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  1. I just so happened to have my PDR box to hand... PM me your details and I can send you the pics requested
  2. Sorry if this has already been covered but do any of you know of a shell holder that will fit the CAM870SF? Do you reckon this will this fit? http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/angry-gun-cnc-6-shells-carrier-for-marui-m870-shotgun.html#.VCx_f914WrU
  3. I was prepping my gear for our trip down to The Mall and realised it's appropriate for this H&K thread:
  4. Wow this is a great example of the power coming out of these things! Is it possible to load the cartridges with green gas instead of the CO2 of is it some kind of specialised valve which means you can only use the supplied APS CO2 charger?
  5. Thanks! I spotted that video before but it's indoors at CityHunter. What kind of range do you think you can reasonably reach in a typical outdoor setting? I've had a play of the new TM 870 and the effective range is easily 30m but that is probably due to the hop and TM magic dust!
  6. So what kind of reasonable range can you expect out of these shotties? Looking at the videos are we are talking CQB distances of only 5 metres?
  7. NonEx you are mad, but that's why we love you.... I'm looking forward to hearing about your first impressions!
  8. Aha... stock loading nozzle finally cracked today. It's been a couple of years on running on green and it was damn hot today. Time to search for one of those aftermarket nozzles...
  9. Used my HK45 in its first outing today. We had a CQB scenario so I put my RM4 ERG aside and went into the maze pistol only. Really enjoyed putting snappy rounds that went down entire corridors. That grip is just soooooo comfortable. Lovely kick on green which put a smile on my face. Looks like I'll keep using this HK45 as my preferred sidearm, so gonna have to sell some other pistols in my collection...
  10. I chrono'ing my TM HK45 and on green with 0.2g it was averaging 290fps. I really like the polymer on the lower frame, it just feels great to hold... even more so than my TM XDM. I wasn't too keen on HK pistols at all but this HK45 is great to hold and fires sweet but not as hard as the XDM was. So wear & tear should be better with the HK45. I didn't notice much with the right side slide catch, (I'm not a lefty so I didn't use it) but the concealed metal slide catch is a clever design and works flawlessly. De-cocker function is great and something I hadn't come across before,
  11. ahhh I recognise that part, it's the clip that holds the front sight in place under the slide....
  12. I have done exactly that on my PDR, MSA near the front, cord in the back loop, then my MS3 sling looks perfect!
  13. Lol I can't believe that is all you got WildeCard... but thanks for sharing anyways, it brought back fun memories in particular the drinks for the night before!!
  14. Same here for me TM XDM has NOVA slide and sights but stock plastic barrel but I really don't mind it...
  15. I received my last order a few weeks ago. There was the message to explain that there were new owners so please give them another week to get themselves sorted which, all things considered, they managed to do! I had one item missing from my order as the flashlight I ordered was out of stock to which I received my refund at the weekend... a little late but not too bad... I reckon they have been taken over by Airsoft Park...
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