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  1. no... i don't see TW as any more prone to failure then a AEG. if not alot less than. GBBR yes... is high maintenance and high costs.... and i own nothing larger than a KC-02, but have seen many of my friends get into GBBR's only to give up on them later to return to AEG's I now actually see TW are now better than AEG's.... and i've yet to see a TW fail in any way shape or form. where as i've busted plenty of aeg pistons and gears over the years. although my DTW is still only a few months old and half a dozen outings... i have no issues to complain about. only thing thats caught me out as
  2. I'm aware of some Koreans have currently been working on it... I was promised one this month.... but never arrived.... yet. =/ And i'm told its a clone of a Swedish design. one can only hope something is available commercially soon.... as i do want. should be the same as the SECU sold separately. wait for the beep... actually i do have a little line of communication with G&D.... we should make a wish list. 1, smaller mosfets, (under construction apparently) 2, upper receiver compatable with original DTW's 3, Rotary hop up system.
  3. i have 5 on hand... sadly none are mine,... well, one will be mine tonight... for a very limited time... as i will covert to semi only to ship to NZ in the morning. But nor do i have a systema body to compare with. Although the manufacturer are pushing the upgraded facts... so i would think they would have tested it before making such a claim. Also, G&D have release a DTW Body for sale which i was keen on my self, to make a sniper upper for my CQB M4,... until i was told its a "new" body is for the "new PTW compatible" models. EG: Pin holes have been moved, which would not fit my old o
  4. yes... they arrived at the wholesalers late on friday and Airsoftglobel noiced the new model on the wholesalers facebook and swiftly took advantage they should appear on other HK retialers throughout this week as they catch up. 5 new DTW upgraded models avalable, under the title "Max3" Max-3 Upgraded model includes a Super ECU, Steel Stock tube cap, PTW compatible receiver, Inner barrel, and Hop-up unit. And Super ECU is programable 2 to 30rd burst. Speical ops... MK18 Mod1 7.5 inch MK18 Mod1 9.5 inch MK18 Mod1 9.5 inch with tan RAS and a M16A4
  5. FYI... DTW now come in preedy new packaging, and comes with the Super ECU allready installed,
  6. excluding wires... 7cm x 3.5cm x 2 cm. and is a 11.1v 1300 15c
  7. Found a good battery and Stock combo... with just a little DIY to cut a gap for the wires to go up to the stock tube. this size battery... http://www.18wargamehk.com/product.php?id_product=1270 with this type of stock... http://www.18wargamehk.com/product.php?id_product=3036
  8. They have a 12 year old non-airsofter with very poor english for a uploader.... So theres alot of cut and paste going on... And no one fact checking But one can only blame the quality of management. Expect more of the same. I don't know why would you say that because: 1. The AIRO box internal padding design is not the same as of DTW box. 2. AIRO receivers do not fit DTW receivers (not to mention different quality/weight/colour). 3. Every AIRO furniture (not only plastic parts, but the metal parts like carry handle and buffer tube) is not the same as DTW. 4. The flash-hide
  9. the AIRO is just a DTW upgraded with CTW parts.. Comes in a DTW box with stickers removed and little Airo sticker added. lol. And if i had know that i may have got the Airo instead. but with that said i'm still very happy with my DTW, and have yet to have any major issues with it.
  10. Shipping can be handed off to other parties, and its not always at the sellers knowlage as they can always be aware / specify whom is the final deleivery company is in a distant land. I have friends in Airsoft Global so will inquire of there knowlage or reasoning for this alturnitive deleivery company. Also have firends in Ehoby and aware of a recent staff exodus of 8 staff in 7 weeks. So would be nice to hear Squad 701 horry-story and weather that has changed anything.
  11. maybe only fully extended with a very small battery., if your lucky. But... I seen a half size mosfet in the hands of a DTW engineer's hand about 2 weeks ago.... so fingers crossed it was a sucess, in production now , and available soon.
  12. thxs, can't get anymore emags no more.... they all have been banned. I'll have to have a hunt and see if i can find a remaining stash somewhere. The Super ECU come free with my DTW purchase. although was a ho-sale purchase, but if you want just 1... i could possably be arranged. but you would need DTW mosfet to match... if you not have a DTW gun that is. That stock is very unquie. the battery in the video is siting under the check rest. although you may need a scope riser rail also for this position. but also with this stock it mounts over a standard 4 position stock tube and extent
  13. Had my DTW for a few weeks now... and have been evolving nicely. first muzzle selected lasted only mins as it was chewing bb's so quickly removed it. first outing went well as my friend installed a custom barrel... and was getting great groupings at 30m sadly after that outing my friend removed his barrel, and my next outing with orginal barrel was depressingly un-useable... or could have been my poor re-installtion. also sadly the Magpul PTW mag does not fit my DTW... so returned it to the shop. latest exterior mod install a 2 tone AFG2 and to remove the Mono-pod as its heav
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