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  1. thats nothing really new... as many shops will raise prices before a sale. seems to be a standard operating procdure. and chances are ... prices wont drop after the sale ends. But also note in some cases.... old prices are exactly that.... old. Something that has been out of stock for months.. years... could have a sudden jump in price once restocked.
  2. meh.... the one CS with Airsoft expariance has resigned and will bail at the end of the month. I wont go into her reasons... but its a common theme. Anyways it may or may not revert back to bit of hit and miss with the CS after this month, pending replacement. But still here to help if anyone needs general advice and or boots on the ground if need be. The current CS team soon to be one less.
  3. Yeah... they currently have 3 female CS, and one is an airsofter... coming up to 1 year employed. At least they seem content for now and not planning on leaving atm. (although... wait till march... lol) Couple other minor discount issues laterly, but the CS seems to be on the ball and correcting issues fairly quickly. Just keep in mind you wont get a reply out side of 9 to 6pm HK time... or on weekends and holidays.
  4. some more inside shots... Big ups to RED ALERT Airsoft Wargame Site
  5. My Crew got asked to help supply some boys in kit for the Gala Premiere showing of the movie "Fury" over here... and acquired a few free bums on seats in the process. Media was out in force with a couple dozen reporters and a unseal round of random celebrities attending... but not that I knew any of them... nor anyone here will. but as I learned in the movie... I wonder if they can do me for a chocolate bar... lol. yes... there be nazi's here... but was all in fun... and most of these pics are from prepping before the celebs arrive. This all went down in Cause
  6. the above 1911's have assassin kits installed... and shoot 1.3J... which is a bit hot for indoor CQB. The PX4 has a custom barrel and only shoots 1J which is an increase from the .8J stock orginal. but generally fun.. none the less
  7. an aged collection... have since added 4 glocks... lol.
  8. wait for the beep.... Hope the programing is still the same.
  9. They just had he standard Marine logos. Although quantity could be limited to a couple of boxes, and wont be reordered, so would be on the rarer side.
  10. The 9558S and 9559S have returned to stock... and couple of MP versions of 9541S and 9542S have also been spotted. Note the "S" models refer to the latest version with near 100% PTW compatibility. These new production runs are the latest upgraded model includes a Super ECU, PTW compatible receiver, barrel, Hop-up unit and a Mini Mosfet Super ECU is programable 2 to 30rd burst. Mini Mosfet only 35mm in length. And a new G&D DTW with 10" key-mod model.... 9560S in stock at the wholesalers now... Should be hitting the retail selves over the next few days / week https://www
  11. agreed... but i generally do that to all my aeg's and gbb's anyways... lol.
  12. found it finally... http://www.rsov.com/product.php?langId=1&currencyId=2&manufacturerId=10&prodId=19667&cateId=777 should be in a few other retailers shortly for a little variety in pricing.
  13. yes.. air lose... cylinder or nozzle is to short....... crewing bb's.. nozzle to long... smashes in to bb. but not that i'm a smith... just have good smith friends. Good luck with that... That well run dry early this year we are awaiting a new production run. You might be able to find one in some obscure store if your very very lucky, but it is a in high demand model, So you may have to wait like every one else for the next production run. http://www.hobbyairsoft.ie has had them in the past also, but they now waiting too... At least the silver lining to having to wait for a ne
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