www.recoilweb.com/the-pdw-that-never-was-car-15-model-n-23-131167.html
  8. Potentially interested in the AK74, railed AK, GBB MP7
  9. "Why do you shop at our competitors?" "Because you feel the need to stalk me"
  10. And there are a lot that do - I think the thing that's most worrying from Dimitri's post is how the failures are spread out over the entire gun - indication of general quality etc.
  11. Hitman02, Hardcore-16, Skarclaw, Blobface, Bladerunner, Me, Puresilver, and 3 non-arnies members. Longmoor, last Legion Battlesim. Great day!
  12. Anonymity secured! Great day out. We're all going on the 10th of October as well if people fancy coming along. 9 Arnies members at one skirmish isn't bad going but would be great to see more!
  13. The ASG CZ P09 I have (purchased ~2015) has the same DA issue.
  14. The odds are that you're almost certainly fine. 100k people in the UK have HIV. The UK pop is 66 million. Other bloodborne illnesses are rare as well. The cut on your hand will have scabbed over to an extent further protecting you. At the same time though it's a piece of to get tested for anything you worry you've picked up, at least the major ones like HIV as previously stated. If it really worries you, just book an appt and go down to get checked out. No point worrying over it if you're not going to do anything about it.
  15. I'd honestly hope that they'd be pleased I operate with security in mind, tbh! If they really wanted my full internet history I'm sure there's a building over in Cheltenham that could take an honest stab.
  16. I use a VPN for the same reason I shut the bathroom door when I *suitcase*. Nothing to hide, just nothing I have to show you, nor should you want to see it! (I appreciate the difference in requiring certain visibility into vetting - but my point stands.)
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