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  1. My WA Colt 1911 Mk-IV series 70 (CQB model with ambidex thumb safety, delta style grip safety and combat style hammer) ; SCW ver3 Polished all metal parts, 5KU barrel bushing, Madbull grip screw, Thailand made black shiny resin grip with Colt logo
  2. following my last post here : http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/164401-1911-picture-thread/page-177&do=findComment&comment=2629913 the engraver just sent me a picture of the result of his work, so happy with the result . tomorrow he'll send it to me the frame and hope I'll receive it this weekend, will post again once assemble it back ...
  3. Ok MrManiac, i'll search. Wow, nice custom/viceroy, what paint (and color) did you used? Talking about "ivory" grips, this is my buffalo horn grips (silver colt mk iv series 80 - tm 1911 with pgc/prowin kit) and carom shot polymer grips (dark grey colt national match - tm 1911 with guarder kit)
  4. And this is my Springfield Armory GI/Millspec, base TM M1911A1, Slide/Frame : PGC/Prowin, Chamber : SD - marking Nowlin, Outer barrel : SD, Barrel bushing : Nova, Spring guide : Nova, Spring plug : Nova, Hammer : KM / SA style, Trigger : TM MEU / SA style, Hammer spring housing : LCT, serated, Slide stop : Nova - serated xtra wide, Thumb safety : Nova, series 70, Safety grip : Nova, Mag catch : Guarder - serated, Mag base/extended mag bumper : Nova, Gripe screw : AS, Grip : SD - marking SA And together with my SA TRP and SA Professional
  5. Thx hitmanNo2, did by local engraver, cost arround 35 pound Thx hwagan Very nice, did you post the tutorial in youtube for the above? whats the title? Thx MrManiac, cost arround 35 pound in my country
  6. My customKJW KP07, engraved and polished slide+frame+mag catch+slide stop+thumb safety. KP05 rear sight, KP05 chamber and outer barrel, spartan doctrine long guide rod+plug, KP08 thumb safety, prog4 trigger and hammer, nova hammer housing, KJW 1911 grip (painted white)
  7. My custome engraved Colt, std ABS plastic slide and frame. Guarder chamber, hammer spring housing and slide stop. LCT spring plug + guide. TM Warrior barrel housing. Custom outer barrel (stainless). forgot the brand for hammer. 5KU trigger. Carom grip and airsoft surgeon grip screw. KP08 thumb safety. Did the same work to my metal KP07, will post the pics latter.
  8. Thx, will do. Btw I saw most of your videos (LaZouche custom), very nice. Have you ever tried to put novak/bo-mar sights on std metal slide (like std kjw1911) ?
  9. my on going project, frame KJW1911 - customized to fit beaver tail and painted silver, slide KJW KP05 - engraved marking Kimber Tactical Custom II - polished and painted silver on front lower side. Next step will engrave the frame (Kimber marking/yonkers...). Reverting when I finish this project....
  10. My Sprinfield Armory Professional, TM MEU base, PGC frame, Guarder slide, Guarder chamber and outer barrel (bull barrel), LCT spring guide, TM hi-capa plug, Nineball trigger, KJW kp06 slide stop, PDI trigger, Ra Tech grip, Nova hammer spring housing/magwell, Ready Fighter screw grip, polished beaver tail
  11. Thx MrManiac, I have couple more custom engraved, will post it latter
  12. :-) and now my TM MEU with Guarder TRP slide/frame,details to be updated...
  13. Thanks adrian_geot. And this is my other KJW 1911. KJW 1911 metal slide, combined with TM abs plastic slide, engrave it with AMT Hardballer marking, repainted silver, pachmayr grip, custom nova trigger, spur type hammer (forgot the brand), tanio koba thumb safety and hammer spring housing, custom recoil spring plug, polished outer barrel/chamber+slide stop+thumb safety+pins, Airsoft Surgeon trigger screw
  14. Hay all fellow 1911 lovers. This is my KJW 1911, custom engraved slide and frame (Remington R1), repainted gloss black, PDI hammer, Nova trigger, TM MEU hammer spring housing, wood grip (with Remington logo) and PGC/Prowin chamber +outer barrel, Ready Fighter grip screw.
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