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    ... pushing to the limit..... not being seen.... and PEACE. 5 day games.... tracking deer and other fieldcraft. Self motivated people... film making.... canoes.

    Independance :)
  1. Only just seen your question. Sorry for late reply. I have no experience with barrels over 554mm You may get more power (if that is really necessary lol) I rate the PSS10 6.03mm 430mm in my VAR, so presume the long one is on par (just with more power). However, I will say that the rifle is already fairly hefty compared to a VSR and adding more weight will make it just abit harder to use. ie. more fatigue to your arms and simply harder to crawl/etc. The choice is yours. But I suggest I would only look at your plan if I was allowed really high power and had fields that favour
  2. nice pictures everybody. here are some recent ones... Good Hunting
  3. I painted this in watercolour and then added some digital magic, to turn it into a desktop. Good Hunting
  4. has new films on YOUTUBE.

  5. I think they won't fit unless you modify it with a groove around the barrel outer to seat it in the hop unit. I could be wrong and not the same on the modern KJW model. Good Hunting
  6. Thanks. I think the LTR gets a 10 out of 10 too I just think the m40a1 comb and narrow forearm are more ergonomic (at least for me). Plus the LTR requires some milling work to fit a 555mm inner barrel (runs into a silencer) for the vsr hop conversion; while the m40a1 is a drop in solution. Dodge and Chauf both own LTR, so I've been on the recieving end Good Hunting
  7. Please watch the video's I made/linked. Basicly, this is the long out of production PCS version. PCS = Power Control System. This allowed you to decrease and slightly increase the power, compared to the non PCS versions you get now. FPS is dependant on gas used, temperature, hammer spring used and at what tension. You can decrease the power on th modern non PCS version if you are worried it will be too powerful for your application. Use 134a gas instead of green to knock it down for low power sites. Good Hunting
  8. I just noticed there was no review here for my favourite rifle; the TANAKA WORKS m40a1. It is a NBB gas rifle that uses the same reciever as the other m700 based tanaka rifles (AICS, LTR, M24). Only barrel length and furniture really seperates these rifles. Rather than waffle on; I'll post videos I made of the rifle in action and a video review.... (note this has now been laser ranged at 76m.) I would like to think that is comprehensive review and explains why tanaka rifles are worth buying. OK this is a PCS version, running at full p
  9. Here are some paintings I did, not sure if I have posted these ones before... and Good Hunting
  10. Here is some Art I did... I use them as covers for films. Maybe you could call this being " " Good Hunting
  11. The Bushman

    2006 hunting

    all 2006's pictures
  12. TM M14 with advantage fabric tape and KING ARMS V2 scope rail. The scope is a 1.5-5X20 Whitetail classic night view compact. The sniper bra at the top has 2 X70 mags in it and a G&P 160 is in the gun = 300 shots. View through the amazing wide angle scope on 1.5 mag (yep that is the front post you can see). Good Spotter rifle
  13. The Bushman


    New Skool Hunters
  14. The Bushman

    Men of the VALLEY

    stalking the hills..... sniper scouts 1991-2003
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