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    had airsoft kits in the late eighties! gamed '91 onwards
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    I hunt therefore I am...
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    Exploring the Great Outdoors.
    HUNTING ... but espescially the vibe of being hunted.

    ... pushing to the limit..... not being seen.... and PEACE. 5 day games.... tracking deer and other fieldcraft. Self motivated people... film making.... canoes.

    Independance :)
  1. The Bushman

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    I think there is a bit of a grey area here myself..... I believe it is not about bore diameter, but more about the tolerences and polish of the barrel. many cheap tight bores have low tolerences.... ie it says 6.03mm but maybe between 6.01 and 6.05mm along its length. This is where PDI barrels are the best. I only use a 6.05mm PDI in my tanaka m40a1 but it shoots brilliantly. Interestingly, PDI (on teh xfire website) syas their 6.01mm is for power and their 6.08mm is for accuracy. I guess pellets ride on a cushion of air down the barrel. The CA AUG 6.08mm barrel is fine for me and as the video proves; it's accurate enough considering the cheap bio 0.20g pellets I used. You have to bother to get 0.25g or heavier to see the effects of a good barrel imo. The main thing though with wanting accuracy is to get a well setup hop. That is the brain of the gun imo. I really cannot fault the CA AUG out of the box, other than the feed nipple that wears away. As long as you get a decent custom battery it has great ROF, range and accuracy. If it hits small parts of people, then its good enough for me. I think you can invest alot of money in AEG's and see little return. As already stated much is on the combo of parts and getting good airtight seals. Good Hunting
  2. The Bushman

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    Nah I was serious. In that game we had held the opponents for almost 2 hours in exactly the same gulley (the boundaries were super narrow). In that video, we switched round and had to attack, just like they had before. I only had 6 x 80 round TM lowcaps against dug in opponents with high caps.... as you can see (or in your case cannot), I was at the front and managed to shoot them up in only a few minutes..... thanks to the AUG's accuracy. I received little return fire, as I used cover and fired at only small parts of people that were exposed. CA AUG was only 312fps using 0.20g with all stock parts other than metal hop unit and feed nipple. Good Hunting
  3. The Bushman

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    Exactly... here is a video, that backs up your statement and shows how good the AUG platform is (this one has a CNC'd metal feed nipple).. Enjoy & Good Hunting
  4. The Bushman

    Videos Thread !

    For a change I used an AEG to get revenge on thos pesky full auto types: I can't work out for the life of me why it starts half way through... please watch from the beginning. Enjoy Just editing footage of last skirmish out with the VSR. Enjoy
  5. has new films on YOUTUBE.

  6. The Bushman

    Videos Thread !

    Here's our latest vid... to go with the 2 other tanaka m40a1 films. and . Enjoy & Good Hunting
  7. The Bushman

    Videos Thread !

    and check out my other 23 films too, by CLICKING HERE. Enjoy & Good Hunting
  8. The Bushman

    Videos Thread !

    CLICK HERE videos of extreme ghillied bolt action users in real gaming situations (reinacted). The video diaries are from the real game, but action footage is 99% reinacted. Alot of work has gone into these films. Enjoy. Happy Hunting
  9. The Bushman

    Videos Thread !

    CLICK : 6mm HUNTER FILMS Our latest production has been 4 months in the editing suite and is nearing completion. It was a project filmed over a 6 day event. It depicts a tense stalking game. Hopefully it will be launched early next year. Certainly our best film to date and showing a true inside view of this, Extreme Discipline of Airsoft Sport. Run time is 96 mins. Once uploaded to U-TUBE you cannot see the pellets flying to the target and close detail. We use many cameras, mainly SONY and also have access to a CANON XL2. Enjoy.
  10. The Bushman

    2006 hunting

    all 2006's pictures
  11. The Bushman


    New Skool Hunters
  12. The Bushman

    Men of the VALLEY

    stalking the hills..... sniper scouts 1991-2003
  13. The Bushman

    MP5 box.jpg

    Want to buy this ? 170 UK pounds? TMMP5SD6 with 1250 rounds worth of mags, external battery with DPM bag, scope mount, rubber overgrip (WGC only) custom Spray Job by DOCTORAIRSOFT.... 2 FREE Airsoft DVD's (not yet available) thrown in. PM me!
  14. The Bushman

    Airsoft 202.jpg

    Speedballing with an APS2 MK2!!! lol. Yep it's the wrong gun for speedball but still managed 3 tags with 1 against. Enough to secure the TROPHY! lol

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