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  1. Those two rectangular holes towards the front of the frame I'm sure aren't there on the plastic frame so I'd say that's where the new inner barrel/hop assembly will secure. It also has to come as a complete kit because it won't work at all with one or the other. Wonder if it will be a reasonable price like most of VFCs upgrade parts......fingers crossed.
  2. You were saying? Ready fighter metal inner shell for VFC MP7
  3. Now those outers look SWEET, certainly on the list along with a slightly longer inner barrel. I managed to sort it last night with the aid of a shim 8 had off the flashider of an M4, it's pretty sturdy now but with all the fiddling around the threads on the sling loop are mangled so I need a new one of those. I would have left the sling loop out but without it the flashider screws on so far that the lugs touch the front sight and it looks stupid.
  4. One converted MP5k into a PDW Good bit. Mixed feelings about it however. The stock is as solid as a rock! All steel locking/folding mechanism and steel lining at least half the way into the very solid plastic stock so I don't see any amount of rough airsofting damaging/breaking this stock. Bad bit The new outer barrel is a very poor design indeed. The old one has a very defined cutout in the front end of the barrel itself to accommodate the front sling loop as shown below Now the new outer barrel looks like this out of the box As you can see there is no cutout for the
  5. No I don't think it will come either personally, but we can hope
  6. Not that it matters as that warning/copyright paragraph is removed easier than Brazil from this years World Cup. Surely the power up silencer can't be much heavier than the VFC one, it doesn't make it front heavy, however it will make you paranoid of catching it on something and destroying the inner frame, my silencer is a shelf queen until a metal inner frame is produced. On the subject of upgrades what do we think of these? http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/product_detail1.php?search_From=searchItem&item=APLUS-RV-VFCMP7&search=special&rs=VFC%20mp7&catid=&cat=&
  7. It's a simple *fruitcage* mistake, my auto correct came up with both spellings and in a rush i selected the wrong one. SHOOT ME!!!!
  8. I've been watching his ranting and raving on FB for quite some time, Phil you are not the only one to get onto the wrong side of his awful attitude. I brought a Scar from Milspec quite some time ago now (coincidentally the last time I've ever used Milspec) and it was "adapted" and pre fitted with an RA-tech NPAS to keep it below 350fps. Only the "adaptation" actually further lifted the FPS rendering the NPAS useless as it actually wouldn't adjust below 340-350fps meaning that the slightest temp increase bearing in mind I brought it just before Xmas would render it useless, and due to the
  9. Stupid question alert.....have you taken it out and turned it over? Mine is blank on one side.
  10. PDW conversion kit for VFC MP5k[emoji3] Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  11. VFC just love taking my money!! Been waiting for this since its release. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  12. It may look complicated as 95% of its working/moving parts are on the outside of that inner shell, only the hammer, valve knocker and trigger spring sit inside the two halves, however it only took me 10-15 mins to get it to that state, slightly longer to reassemble as the bloody springs are a PITA to get into their right slots, one thing with taking it down to that level you just have to be methodical and lay everything out in order, keeping X spring with Y part as I think all of them are different diameters and/or lengths. Its so easy I could have kicked myself for not doing it before L2E ma
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