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  1. Do you possess a defense for turning an IF into a RIF?
  2. No idea what that thing is on the trigger guard, but it's doing things for me.
  3. Did you weather that mag yourself, or is it all natural? In any case, I love the effect it's had; sort of like a grain down wood.
  4. Anderson Silva's return fight tomorrow and I'll be at a party. *fruitcage* my life.

    1. judgeman


      Break a leg!...wait...*suitcase*.

  5. "You're Abe Frohman? The Sausage king of Chicago?!"

  6. Theeeeyyyyyyy'reeeee Greeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaat!
  7. Loving that Cougar! Never seen one before - Looks like a proto-PX4.
  8. If memory serves, Atacka.com were the retailer partnering up with Izhmash to bring these to market - but looking at their online store, can't see any mention of them. I'm guessing a standard run-of-the-mill dispute between the two companies resulted in a termination of their agreement.
  9. Bacon, halloumi, can't take this grhughghg

    1. DrAlexanderTobacco
    2. TheFull9


      Ah, the meat of the cheese world.

    3. DrAlexanderTobacco


      cheese is a kind of meat


      a tasty yellow beef

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  10. Does anyone know if there's a TM M9A1 threaded barrel out?
  11. Personally I'd put the torch on an extended rail mount, forward of the main rail a bit. That would give me more space to hold the gun a little further down; at the moment it looks uncomfortable to hold. I've got long arms though!
  12. Anyone else soooorta want a Hi-point GBB?

    1. FireKnife


      Easiest way to describe it is the gun that shouldn't be. In is trying to use blowback recoil in a gun that should be all tilting / rolling barrel. Hence the ugly frigger look :P.

    2. FTZ-WildeCard


      LMAOOOOO ... xD <-- #myfacewhen

    3. Skarclaw


      Its ok.. got the same thing going for it as the vp70. a keltec pmr-30 that isn't mega high fps would be kewl

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  13. In this *fantastic* final shootout scene from Way of the Gun, one of the protagonists has a nifty shell holder on his belt - Looks like just a simple clip-on pouch. I was thinking you could get one made that could be rolled up as it gets lighter; fairly bulky otherwise!
  14. What Service Level Agreement do you have with the hosting provider? Normally they'll have a response time SLA, and a fix time. Would be good to know for the future. And that "Just couldn't be got to" is BS (Not from you - coming from them!). They should be able to give you far more detail than that.
  15. Kanye West is Kanye Best

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    2. scorch


      Well it was either that or be a douche about it and prove them right. To be fair, I do like a couple of his songs.

    3. Skarclaw


      aye to be fair there's the distinction between the art and the artist. I'm a big Burzum fan, despite him being a nazi and convicted murderer haha

    4. FireKnife


      True on the SP thing, it was either take it like a man and admit you are a jebend or get wound up about it and show you are a jebend even more. Some times it is best to suck it up if people are pointing out just how much of a douche you are. :D

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  16. Late response, but glad to see you enjoyed it. If I remember correctly you had a bad experience the first time you tried a skirmish, and stayed away from it since. Glad to see this one was a bit better
  17. Great review by the way Blink. One thing I haven't seen mentioned is that ugly/awkward front-end grip. Do you know if it can be removed without affecting the gun? I'm looking to pick one of these up but it may be a dealbreaker if I can't.
  18. Some players do; it depends on what they want to do with the gun really. FPS doesn't really affect range of the BB; the bigger players with regard to range are the hop up (TM ones are fantastic) and energy retention, heavier BBs etc. So quite a lot of players with TM weapons are more than content to keep it at stock FPS and avoid opening the gearbox - as it'll likely last a long, long time 366FPS is quite specific; is that because of Canadian laws? Here, the upper limit for FPS for automatic weapons is 350FPS firing .2bbs, and 500FPS for single-shot. (It's not officially law but t
  19. Got a Seiko Titanium myself. Works well with a grey suit.
  20. Would you mind helping me out and taking some pictures of what you did? Going to try this with mine.
  21. Publically traded company, I think!
  22. Hanna (2011), what a fantastic film.

    1. Lone_Bullet


      Agree, didn't get much attention here. Liked it alot.

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