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  1. VFC SCAR-H - ACM VLTOR CASV Handguard - ACM MOE Pistol Grip - Magpul AFG - Element Eotech 553 - Super legit stickers n stuff - Two-tone (May spraypaint the stock aswell but I'd rather have an even mix of colours) Sorry for the potato quality but my camera is broken.
  2. Exactly. They offer really great replacement parts for a wide range of airsoft models.
  3. VFC SCAR-H The CASV rail is a Chinese clone and it only fits SCAR-L rifles. You need to cut off some material, otherwise it won't align with the screws where the under rail and because the sling attachment points on the front are in the way. The VFC models are 1:1 right? Would a real steel CASV rail system work?
  4. I'll call it... the XSL Or something. Tried HK417 mags but they were way too thick. Settled for ARES SR-25 midcaps. Despite not being secured at the front it's sturdy enough. Gotta put some epoxy at the front where the notches are and I should be fine.
  5. Yeah but do they fit? I've read that TM barrels do not on the Stark Arms.
  6. Interested into buying one. Are there any aftermarket parts available for the G19? Looking for a threaded barrel.
  7. Anyone interested in an ARES B&T RAS for G36?

  8. FNX-45 exploded view diagram, thanks to Lantredudingo - http://lantredudingo.canalblog.com/pages/review-cybergun-fn-herstal-fnx-45-tactical/30682893.html
  9. Thanks a lot man. I'll try that out tomorrow!
  10. Cybergun doesn't see the need for one it seems. 10/10
  11. I've gotta say, working on this gun is relatively easy. Relatively as in I managed to screw it up. Has anyone disassembled this GBB yet? I need help. The problem is that the trigger on mine won't reset after a cycle. This little spring fell out when I disassembled the frame and I don't know where to put it. Wat do Arnies?
  12. What the hell VFC, first time cocking the FNX I got to witness the most horrible smell in existence. Is this fart metal?

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    2. TheFull9


      Anyone else here really die at fart jokes/noises? Doesn't matter how old I get, still crying at that sort of stuff.

    3. DrAlexanderTobacco


      /me imagines a production line where each pistol frame is farted into one by one

    4. Probotector
  13. Woo, the FNX-45 arrived and it's glorious. But damn, what did VFC use to grease their guns? It smeels like rotten eggs.
  14. That is one incredibly sexy review my good Sir. This pushed me to buy a VFC. Can't wait for it to arrive.
  15. No one cares if you poor water and ice cubes over yourself, just donate already.

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    2. NonEx


      *Throws bucket of ice water at Leons eyes*


    3. -Drake-


      I nominate you Probotector for the Ice bucket challenge !

    4. Probotector
  16. Thanks renegadecow. I think I'll just do that and get a spare inner and outer slide to be safe.
  17. I just changed the stock slide and frame to the Guarder ones and the GBB looks amazing, I especially love the matte color. One question: I'm using Abbey Predator (stronger than duster, weaker than propane), will I have to invest into a Creation Inner Slide?
  18. That feeling when you try to install your long awaited item and it requires you to change or add another part in order to fit it in.

  19. GBB has good sealing, operates smoothly but doesn't cycle fully -> Hammer Spring weardown after two months? U wot Guarder?!?

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    2. Aod


      Is it a glock? If the hammer spring gets installed incorrectly, it strains the spring leading to premature weardown. SAPH Glock 17 hammer spring should do the trick!

    3. Probotector




      Also o-rings are fine.

    4. renegadecow


      What's your recoil spring?

  20. Damn, the Shooters Design Titanium slide for KSC/KWA USP's looks way different in person than in pictures. Still diggin it.

    1. RSM


      More like Ranger-ish green right? I ended up buying a 'black' (blued-esque) set and keeping the titanium barrel.

    2. Probotector
  21. I concur. I own a PTS and had an A&K before, the difference is staggering. The PTS just feels beefier and has obviously better externals.
  22. 2jelly2ignore I hate you.
  23. Polish is such a *suitcasey* language to learn. But this time I'm gonna do it!

  24. Yay, the new Wolfenstein game is only available as a "Low Violence" version in German speaking countries. Btw. I'm now a pirate!

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    2. renegadecow


      Because underaged kids will have their hands on it even with a mature rating like GTA?

    3. FireKnife


      Oh just go listen to 'Ich Tu Dir Weh' and be happy :P.

    4. Probotector


      @renegadecow Yep, that's what the German BPjM thinks. And Bethesda can't be arsed to publish a PEGI version for AT and SUI.

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