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  1. Make sure to use a Sorbopad and to round the corners of the gearbox shell. The earlier version of the gearbox shell lacks sufficient reinforcement, thus it can easily break on stronger setups. A 6.01 barrel will not improve accuracy, but it will lead to slightly higher FPS due to the smaller diameter.
  2. WE is the best Airsoft manufacturer ever. Screw you Marui!

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    2. FireKnife


      TOP is nothing compared to old KWC gas guns. A company that decided 'yeah I am sure the plastic we use in our £10 springer can hold up to very strong, high PSI gasses'.

    3. PureSilver


      Skarclaw, thanks for that. I've got a Cybergun-branded AA-powered mini-MP5, which I shall convert to LiPos and hop-up and carry as a backup.

    4. Skarclaw


      sounds good PS. be sure to hold it as if it was a normal mp5 but you are a giant

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  3. Selling Viagra For Men Who Want To Have Fun Studies Have Also Shown That Viagra Keeps You Healthy And Us Filthy Rich Order Today From Epik Phallik Industries We Accept Visa And Mastercard

    1. ollie_ty


      Hook me up bro!

    2. Leon Kennedy
    3. FireKnife


      Can never have enough boner pills.

  4. Hollowing out the L1A1 buttstock was a pain in the @$$, especially without the right tools but I managed.

    1. Gunmane


      I remember trying to just fit East German fantastic plastic handguards to one of my rifles, using only a multi-tool blade. Fun times. I was going to try doing the same with a stock, but fortunately for my hands I lack a receiver to fit it to.

  5. Today I found out that I have a Nigerian cousin.

    1. Gunmane


      Not a prince though? Shame

    2. renegadecow


      I knew a prince from Uganda, once. Gave him my bank account number then never heard of him since.

  6. HAHAHAHA made my day. Like the paintjob. on phone teh spellings is much sucks
  7. eh stuff every masada user should have figured out when reassembling. What i usually do is adjust the selector plate by hand so that it is merely touching the col. and i also scratched marks onto the shell for reference. on phone teh spellings is much sucks
  8. There's still no SAR21 AEG. What's the tallest bridge I can jump from?

    1. howitzer


      Would like a CR-21 myself.

  9. Fruitcaging dentist *fruitcage*ed up my root canal treatment. My cheek looks like a balloon.

    1. FireKnife


      Cheaper to buy you a gun than go get any work done at a British dentist. Seriously the NHS covers all of the body bar the frigging teeth?

    2. Probotector


      I visited 3 doctors. The first one removed the roots very uncleanly and suggested to close the hole ASAP. The second one removed the remaining pieces of the root and closed the tooth, resulting into an enormous swollen cheek due to the blood not being able to flow out. Just came from the third doctor who opened it up and gave me pharmacy. I'm feeling a bit better now.

    3. Gunmane


      In my case, the removal of all 5 teeth was sloppy, and I ended up having bone splints popping up at times, and a spot where food stuff would fall into and then rot, leading to agonizing pain that not even painkillers could cover up. Fun fact: Apparently there is a high probability that where the extra tooth was, its partner on the top will grow long enough to cut down into the repaired flesh and tear everything up. No one knows exactly when though.

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  10. Nope. I got mine from Toysoldier. Too bad I haven't found a scan on the webs, otherwise I'd have done it myself.
  11. I used to dislike the SCAR platforms because of their aesthetics. That however changed with this beautiful VFC AEG. The MK16 is still ugly as sin.
  12. Just ordered a TM P226 and Guarder parts for a MK25 Navy version. My wallet hates me.

  13. Aw hell no, there's a tiny scratch on the receiver of my new G&P SR16E3. I hate the used look, In the trash you filthy ######.

  14. Yay, my G&P SR16E3 I ordered from eHobby finally arrived!!!

    1. NonEx


      Possibly related wo hwagan's post below ? :P

    2. aznriptide859


      Nah, totally unrelated. :)

    3. hwagan



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  15. Does Arnies know any Surplus stores to get L1A1 Wood Furnitures from (Europe preferably)?

  16. He means the gearbox shell. Ares / S&T shells are terrible and don't have a lot of reinforcements. What's worse is that the Masada one is propietary.
  17. Alkany, have you by any chance discovered wear on parts? Double-feeding may have been caused by the feeding lips of the magazine (the VFC MP5 series had this problem).
  18. Oh my god, Safarasoftair has the VFC MK17 for 350€. Bye bye DBoys, you were awesome... but...

  19. Haha, what a lousy (yet expected) answer from Umarex. Why should we believe their tests without any footage or authentified charts? Oh and sure, I'll use the goddamn smeery lube they sell as "gas" and their rebranded BB's. VFC, please stay with AEG's. The work superb.
  20. Everything is better than the standard hop. if you‘re in doubt, get the wiitech one, it is amazing
  21. That malicious grin I put up when my friend told me his WE pistol broke after 3 mags.

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    2. evansy


      The thing with WE is that they make a pistol to be as adequate as it needs to be for the first few times you use it and anything else is to be considered a bonus. They cut too many corners with build materials and and QC imo.

    3. PureSilver


      My thoughts exactly. Why don't you guys see how blobface is getting on with his self-firing M&P?

    4. Probotector


      The M&P looked very promising but I grew tired of fixing it constantly and threw it away. The 1911 was just abysmal. The only decent WE GBB I owned was the P226, however I happened to get the ugliest one with scratches and paint stains out of the box. Rest assured I won't be getting WE GBB's anymore, not worth the money if you ask me.

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  22. Yep. You can order it from Ares directly.
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