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  1. Hi. Make sure the barrel isn't bent. Also check if the barrel and hop-up nub are properly aligned with the hopup chamber aswell as clean.
  2. First time I used Xbox Live, probably the last time aswell.

    1. Leshy


      Hahaha, all hail pc master race.

      ARMA3 release due 13th Sept!

    2. Wynn


      My experiences with XBox live have been pretty relaxed, even when playing shooters. Dunno why.

    3. PureSilver


      PC & Steam FTW.

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  3. Magpul r teh suks cuz thar ovreratid.

    1. ollie_ty


      Way to miss the joke FK.


    2. Probotector


      hurr pts moar lik pos glda dey getfo off da aisawft markid wat a bunsh ow p€n15 p4nc4k€5

    3. TheFull9


      I enjoy this status because it is satire based upon recent events within a hobby in which I take an interest.

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  4. Considering a pink gun paintjob just to troll everyone olololololol

    1. renegadecow


      It's fun for the first 15 minutes. After that everyone goes meh and you're stuck with a pink gun which you may or may not necessarily like.

    2. FireKnife


      Just do it, what could possibly go wrong? :P

    3. Wild_XIII


      Add glowing neon lights and attach ALL OF THE SCOPES!

  5. NeoVenom, your rifle hardens my caterpie, calls for Solid Snake, gives me the thing that rhymes with stoner. I just wish there was a 7,62x51 lower receiver for the Masada.
  6. The Maruzen M870 turns my snake solid. Bye bye money!

    1. NonEx


      I had a full metal custom built Maruzen M870. Was a really cool piece and pretty solid with the upgrades. But internals are so so and the power and report are mweh.... Also shell ejection is not as sexy as you might think until you actually use it...

    2. Probotector


      Damnit, I was just going to transfer the money and Dentrinity notifies me that the last one is gone. Fail. :D


      I intend to use it in the garden only. Gotta love shell ejecting.

    3. hitmanNo2


      The only reason I've had two of them heh.

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  7. Start shimming the lowest gear (usually the spur gear) and adjust the rest accordingly. Alternatively you can use the pinion to bevel shimming technique, which is even better but rather complicated, especially for a beginner.
  8. Bought a GTX680 in April, spotted GTX780 today in store. Fruitcage my life.

    1. cazboab


      As is ever the way with Graphics cards.

    2. PureSilver


      £570? The GTX-680 will keep us for a while yet.

  9. Anyone knows what happened to all the Tanaka shotguns?

    1. Probotector


      If that's the case, why is Maruzen allowed to sell their shotguns? Sure their system isn't as "real", but asthetic-wise they feel "legit".

    2. renegadecow


      Because the Tanakas were so real they took real steel internal parts and could chamber (but not readily fire) an actual 12 gauge.

    3. Probotector


      Ouch, that's understandle then. Too bad there are no metal bodies for the Maruzen afaik but the shell ejecting mechanism makes up for that.

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  10. Looks like I need to start searching for a new job. Goddamn cockbags. Can't decide if that's acutally for the better. The job was chillaxing but you really didn't do anything meaningful nor challenging, just tedious office tasks. But it was also decently paid.
  11. Hm, that sucks. Mind telling us what brand your G36 is? Try cleaning the magazines. There was a similar problem with their P-Mags I think. I have three of them and all work flawlessly in my ARES/S&T/Umarex/whatever SL9.
  12. You could try replacing the barrel with a 6.08 standard bore barrel, should such aftermarket parts exist for GBB's.
  13. TM Type89 's pretty neat. Just the plastic feels a little cheap (sturdy but doesn't has a textured surface). Still worth the 330€.

  14. God damn *albatross* supervisor ruining my chillaxin evening at work, using my PC to create his crappy Excel files (even though he could easily do it AT HOME) while telling me how much of a 1337 haxx0r he is and how it started with his old *albatross* Atari computer. Now I have a headache. Damnit.
  15. I want an Airsoft flamethrower that shoots BB's... ON FIRE!

  16. @ spetsnazdave87: Nice man. I suddenly feel the urge to play Serious Sam: The Second Encounter. Minigun Ahoy!
  17. hai guyz wot am bestest gun evar, hi capzzz adn lypho rdy preferd. kthx

    1. Lone_Bullet


      P90 wazz kewl in CS 1.6 B4 COD even tried. Ohboy I'm too old for this..

    2. FireKnife


      Pfft, you all want a 1911 as Steven Seagal makes them sex-win :P.

    3. Probotector


      so i wnet 2 justbbgunz and dey only had thos 2-ton airguns i gess dats sum kydn ov camofaluge

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  18. Understatement of the year.
  19. The box the WE Bulldog comes with has the most awesome cover art in Airsoft history.

    1. Probotector


      Yes! That fudging bulldog god damnit!

    2. Bando


      i love mine but the mags have started leaking after 1 game :(


    3. hawaiianjuggernaut


      A literal bulldog. Lmao, WE gets points for that, but im still not buying any GBB pistols from them :P

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  20. Ares / Umarex SL9 You sexy sexy gun.
  21. If I had to choose a full sized airsoft G3, which one and why?

    1. Stuey


      don't really have much choice do you? I almost bought one a while back - I'd go with the Classic Army. Full metal, very solid especially if you can find an older one with the thick steel body. It's an AEG so you can make it shoot well whatever the case.

  22. Oh Classic Army and their SR-25. They put the pin into the receiver to prevent fullauto but used a fire selector that bypasses it.

  23. Evike's order processing is slower that a handicapped turtle... with cancer.

  24. Probotector


    Thanks, but I like the one I currently have more.
  25. Probotector


    Haven't finished the gearbox but I'm happy to have it at least assembled together. Classic Army / Quality Power SA58
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