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  1. My reaction to finding my old diary: http://z0r.de/3446

  2. It has been reported that the GBB kit isn't really great performance-wise, even for a GBB. The WE MSK is probably the better choice. No trades but it seems to be decent.
  3. Ah Christmas, more like Commercemas.

  4. Good news: Beta Project PMags do fit in the G&G F2000!

  5. My King Arms L1A1 is here!!1 Such a lovely gun!

  6. "Welp, nuffin happn'd but Imma complain 'bout it anyways."
  7. I've gotta say, Ares' customer service is quite good. Thanks Crystal.

    1. TheFull9


      Their employees moonlight as strippers huh?

    2. Probotector
    3. hwagan


      If she was a stripper, it'd be 'Cristal'.

  8. ogm u guise sux, reel man uz reel gunz, dat mens ur not reel guise

    1. Probotector


      is not trol, vry srs discsushun

    2. FireKnife


      Yes of course it is, now back to your CoD to spam other 12yr olds. :P

    3. Probotector


      ogmz u ashol 1v1 quikscopz imma pwn u add me gaymurtag is sm0kw33d420folyphe

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  9. The ARES/S&T G36 gearbox is a pain in the *albatross* but I finally finished upgrading it. The ICS V3 GB I'm working on right now is a breeze compared to that st00pid piece of propietary junk.

    1. ollie_ty


      I ditched mine and just threw a standard V3 in there

  10. I ordered the long barrel for my ICS SG551 and it came with a fitting inner barrel. I assume that the short barrel also comes with one.
  11. W00t! Uncompany got the King Arms L1A1 back in stock. *fruitcage* yes I love you guys.

  12. Airsoft Armoury does not ship internationally. Damnit, I want that sexy KA L1A1.

  13. My custom Proline's gearbox is doing pretty good, no signs of cracks at the front. Sorbo pads are a must.
  14. A&K SR-25 mags also fit in the Classic Army SR-25 ((I had to remove some material from the custom trigger guard installed on mine). Tight fit at first but they become less so after some mag changes. The magazines also feed fine. I am pleased with the results.
  15. Encyclopedia Dramatica has been offline for a week already. Where do I get my daily lulz from now on?
  16. I hope the A&K SR25 midcaps fit into my CA-25 because I can't be bothered to pay 30 bucks for a CA midcap.

    1. Probotector


      A&K mags are a tight fit and I had to remove some material on the trigger guard (custom one, back of the magazine was rubbing on it), but they feed fine. They also become easier to reload after some mag changes.

  17. That person at ARES/S&T who is responsible for the trigger mechanism within their G36 gearboxes should be *badgeress* slapped over 9000 times. The arm that presses the switch of the microswitch always misaligns when I close the gearbox.

    1. Probotector


      I actualy found the culprit. It's the cutoff lever. I need to file it down a little. Not only does it contribute to the trigger part slipping but the GB doesn't fully cycle on semi.

    2. ollie_ty


      Do the right thing. Ditch that gearbox and use a standard V3. Im so much happier since I swapped it.

    3. hawaiianjuggernaut


      Steps to profit: 1: Burn G36 with fire. 2: move on with life and be happy.


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  18. Wot am bestest dressing fo nachos?

    1. Leshy


      Jalopenos and Salsa

    2. judgeman


      I prefer melted shredded cheese, chilli, pico and sour cream.

    3. FireKnife


      Jalapenos, good quality salsa, Manchego cheese and a little pip of Tabasco.

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  19. My god, Conservapedia is probably the most retarded Wiki I have had the misfortune of reading through.

  20. Gheysawfturs... uz rael guns u grls

    1. TheFull9


      Where have you been, youtube or facebook groups?

  21. Shadow Warrior reboot by the makers of Painkiller. OMG this fall is going to be the shizzle.

  22. Very smexy, how is the weight of the Aluminium handguard? Not too front heavy I assume?
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