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  1. VFC SR635 Gen 3 Red nozzle, Low flow poppet valve Prommy barrel with Prommy Hop up Rhop Troy handguards w/ KAC hand stop VLTOR Crane stock KAC Flip up sights T-1 Aimpoint Replica Magpul MITER silencer AAC 51T functional bolt catch Ambi selector switch
  2. Indeed it is, actually one of my favorite scopes. It's different
  3. Finally finished my AK Metal hopup chamber, Ryusoku Flat hop, 6.03 barrel, V3 P*, samson mfg #3 replica rails, replica EoTech, Guntech USA side rail, RS A.R.M.S #17 Tri-mount, IR laser w/ red laser, PBS-1 barrel extension, RS Israeli TFG, 1"in ring mount w/ Surefire 6xPRO light.
  4. It's a complete replacement, you can go to Bingoairsoftworks.com to see some custom stuff done. He did my Real Sword SVD.
  5. They currently don't make the m240b engine anymore, due to the fact that the m240b is no longer being made. Heard this from the P* guys themselves.
  6. Polarstar engine Rhop prommy barrel and a lot of bb's
  7. Just got it in today M240b with polarstar engine
  8. with somewhat proper scope Real Sword SVD Custom polarstar installation done @ Bingo Works. Red+ nozzle Real Steel Polymer handguards Flat hopped Houge Grip Wood is stained Ebony TIP2 scope
  9. I love it, very quiet. Consistent. Just cause it's black with polymer everyone thinks it's an A&K. Till the see the hose sticking out then they are just confused.
  10. VFC AK74U with V3 Polarstar I also got a proper scope for my Real Sword SVD Polarstar
  11. Little brother arrived today, V3 Polarstar AIMS ak
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