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  1. Complete cylinders should have a minimal of oil coating within, but being minimal, it can dry with time, Although could also be overlooked and a production line issue that no one would notice until it reaches end user. Also there can be some nozzle compatibility issues as there are now PTW, DTW, CTW, ATW, and A&KTW?? ...and they are not all the same. So the symptoms of these issues are air loss or worst case... crewing bb's.
  2. lol.... focus.... and control! I recently fell of the wagon... and brought a new M4 body ... to have the wife busted me when I got home... "whats that".... "its last one.... last one" i say... lol. "and it will be built most from spare parts... so it should be considered as recycling." lol.
  3. will take a few days to hit retailers... also... Yes all new DTW's made in future will include mini mosfet and SECU. but yet to be seen... so could take some time for old stock to move and replaced with new.
  4. FYI... New G&D Mini mosfet released today... for DTW and PTW https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.644267225658025.1073741985.463847467033336&type=3 should be distributed shortly...
  5. every two years or so... they have a seriously major turn over of staff... i wont go into causes... but they can struggle to maintain a solid CS team. CS staff had been a max of 3 and a half... but had dropped to 0 on occasion... lol. recently it was down to 1 again, but have hired 2 more about a month ago. but new noob staff are generally non-airsofters and can be limited in English... and 3 of cause is still not enough. Pending the problem of your case... I can and have in the past help other solve problems more quickly by walking in with your order number explaining the case in person,
  6. yes... she is. and her first airsoft experience.... was working for RW... at least her English is ok... lol.
  7. 18 Wargame HK (Wholesaler) ok... A brief history of myself. I have been in HK for 12 years, and running with guns... and running gun to my motherland (NZ) for 10 years. Although I started shipping airsoft with a request from a friend for one p90, from word of mouth I was soon dealing in quantity and supplying many NZ game sites with lots of 24 semi only M4's or 36 g36c's, boxes of BB's, masks, and BDU's etc etc Over the years I have come to learn the inside of the trade and I have been buying many models and items from a wholesaler “18 wargamehk ” common called by locals in the know... as j
  8. good to hear. they seem efficient, although it can easier to do with a smaller operation. if only RWHK was similar. lol Oh and I was sad to hear.. and a little OT... Arclight quit RWHK to go work for RWUK... then shortly afterwards go fired. although the exact reasoning behind this is unknown... but its just very sad is all. FYI hes probably still looking for work... lol. good luck with a swift and uneventful journey for your order .
  9. I know nothing about the A&K PTW and was shocked... and find it very strange that it has never been for sale in HK. with one exception... http://asiarsoft.com/index.php?8bdab82d615c1fe5d67ac55057924058=01 they sell Ario, and Celcius... and A&K, yet the a&K model has never shown up in any other of the 100's of HK retailers. ?? and its very funny how they core AEG's are china made.... yet they don't sell the DTW's .. ?? so seems like something very fishy could be going on there. and the Ario arms are... were... just part timers i think, upgrading DTW's with CTW parts. I t
  10. the upper one was not the original mosfet. but was the goal. Looks slightly bigger than the upper one, is it superior to the former? or just a rounded redesign? this below picture is the original dtw mosfet next to the new one. and the rounded outer case is apparently just temp till an alternative can be considered. and once installed... with battery. =) I volunteered my DTW for testing... lol. put 20 rounds through it last night and SECU was still programmable. will put 200 rds through it today
  11. the lower of the two.... is a Prototype small mosfet for the DTW... under testing Atm.... Korean made
  12. My latest shoty... KOER K1203 which is the new M3 / super90 brand. And had a shotgun only event a few weeks ago. was a great turn out and wicked fun. and my latest mod.... for low ammo.... in the zombie apocalypses
  13. there could be several issues causing this result... and they could be as simple as new noob staff, or staff on holiday/sick. TMC is a good store and they wont deliberately keep half your shotgun for no reason... so should be just a communication problem. chances are they have already posted it. just keep trying to contact them asking for the sending and tracking number of your second half of the shotgun. generally stores wont like threats of... "'if you don't do what i want... i'll make a paypal dispute / post in all forums a bad review" as it can be considered blackmail / extortion. pay
  14. i have access to a few.... and a small care package could be arranged. how many would you want? 5? 10... 20? lol And registered air mail should be most economical. and silencers for the R2 and a few other spare parts are now available....
