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  1. ....And that's why I have a mill and a lathe at home. SBRing stuff has never been easier. :) Hitting the big 40 in a few months, of more than half of that has been in airsoft. :P
  2. Seriously? In my country we have community accessible/shared machinery and tools. And then there are friends who work in workshops and would help out with odd jobs, and likewise we would all reciprocate if they need help. Its alu, which is far easier to work with than steel, so that would take hardly any time to do. But all the best though.
  3. I have lightened my recoil spring on my Steyr to 80%, seems fine. But yeah it does depend on your internal friction. RS Steyrs by design are pretty bad when it comes to managing friction, so they are both overgassed, and over sprung. The GHK is actually much better when it comes to that, as it has a nearly contactless bolt carrier to the receiver, and the hammer springs are rather light. In terms of accuracy, I modified the hop unit so it would fit a modified VSR hop rubber, on its AEG barrel, which I modified to fit the VSR hop rubber. That seems to work fine, and saves me buy
  4. Quite simple solution to the R-hop/flat hop issue: Lighten the recoil spring so the BB doesn't get thrusted into the chamber at high velocity leading to inconsistent seating. Nice work on the bipod, though my biggest concern is the barrel rigidity. The GHK stock barrels were just aluminium so it already has rather dubious rigidity, and now the bipod is there. Even on the real steyrs, the weight of an M203 unit is often enough to shift the zero of the rifle. I would probably use a steel barrel and then use an alu barrel extension. Threads won't do so the best way is
  5. Takes M4geries to another level! Looks good though.
  6. I have seen DH mods with CO2 capsules, but yes capsules take up space and are prone to cool down just as much as green gas. Any recommendations around whats a good gas injector unit working off a CO2 bottle? And how much more efficiency do you get out of a magazine (using say a GHK M4 as a base model). Depending on the price, the full sized UZI would make a great addition to my collection. For the last 12 years I have been running exclusively ol'school IDF shirt and pants, A11 ephrod, M16A1/CAR15 Mekutzrar/Galil ARM/MAG58/Mini UZI. Only thing I don't have
  7. I am a bit behind the times, I thought the DH mod was converting a GHK magazine to take CO2 capsule? Since the Mini UZI is already a CO2 gun, is the DH mod a bit defunct? Unless you are talking about modifying a standard green gas magazine to fill and use liquid CO2 via an injector adaptor for a CO2 bottle (not running a remote line).
  8. Actually I would rather have a green gas UZI. I already have a closed bolt KWC Mini UZI which annoys me a bit that it isn't skirmish practical. For most green gas GBBs one wants the ability to fire half a mag of BBs during an engagement, and then top up BBs and gas ready for the next engagement. But with CO2 you can't, as you have a partially gassed mag which won't fire the rest of the BBs if you go for a top up. Also CO2 mags only lasts at best 1.5 charge per mag and the overhanging bolt and spring tension isn't really that heavy. WE Thompsons, M4s and AKs have larger an
  9. I got bored yesterday, watching "White house down", and I thought "Wouldn't it be nice to have an APC9..." I present, the "FN APC556 K" Features: - WE SCAR L base gun. - non-reciprocating charging handle - B&T side folder - 6.5" barrel, with a FPS of 380 on 0.2g
  10. I find that the BBS structure of forums allow for better navigation of themes and discussions than Social Media based Group UI. As for airsofting, some of us have been in this hobby for 20-25 years. I remember my first skirmish in 1994. The thing is, learning and growth in airsoft gets to a particularly point and then the challenge curve reaches a plateau. You can get proficient at weapon-tech, individual fieldcraft, and then build a good section/squad. But to build beyond that size of organisation for anything more epic, requires doctrine, training, military mindse
  11. While its a solid engineering feat, I can see that without a firing pin delayer the gun will have seriously weaker recoil compared with other models, particularly on auto. I would suggest looking at fitting a GHK firing pin assembly onto the hammer (GHK hammers are attached to their firing pins), as they work on a cam system and works as a built in delayer. Otherwise, good effort! With all the weebs liking all the HSLD AR setups, it is great to finally meet a man of culture
  12. Why is that you don't trim the scope mount depth instead? Better than modifying something thats replaceable than something that is hard to source.
  13. https://www.airsoftguns-europe.com/mount-rings-30mm-desert-eagle-tokyo-marui
  14. The Original .50 Desert Eagle scope mounts are not 20mm weavers. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/thedeserteagle/scope-mounting-woes-t4592.html Marui sells specific Desert Eagle scope mounts back in the day... But yeah I got mine. Chrome plated hammer+trigger w/silver ceramic finish on the slide. - Its heavy, clunky, but still a little bit lighter than the .44 Desert Eagle I fired, but overall its fun. Feels on par with Guarder DE kit. - Accuracy is good stock, with modified hop rubber it is even better. - FPS is pretty standard for a 6"
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