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  1. They do look pretty nice coupled with more kit, nicer than I thought to be honest.
  2. They do look pretty cool, they do not look friendly to all body types.
  3. That is really nice RacingManiac loving your front end kit.
  4. Sorry must of missed that bit, wow derping so much today
  5. Are there any other magazines that are compatible with this as sometimes TM mags can be hard to find?
  6. I hear if you put some talcum or baby powder in you get a pretty good effect. Not sure if flour works.
  7. Shame really I imagine it is a tiny *albartroth* part
  8. Today two things have really made me smile, discovering this site and now this pic.
  9. My custom helmet done by the very artistic misses Sorry about pic quality, poor phone camera.
  10. Had a leg panel once, being only 5ft 7" it didn't work very well for me, now I just run a belt rig. Got to say though it is the best thing I have ever bought.
  11. Would recommend the GHK one on reviews but not the WE on past dealings and hear say.
  12. That and after playing with one I would say as pretty much the cooldown is terrible and has WE quality written all over.
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