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  1. Had one more event last weekend. Have a look at one of the movies:
  2. I've created a page on Facebook so you can follow development and annoncements of new games. Press "Like" to get information continous. http://sv-se.facebook.com/pages/Pandion/344993388847374
  3. You're welcome to Sweden. Get in touch with Tier 1 Military Simulations(UK) and tell them your interest and maybe we can arrange something for a couple of teams.
  4. Farrasdevell: Na, the total cost was only about 140 Euro per person that day.
  5. November India made a Christas gift! Celeb 3.1 walk through:
  6. Farrasdevell: GBBR with CO2 are ok during milsims due to the fact that you in most of the firefights only fire a couple of rounds. GBBR with compressed air is no problem. Batteries are no problem as long as you avoid small NiMh/NiCd. Use large cell or LiPo/LiFe. The biggest problem with the cold is to keep the gas canister for cooking warm. I put it under my jacket an hour before I will cook food. And the canister and my weapon is in the bivack with me during the night. Mmmh.. And frosen boots is so nice to put on in the early morning
  7. Bladerunner168: Well, does not that depend on what the buyer wants? The cost per person depends on many things, but somewhere around 150-250 GBP. CKinnerley: I buy it from a local company. The PE and DetCord is civil versions, and I got a license. FireKnife: Gather a team of 5-8 people and we can talk about an event for you.
  8. Hey! I make special CQB events in Sweden. Small teams of 5 to 8 people play against OpFor controlled by me. In one day, with two teams, we consume 300 grenades, 1 kilogram plastic explosives, 80 meters of detonating cord, a lot of pyrotechnic devices, 30 liters of fuel and a lot of sand/dirt. Some of the special rules of the game: Correct uniforms and gear, only midcaps (maximum 80bbs/mag), max 110mps with 0.2g bb), ear protection, no synthetic clothes. More pictures: https://picasaweb.google.com/116343571749797207201/Celebration31 http://www.pandio
  9. When I was 7 years old my teacher told me that there is no bad weather, only bad clothes. Pictures from one of my milsims last winter. Everything is ingame. 48h nonstop. http://www.airsoftsverige.com/V6/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=118019
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