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  1. Good news. I actually fixed the issue with the hammer. Folded a little strip of paper thick enough, cut it to the right size and dipped/glued it onto the loading nozzle frame with two-component adhesive.

    Only emptied one mag, cycles smooth and without any problems. Recoil feels great.



    Can you please share the hop up mod as I haven't been able to figure it out myself yet. Can you post pics of what you did?





    Sorry for the bad quality of this picture.

    The wheel inside the chamber of my M&P kept getting stuck at the corner the arrow is pointing to.

    Just round it a little and it should do the trick. Also, look if the wheel is deformed.



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  2. Damnit. Oh well I found the culprit. There's a little ramp on the frame the loading nozzle sits on where the round piece of the hammer rolls over. It's silghtly lower than it should be.

    Don't you just love imperfections like these?

  3. Bought it from WGC. I wonder if they'd take it back after I did some work on the faulty hop up. Also when trying to remove the worm screw that holds the rear sight, the potmetal chipped off (who would have thought?) and can't be screwed off anymore. Just ain't my day I guess...


    Another question: Did WE bring out a Gen2 version of the M&P already?

  4. I also recieved my M&P today. While the gun looks incredibly well done (for WE that is), it doesn't work.

    I'm not talking about the faulty hop-up chamber, which I was able to fix. Problem is, that it won't cycle properly.

    If you don't push the slide down while cycling, the hammer will not strain and the nozzle loading gets stuck halfway.

    The first shot is fine, but the next one causes the magazine to dispense all its gas and sometimes the fullauto issue kicks

    in (3-4 shots til all the gas went out).



  5. @sacairsoftsn00py: I've put a V2 ARES Stainless Cylinderhead (SOCOM-series) in it. Perfect fit with the WiiTech Nozzle (almost the same length)




    Deepfire Titanium Piston (Vollzahn)

    Prometheus Metal Piston Head + Kugellager

    Deepfire Cylinder

    WiiTech Metal Nozzle

    ARES Socom-Series Metal Cylinderhead

    Element Silver Wiring + Deans

    Ultimate 110 Spring

    Gears Shimming (Ultimate 0,15 & 0,3 Shims)


    ~432 FPS. Impressive, but 32 FPS too high. ;)

  6. I got the Classic Army SA58 not long ago. I like the externals and I'm gonna upgrade it internally soon.


    So far the charging lever broke on me. The fake-chamber shuts so hard, it not only ripped the screw from its place but the charging lever broke into two pieces. Why isn't it made of steel...? Damnit. Í guess I'll have to find a used QP for parts, seems like a very nice copy.


    Good review. Like it.:)

  7. DMR looks sexy. Nice stock!


    Going to upgrade my Masada soon to 390-400 FPS. I wonder what you guys used for the internals.




    - Deepfire Titanium Piston

    - Ultimate M110 Spring (with good compression, otherwise M120)

    - Prometheus Aluminium Piston Head

    - Wii Tech Nozzle

    - Wii Tech Spring Guide


    Too bad I couldn't find an appropiate V2 cylinderhead with a long nozzle while shopping on eHobby.

    I may change the cylinder as well.

  8. I'll use a MVG foregrip for the rail under the handguard. The siderails are just decoration, I like the contrast between the black polymer rails and tan body. I'll probably put rail covers on the siderails.anyway.

    I really don't like the RIS. The shape of the original handguard looks better imo.

    I like ridiculous stuff, can't have enough rails. ;P

  9. Masada PTS olololol


    Great externals, hop up design sucks though. I accidently bent the hop up nub by removing the barrel and not turning the unit off. Bent it back to normal and wound a small layer or teflon tape over it. it barely had any hop before, no it works fine (in conjunction with Systema rubber).

    No tools at home, looking forward to get it upgraded from another player I met (~400 FPS).


    Oh, and I'm not buying the RIS, looks ###### IMO. ;-)

    And troll flash hider is trolling. Will be replaced with a XM177E2 one.



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