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    - ACM VLTOR CASV Handguard

    -  ACM MOE Pistol Grip

    - Magpul AFG

    - Element Eotech 553

    - Super legit stickers n stuff

    - Two-tone (May spraypaint the stock aswell but I'd rather have an even mix of colours)


    Sorry for the potato quality but my camera is broken.







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  2. 4jmg5DZ.jpg



    The CASV rail is a Chinese clone and it only fits SCAR-L rifles. You need to cut off some material, otherwise it won't align with the screws where the under rail and because the sling attachment points on the front are in the way.


    The VFC models are 1:1 right? Would a real steel CASV rail system work?

  3. I'll call it... the XSL

    Or something. Tried HK417 mags but they were way too thick. Settled for ARES SR-25 midcaps.

    Despite not being secured at the front it's sturdy enough. Gotta put some epoxy at the front where the notches are and I should be fine.



  4. That was probably the trigger bar return spring, most double action pistols have it. It pushes the trigger bar up.

    This is a RS PX4 but it should give you an idea where to put it.


    The green part being pointed with a screwdriver is the trigger bar, the trigger bar spring can be seen to the right on the rightmost hole, right below the AGI letters.


    Thanks a lot man. I'll try that out tomorrow!

  5. But seriously I have no idea looks like it could be one of two or three springs. Don't tell me the gun doesn't have an exploded diagram in the manual? :P




    Cybergun doesn't see the need for one it seems. 10/10


    It goes in the bin.



  6. I've gotta say, working on this gun is relatively easy. Relatively as in I managed to screw it up.

    Has anyone disassembled this GBB yet? I need help.

    The problem is that the trigger on mine won't reset after a cycle. This little spring fell out when I disassembled the frame and I don't know where to put it.

    Wat do Arnies?



  7. I just changed the stock slide and frame to the Guarder ones and the GBB looks amazing, I especially love the matte color.


    One question: I'm using Abbey Predator (stronger than duster, weaker than propane), will I have to invest into a Creation Inner Slide?

  8. Make sure to use a Sorbopad and to round the corners of the gearbox shell. The earlier version of the gearbox shell lacks sufficient reinforcement, thus it can easily break on stronger setups.

    A 6.01 barrel will not improve accuracy, but it will lead to slightly higher FPS due to the smaller diameter.

  9. eh stuff every masada user should have figured out when reassembling.


    What i usually do is adjust the selector plate by hand so that it is merely touching the col. and i also scratched marks onto the shell for reference.


    on phone teh spellings is much sucks

  10. I think the barcodes and QR stickers are part of the VFC SCAR packages.




    I got mine from Toysoldier. Too bad I haven't found a scan on the webs, otherwise I'd have done it myself.

  11. Okay, guys, so let me tell you this.


    I have since gotten in touch with UMAREX and informed them about my issues with the VFC MP7. I told them that I tried it with 3 different sorts of gas as well as 6 sorts of BBs, most of them bio degradable. 

    Now they assured me that during their longterm tests the VFC MP7 showed no cooldown issues, no misfeeding, no jams, nothing. This was done by using UMAREX own Walther airsoftgas as well as the Eliteforce non-bio BBs.

    I bought this combination to see if that had any effect on the MP7. Unfortunately it didnt. Actually I was only able to fire about 5-6 shots until it jammed every time.

    Started to hate this gun with a burning passion. Before getting any stupid ideas I sent it back to my retailer and I will replace it for something else. This will probably be my last VFC GBB ever.


    Haha, what a lousy (yet expected) answer from Umarex. Why should we believe their tests without any footage or authentified charts? Oh and sure, I'll use the goddamn smeery lube they sell as "gas" and their rebranded BB's.

    VFC, please stay with AEG's. The work superb.

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