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  1. check it out (c'mon, keep this thread goin)
  2. This is my Classic Army M15 A4 Tactical Carbine (quite the long name)
  3. come on guys, how bout some more pics
  4. Crappy gun, but the pic turned out good (*edit* sry the pic's so big)
  5. I glad you guys are planning to add some photos. Post em soon
  6. Does anyone have a personal pick of this gun (PHX or WE Hi Capa)
  7. comn guys, keep this thread goin. You know its fun.
  8. comn guy, keep this thread goin. You know its fun.
  9. does anyone have any personally taken pics of the KJW 1911 (non-metal version)
  10. this is definatly from a bb, but im pretty sure there was some sort of innitial crack before the bb hit.
  11. Shooting "stuff" is no more irresponsible than shooting people, and its certainly less dangerous, not that shooting people present much danger anyway.
  12. Comn guys, its not that hard. Just shoot some stuff and post the pics
  13. I started this thread a long time ago. Now im finally posting a pic.
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