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  1. US shops but the ship to the uk http://www.evike.com/products/50906/ http://www.airsoftgi.com/mobile/product_info.php?products_id=10670
  2. Not cerakote just OD green rustoleum camo spray paint. That way if needed I can strip is back to black or change up the paint. Mind you I did 4 coats and cook them with a heat gun after each coat. Realy helps the paint stick and not wear as fast. Base coat was tan so when it does wear it will go from green to tan to black
  3. Also in random news, all upper parts for a we g19 will fit and work in a g17, as well as guarder hammer, slide stop and trigger ( though I'm swapping it for something different) As long as it's made for Marui parts they have fit for me so far with little to no modding
  4. Finaly got my hands on a we g17 and did my usual work to it. Now I need mags
  5. That longer screw is in there super tight I doubt it came loose, it's either the two small screws or tye valve
  6. Just buy a dye set and rethread the tube and end cap to whatever thread you want. Your never going to throw an extension on it I'm guessing so there's no need to keep the original thread plus it's easy.
  7. Is the valve in the grip loose? Besides that you realy need to push that tank in hard, the gas pressure fights back
  8. I may dust it and give it a worn look. There's a pic floating around of a ranger with one that's defiantly seen use in the sand. Would like to replicate that
  9. You need to remove those two tiny Philips head screws and then get a socket and take out the valve then the grip comes right off. Fair warning I couldn't for the life of me get the screw that holds the "adapter" to the body out with a regular screw driver, actually came close to stripping it. It's in there overly tight. The grip itself just attaches to the end of that "adapter" unlike the tactical that has a long screw and attaches directly to the main body. As for the valve I just found the right size socket and dropped it in then stuck a flat head into the square slot and turned, came out su
  10. Colwombat, how's the preformance on the g&g? My local field has one brand new for $200
  11. Oh I know, it destroyed an old tapper plate on one if my first aegs. Ion this I used just a small dab that I let cure overnight just enough to make the pin "stick"
  12. Fixed the pin issue with a little dab of blue lock tight on the ridged side of the pin, made a short sling for it as well
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