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  1. I'm looking to convert my ICS SIG 551 MRS which is the long barrel version of the 551 to the normal length 551. Do they sell their outer and inner barrel separately?


    I ordered the long barrel for my ICS SG551 and it came with a fitting inner barrel.

    I assume that the short barrel also comes with one.

  2. No offence but seriously.


    It was 12 years ago now and to keep going on about it, especially companies like the above is just worrying. I mean yes it was a major disaster but given the many other major terrorist attacks that have occured in the world this is just the tip of the iceberg yet the US must trapse it out year in year out. I really wish that the poor people that actually lost family would just turn round and stay 'stop reminding us every single year that we have lost a family member due to the stupidity of the country we live in coupled with the arrogance of another nation to do attack us'.


    Just let the dead rest and stop turning everything into an excuse to incite hatred / have a rememberence day / to make us feel sorry for you as none os it is working.





  3. Hi,


    i need some issues for my Masada.I run it with 6.03 Prometheus Barrel,Madbul Blue Bucking and Wiitech Adjuster Kit and High Torque Motor and M120 Spring.


    When i am Shooting the Range is nice and good.But Bbs are swerving sometimes to the righ and the left.Is it normal?I use .28 bbs.before i used .25 bbs and the same problem.


    Any Issues or experiences?




    Make sure the barrel isn't bent. Also check if the barrel and hop-up nub are properly aligned with the hopup chamber aswell as clean.

  4. Start shimming the lowest gear (usually the spur gear) and adjust the rest accordingly. Alternatively you can use the pinion to bevel shimming technique, which is even better but rather complicated, especially for a beginner.

  5. Looks like I need to start searching for a new job. Goddamn cockbags.


    Can't decide if that's acutally for the better. The job was chillaxing but you really didn't do anything meaningful nor challenging, just tedious office tasks.

    But it was also decently paid.

  6. God damn *albatross* supervisor ruining my chillaxin evening at work, using my PC to create his crappy Excel files (even though he could easily do it AT HOME) while telling me how much of a 1337 haxx0r he is and how it started with his old *albatross* Atari computer.


    Now I have a headache. Damnit.

  7. Probo, PM me if youre interested in a proper ITC Cheekrest ( The ones sold on DS Arms website for the SA58s)


    Thanks, but I like the one I currently have more. :)

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