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    I just did a quick check to see if my ACR was sealing well with a bb loaded. It didn't appear to seal that well as blowing air into the end of the barrel easily leaked through. The only things that I've switched out parts wise are the (sealing) air nozzle, piston/head, sorbo pad. sacairsoftsn00py do you know how much you moved your parts forward?
  2. jeffwolverine


    I carefully removed the stock rubber pad, scraped the glue and rubber pieces off, it wasn't perfect but clean enough. Then I cut (carefully with a sharp razer blade) out a piece of Sorbothane in the same shape as the original stock rubber piece and glued it in with Loctite Super Glue. Any glue that is CA (Cyanoacrylate) will bond to it. I waited about 20 minutes before I installed the cylinder head just to make sure it was cured.
  3. jeffwolverine


    I live in Kent, Ohio.....where Sorbothane was invented and is still produced. I put the 1/4" 70 durometer in place of the stock rubber piece. http://www.mcmaster.com/#ultra-soft-polyurethane/=fv7hfs ---- $7.00 bucks for a 4"x4" slab. Made a noticable difference in sound and vibration, the "clack" sound is basically gone now. Can anyone recommend a good motor for stock gears that is quiet?
  4. jeffwolverine


    I received my aluminum sealing air nozzle from Airsoft Pro today, same outer dimensions as the stock plastic one. While I was in there installing it I removed the stock rubber damper from the cylinder head and installed a homemade Sorbothane 1/4" 70 oo damper with some gel control loctite super glue. Sounds a lot quieter now, and the second tooth on the piston had to be fully removed. It's kind of a two for one, it's quieter and the AOE is better. Thank You guys for the continued info.
  5. jeffwolverine


    double post
  6. jeffwolverine


    Yes thanks for all the info.
  7. jeffwolverine


    Yeah, I'm a complete noob, this is the very first airsoft gun I've purchased. I've never even played. And from my research it seems wise to fix the issues that it has out of the box to make it reliable. I've already taken it completely apart and shimmed the gears, changed the piston, piston head, bucking, corrected the angle of engagement a bit, and I'm waiting on a new air nozzle to come in the mail. Things I've noticed so far: the selector switches were both loose. The magwell screws were very loose and one was screw head was slightly stripped, The piston's teeth did not appear to be spaced correctly as I changed it out to a Modify I compared the two and the teeth on the stock one were not consistant in there spacing....the modify one felt a lot smoother on the gear too. The Cylinder itself appears to have a seam inside it, that is not chrome plated, you can see a brass line down it. It feels smooth to the touch though. The fore grip has a little bit of play front to back. I wasn't impressed with the sights it came with, the rear one seems to be a little pliable almost.... just didn't make me feel like it was very sturdy when pushed on. I haven't pinned it down yet but I'm pretty sure there is some inconsistancy in the sealing/compression area. So as I'm doing all this, I'm thinking that I'm going to need to replace a bunch of the internal parts as they just don't seem to be very good, especially the air seal/compression parts. So if I were to buy a kit to replace these parts would I just buy a version 2 piston/cylinder kit? Are they all the same, as in not gun type dependant? Originally I purchased a PTS ACR from EhobbyAsia and it's been stuck in customs inspection since 12-24-11..... and EhobbyAsia is not responding to my emails about it. So I found a new one locally and bought it.
  8. jeffwolverine


    Has anyone made a very clear cut list of internal parts that work on the Magpul Masada PTS ACR? I'm full of noob. Any brands to recommend?

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