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  1. Ah, sorry I misread! Yeah I recommend 144a - especially with it getting closer to Summer.
  2. Well, your case will be different of course because you've got the G&P extension coming. But, with the default gas tank it will only get 100 shots if you use 134a - Propane won't last as long. I'd imagine that will carry over to you too.
  3. dapprman, no worries because I'm here now! I have a carbine kit on mine. I did not install the longer barrel that comes with it, because I was happy with the range and performance etc; so the kit was entirely for aesthetic reasons. This is entirely subjective of course, but it makes the gun much more comfortable to hold for me; especially with an AFG on the end. I have long arms though, soooo.
  4. Holy *suitcase*, Carnik Con really outdid himself today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HiK3L8c9wo

    1. -Drake-


      I love his cardigans.

    2. Gunmane


      Pretty much should be mandatory viewing for movie directors and video game devs.

    3. NonEx


      I've seriously watched the song 10 times since yesterday :D

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  5. Marathon-ed through Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Currently on the series 2 finale. I REGRET NOTHING

    1. FTZ-WildeCard


      Hand in your Glock Blocker patch. Ah, wait...

    2. DrAlexanderTobacco


      Buffy is the best, y'all are all just hating on the slayer.

    3. hitmanNo2


      Scooby Gang for life yo.

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  6. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. A quick look at their site has this address (Via streetview) https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Woodley/@51.446894,-0.895896,3a,90y,81h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s70L7PnNphAXNj9enQ_y5qQ!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x48768460447ca5fd:0x90b552cff9e1e911!6m1!1e1 A normal residential house. No way they've got all their kit in there. Mobile number, outlook.com domain - He probably orders the kit when someone places an order which explains the long wait times, especially if it's from China or similar.
  7. "Women who eat on the tube", is, in my opinion the best Facebook group in the world.

    1. hitmanNo2


      Did I really just spend 10 mins scrolling through that ha ha.

    2. FTZ-WildeCard


      Found the tumbler. Son, I am disappoint.

    3. Skarclaw


      the creator is my brothers' friend's friend. so there

  8. If I remember correctly, AirsoftPanda went bust / "disappeared" because they took money for loads of preorders but the products never arrived.. Might be why you haven't heard from them
  9. No, it's not. Different company, different internal design etc - It's got a rotating bolt w/ long stroke piston, but that's pretty much it. The ergonomics are similar too, I guess.
  10. *7* TM MP7s (GBB) on the first page of the GBB classifieds on Zeroin.

    1. DrAlexanderTobacco


      It's a shame because they really are fantastic guns. I'm not complaining because I'm scooping up as many mags as I can :D


      I wouldn't be surprised if at least a couple of those chaps sell them, want one again a year down the line and can't get one.

    2. aznriptide859


      How much are they selling for?

    3. DrAlexanderTobacco



      Accessories:[6 leak free mags, 2 viper 3x mp5 mag pouches, replica T1 sight, rails covers, magpul ris sling mount, can of 144a gas] - This is £390.

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  11. That sounds like a good idea, Krydel. Whatever happens I think the classified section needs to be visible; with just a single post saying "New to the forums? Here's how to access the classifieds" or something.
  12. Am I the only one who hates the look of those SAI slides for pistols? I think they make any pistol look absolutely dire.

    1. ollie_ty


      way too 'civilian' for my liking.

    2. Hopna


      I dislike most 'custom' style slides. I want all my pistols to have a simple military look.

    3. hwagan


      They're a bit too showy. I mean, they're nicely engineered and I like them in that respect, but I'd want a bog standard Glock for a fighting gun.

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  13. Looks like it might be time to pick one up..
  14. DWells55, if I remember correctly they ship with 2 barrels - One plastic, with an orange permanent tip, and the other a metal barrel with no orange tip.
  15. For the uninitiated, could you explain the differences? I know it could be either because it has no forward assist or brass deflector, but that's where my knowledge ends
  16. If you're still looking for a hurdle, one hurdle might be to simply add an application process and restriction of RIFs until they've got their first bit of feedback. So, the user reads the FAQ on how to access the classifieds, and PMs a sales moderator with maybe proof of site membership, a UKARA reg number, proof of age (If that's not too authoritarian!) whatever. The user's then restricted from the RIF section until they buy/sell something else, such as an accessory, gear etc. Positives: It doesn't take too much effort for someone to apply that way, and ensures there's a system of c
  17. Close the thread guys, we're done here.
  18. Yeah, that makes sense I mostly come to the thread for the aesthetics of the rifles, and the sight just looks too top-heavy. I guess anything on a rise like that would, though!
  19. Yuck, I don't like that new sight you've got on there. At least, not the mount - Looks way too small and flimsy for the sight's size!
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