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  1. Why would you use tip ex? Use some water based paint: it will not go away if its IN the engraving, but the excess can be cleaned of with a wet piece of cloth. Thus, you dont have to paint it carefully: you just paint all over the trades and clean the paint outside off. And it's non-permanent, should you get tired of the job.
  2. Ive seen quite a few discussions about this on other forums, my advice would be: try it out before you bash it. http://www.acmgear.com/anglesight-black-p-2106.html This is as much of a game-killer as the first hi-cap.
  3. Havent shot too much with it, but the sight seems very tight. I know what you are saying about the hop up moving around, happens with my Kimber. This one has a pretty hard hop up (need to use your nail to ove it), so I dont think itll move.
  4. Its not blinfiring if you are aiming... its exactly the opposite.
  5. That's why the glass is quite well protected. BTW: I dont know if my review came over as "this will make you get magic kills from behind walls" or something along those lines. No, this is an aid, but it still requires more skill to aim with this thing (especially under stress) than using your AEG normally.
  6. Yeah, and eveyone will get a cheap M249 and it will be SAW's all over the place. Or even worse: have you heard about those new High Capacity magazines? All spray-and-pray will ruin our sport. Calm down guys, try one out before you throw it into the bonfire.
  7. Army's finishing is solid, thick layer of paint. My WE Desert Warrior 4.3 started flaking and scratching on the very first day.
  8. Just had a discussion about this: how is a device made to see your sight helping you blindfire? Blindfiring is firing without seeing where you are aiming at.
  9. During my latest shopping spree, I decided to get this nifty ACM reclica of the Accutact Anglesight. You can find detailed info on the real one, as well as a promo video here: http://www.accutact.com/anglesight.html This device is one of the most overpriced items I have seen in the RS world, (where people pay 60$ for a shotgun shell holder, anyway). 250$. For a piece of metal with 2 mirrors and some glass. Unbelievable. 30$ at ACMGear.com sounds a bit more reasonable. Anyway, Im not here to smash their product, because it is actually great, just the price sucks. But thankfully we h
  10. Yeah, Ive always thought about doing this, but if you tweak your Army a bit, it will shoot even better than a TM. I know Marui are the best, but that doesnt mean other brands cant be made to shoot better for little extra money or just by sanding, lubing, tefloning a bit here and there.
  11. Yeah, the site is safe: Ive ordered 3 times from them. I forgot to add that the slide has very little rattle, compared to most 1911s. Only one side to side movement, if you shake it hard.
  12. HI! First time poster, long time lurker here. After so many succesful (and failed) buys based on the reviews and opinions I read here, I decided to write my very own. While Im usually into ”tactical-military” guns, Ive been wanting to get a “fancy” 1911 for a year or so and thankfully this one came out before I started polishing my Kimber. I took me a while to find out what exact gun this was a replica of, but I finally found it: it’s a Colt MK IV Series 70 1911 -- National Match Gold Cup, which is a gun that was introduced in 1970 as a competition pistol, ready use for sport shooting
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