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  1. Aaaaand it's delayed again....
  2. Release date was postponed from fall 2021 to spring 2022, to "improve quality".
  3. Funny thing is my first bolt stop broke in a month or so. I bought 2 WiiTech ones then and they couldn't last a few tries. I started modelling one and bought 2 WE ones until I was done. But first one lasted at least 2 years and I only installed 2nd one a few months ago. So I tought WE fixed or at least made the bolt stop stronger.
  4. Forgot to update but I found the issue and it was my fault. I misjudged how the gas release valve works on the magazine. I put a small teflon where the o-ring is and then put the rubber on thinking it would help sealing. Well it did in a way it restricted the gas flow to a point it made the gun unable to shoot and since I did it on most of my magazines I didn't think about it at first. Oh well. Also we found out that the propane we bought was something else as even Marui guns had cooldown issues by now. It's annoying that I didn't think about it sooner I needlesly tried to repair my WE M
  5. I don't know if anyone still lurks here, but remember how I had the issue with weaker recoil and low rof? Well it's gotten worse and I think I know the issue but not how to fix it. I have over time checked everthing on the gun nozzle, bolt, trigger assembly, innert gas tank. No leaks or anything broken. However I did notice that the inner tank barely holds any gas. If I shot the gun without magazine I could only get a few shots. Then I could get only one and the other was just psssh. Now even the one is weak. It's like gas doesn't flow inside the inner tank and causes rapid shots or
  6. W&S airsoft posted this mag shell model on their FB page: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4196145?fbclid=IwAR3ocOtxomtViNa94c2_Ub5HjmQ_dlK1pd8LrVS8ucuNZkBBcLqpJ8UhF5U
  7. I played with it last weekend and it worked nicely except for one thing. 2 times that day after a magazine change my shots resulted ib gas clouds exiting at the end of the barrel and lost hop-up. At that point magazine change didn't fix it I had to readjust the hop, like I have lost FPS but it wasn't really cold(15 celsius). Weird. My ROF is still slow most of the time but sometimes it gets quicker? I noticed this after a bigger maintenance: https://imgur.com/a/IGSAXHS The auto-sear(?) was hitting the gas tank. Did this only happen to me?
  8. Sorry for the late update. I have tried multiple floating valves and spring and it would keep doing the same thing so I bought a new bolt. With it the gun finally shoots normal there are differences in the look but I think the fault was that the pin that holds the nozzle in the bolt became somewhat loose(and the hole it goes into) after hammering it in and out a lot. Similar thing happened in my WE MP7 which was showing syptoms of very fast cooldown. The bolt was leaking at the nozzle holding pin hole(even tough the pin is all the way in). Just a thing to watch out for if you take the gun
  9. I know I'm asking a lot here but I have a weird problem. The gun works fine if I'm shooting it empty but if use a loaded magazine the gun goes like this: 1. shots bb, weak recoil - 2. no bb, strong recoil - 3. shots bb, weak recoil - 4. no bb, strong recoil, etc. I checked if there is any misalignment but I couldn't find any. Tried different BBs and when I used lighter ones the recoil was still weak but it feed constantly at least. Curiously I put one BB in the chamber and shot it without magazine and it gave me the same weak recoil.
  10. If it helps WE magazines are lighter around 400g whereas the Army ones are close to 700g.
  11. I noticed that mine has slower rof and less kick even with new nozzle. When I do the nozzle check I can feel the resistance but also the air going out at the pin holding the nozzle spring. Could that be the problem? I don't have any leak otherwise.
  12. Nah. I switched those out as soon as I got it.
  13. Currently I have the issue of the gun freezing fast. You can feel the gun shooting weaker one-by-one until it just spews all the gas out. But when I checked the striker seem to work fine(the pin slightly came out but didn't seem to be bend) and the nozzle also had no visible problems. Rocket valve moves fine and the sealing is also ok, tough I changed the nozzle o-ring to a new 13.5x2 one(is that the right size?). Magazines are good too. I must be missing something. Oh also I found that for me the steel part 49# eats part of the bolt away causing it to eventually get stuck from deformatio
  14. Yeah that was actually my problem. It is further escalated by the replacement parts from Kyairsoft. The new springs are much weaker and the new trigger bar actually doesn't have it's built in spring anymore. I can't release the hammer without somehow giving the spring more pressure.
  15. I assume like other recent VFC rifles this one also has a built-in FPS adjuster in the nozzle?
  16. Finally had time do disassemble it. All parts seem fine except for the pin that holds the hammer spring in tension(part 043). It bend pretty hard at the two notches due to the pressure of the spring or so it seems.
  17. I have the odd problem of the trigger sometimes doing nothing. This happens randomly(and usually at the worst time) and sometimes the hammer drops after I pull the trigger a few times, other times I need to pull the bolt back again. Nothing seems to be broken tough Im gonna give it another look. Any ideas? Could this be due to the mod to the hammer?
  18. After a long idle of license hell the WE Desert Eagle is finally here! Only the black one tough as of now. It comes in this box. The inside is pretty plain. Altough the thing that holds the pistol is better than the usual Cybergun packaging. The pistol comes with a loader, a magazine and a manual of bare minimums. Gun looks nice from the outside. Im not sure if the paint is the bestest or the worst or even close to the real deal but seems fine to me. The markings are nicely made and are pretty deep tough again not sure how close it is to the real one. The front s
  19. I didn't. I was using BLS. However I switched back to the older ML bucking and with concave nub it gave me much better results(very few fliers). Im gonna try other BBs tough.
  20. Finally got to try with a concave nub and the result were the same. Shots either having too much hop-up or not enough and a few times normal. I don't know what could cause this as everything else seems fine. :S
  21. Im using an Angry Gun barrel(old style hop-up window), with the hop-up window enlarged. Nub is a Prometheus flat one slightly cut in length.
  22. Hey! I sealed the pin and polished the bolt and its rails. Also installed a ML Autobot 60 degree(just had one lying around). FPS consistency is much better now, thanks for the suggestion! Tough there is some randomness in accuarcy after 55m(tough that maybe just the new hop-up).
  23. Maybe it's not popular enough? BTW I have some weird FPS inconsistency and not the usual for gbbs. My shots can go like this: 1. 370 FPS 2. 401 FPS 3. 310 FPS 4. 350 FPS 5. 340 FPS 6. 380 FPS 7. 340 FPS 8. 400 FPS and so on. But everything seems fine. Both the bolt and the nozzle moves smoothly the latter has good sealing(tough I can feel the air going out where the pin is that holds the spring. Is that a problem?). The nozzle pin also seems fine. In face the range and accuarcy was consistent for me so I don't know. The chronograph can't be wrong as it measures other gbbrs fine.
  24. When I first got my P90 I read the suggestion to file down the front tab(part 98) that holds the bb in place, which supposed to fix double feeding issues. I did this even tough I never had double feeding and after that I had the exact same problem with the hop-up as you. After I replaced the tab the accuarcy was fixed. I amd using Maple Leaf diamond currently. I never had any double feeds since I have the gun btw. Also Im not sure about the whole oil in the gas thing. Im am using pure propane for years I have WEs, GHKs, Maruis and rarely if ever got a leak and it was usually fixed by switchin
  25. Also when you are filling the mag with gas make sure the bottom of the magazine is supported by something or you hold it by the bottom, otherwise you are basicly trying to push the magazine out of its shell when you try to fill it which puts strain on the shell where the screw is located thus it cracks.
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