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  1. KSC System 7 M11-A1. Alpha Parts steel kit (upper and lower receiver, stock, outer barrel, front pin, sling mount, grip panel and grip screw), East Asia front strap, @junglejim custom short magazine. Now who wants to sell me a KSC or King Arms (KA-SIL-16, the single-stage one) suppressor for this thing?
  2. Make: KSC Gun/Model: System 7 SIG Sauer SIG Pro 2022 Accessories: 3x Magazine, Volante Airsoft complete hop-up/inner barrel set, Shooters Design CNC aluminium slide and outer barrel kit Condition: Mint FPS: Gas dependent, <350fps Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No Price/Payment: £200 + Shipping Pictures: As below, more available on request. For sale is a KSC System 7 SIG Sauer SIG Pro 2022. Long out of production (though some spare parts and magazines are still available), this pistol is extremely rare. The only other SP2022 replica is a KWC NBB. This is an Asian-market replica
  3. Yeah, I’d also be looking at trying to use STANAG-looking GHK magazines. I wonder if I’d be better off trying to reshell GMAGs in RS aluminium or steel shells to get closer to RS dimensions… Worth investigating, especially for the weight difference. Thanks for the info - I might buzz you at some point and figure out the costs and so on!
  4. I'm trying desperately to choose between this and a VFC MP5 GBB for my next non-UZI purchase. How do you find it? Do you run it with GHK magazines? Is it still half-travel?
  5. A couple more terrible photos of my ancient SP2022, which I bought chiefly because of the SP2009 in an iconic scene in The Bourne Identity:
  6. An old and rare bird - KSC System 7 SIG Pro 2022. This one has an even rarer Shooters Design slide and barrel kit, and a Volante Airsoft complete hop-up/inner barrel unit. Two Swiss things you'd never buy if you could afford the one you wanted - an SP2022 over a P226, and a Swatch over literally any other Swiss self-winding automatic.
  7. From what I've heard, TM's chief reason for sticking with ABS (other than cost, probably) was dimensional stability and fidelity. I believe that nylon's shrinkage is affected differently by material thickness etc., so there's a strong possibility that it's not just the fifth of a percent volumetric shrink that matters, but also the deformation the part has once it's shrunk.
  8. Could you get some video of it firing?
  9. Wow. Arguably this is the most important bit of the whole announcement - if this shift from ABS to nylon expands to the whole of TM's line, it suddenly makes a lot of TM's lineup a great deal more attractive.
  10. Looks like I got my brands mixed up - the new ones are Avalon, the old ones were just VFC. The VFC MP5A4 and MP5A5 DXs (VF1-LMP5A4-BK01 and VF1-LMP5A5-BK01; the other VFC MP5s were die-cast) were out of production for a long time. It looks like VFC brought a new steel MP5 back in 2020 under the Avalon brand - the new ones don't have the terrible mechanical 3rd burst, by virtue of not having 3rd burst at all? Still, it's nice to see a licensed, stamped steel MP5 AEG back on the market. And, you're complaining that they're making the same old guns over and over... Which they aren't, but
  11. The problem with this is that if a Marui has a metal body (regardless of what metal that is) the incentive for the aftermarket to release proper receivers is almost nil. The NGRS AKs have been out for years now and there's not even a hint of an aftermarket steel body for it, or even a barrel or top cover or anything else AFAIK. If a steel kit did come out for these it would be costly (not necessarily not worth it, but costly) and require total disassembly of the gun to install - both of these make it of very niche appeal indeed. I'd love for one to come out, but I'd never bet on it.
  12. The KA is considerably more expensive, though - WGC want $437 for the full-length competition-style one, plus the upgraded steel innards are a further $110. Each Marui 'stendo is $40. A KA competition load (say the rifle, the steel and 3+2 mags) is $650; the WE would be $400. Granted the WE's not packing upgraded internals and it would probably need them, but that's still a sizeable price difference.
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