  15. oh..shyt may have spoken to soon. sounds like you have been given an older model DTW. i'm not aware of any MAX3 DTW's in the old brown box packaging. should all be in the new brightly co loured boxes the outer size of the inner barrel of a MAX3 DTW should be about 10mm same as a PTW. he older models of DTW would have a standard 8mm outter size of the inner barrel same as a AEG. also the o-ring that used to just sit on the inner barrel on the old DTW.... in the new MAX3 DTW now has a groove to sit in so doesn't move when you pull the barrel in and out. and the MAX3 models a
  16. lol... they send you AEG mags ? its in the new coloured box yes ? and there is a red safety warning sticker on top of the gear box? also you can get a magnet... and test the steel end cap.... and inner barrel...outtersize should be PTW size... not AEG size. edit... i just checked the M16 Max3 i have on hand and its 950027 something something... so the above 95003500's intell must be off a little. yours should be legit. only the worst type of retailer would do a switcharoo.
  17. better to ask a silly question than to make a silly mistake. the DTW MAX3 all come have rails sets installed... so no need to install others... and rails standard airsoft 20mm wide. although if you want to change rail sets... i'm sorry I'm unsure what would fit. as i've not ventured that far yet.
  18. lol...no... not all. used one M9... and the 2 revolvers.... but 3 m9's were springers...cheap... spray painted silver and were just for show. but i would have been willing to drop them... just like in the movie... lol
  19. I can has see me? I rarely use my ghille now.... its rather good... colour wise and if you don't move. and i find its a bit of a hack... so try to handicap myself a bit now. I have even been up a tree... maybe 3 metres of the ground.... and had 2 opfors come crawling only the path under the tree and sit maybe 5 metres away from me.... for 5 minutes... before one finally raises a gun to shoot some one else, and i shot them both... totally freaking them out as i was in a 45deg angle above and in front of them. I could have easily dribbled a luggy... and swung it at them... lol
  20. yes... but you also need to consider.... that 100's have been sold.... but you will only hear mostly from the complaints... 90 Owners that have no issue and problems would never need read a review or comment on the review of the model. So the other side of the story would always be lop-sided. Especially if old points are repeated,... and by those that don't or have never own the item under review. lol. its just like any thing... one pubic hair in the soup...of a critic... from when the dishwasher had just one little pull in the walk in freezer... could ruin the reputation of a fantastic
  21. thats great!... i wish retailers over here could do similar. sadly unless your getting mates rates.... once you have tested your model and walk out the door... all warranty is lost. even if the manufacturers ofter a warranty... the retailers here don't give a toss... as they will blame you for the damage. but out side of the g&g models on warranty, i was referring to the difference between repairing an aeg, and repairing a DTW, is not as extreme as some might make out. http://www.airsoftglobal.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=570_572&products_id=16359 i guess mo
  22. well thats just great. where does one get such a free upgrades warranty? sadly there are no such warranties over here. but if... and when i need a new DTW motor.... luckily i will only be paying about HK$400... which is about 33q. so i guess location is quite relevant in these matters.
  23. and come on now... will have to call boll... ocks on that one. how many "pennies" it cost you last time you fixed an AEG? what monkey you payin peanuts too skillfully repair it? lol.
  24. you will find DTW spare parts are equal prices to AEG spare parts. although could be a case of... thats over here... and not over there. Also i wasn't aware of the "waterproofing of the electrics"... was required. but we do have hot wet summers here.... and mostly play indoors..... and dry winters... when we play mostly outdoors. so waterproofing may never be an issue here... or for some locations.. like California for example. And forgive me as i'm new to DTW's and can only comment on my own experiences.
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