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  1. Why don't people just choose the name they want in the first place?
  2. Wait, wouldn't that name count as "l33tspeak"? And wouldn't that be against forum rules? ... has ORH just asked to have himself banned?
  3. And I presume it also didn't occur to you to actually read the thread, thus finding the instructions on how to request said name change, if you're still selfish enough to want to waste the man's time?
  4. Does it ever occur to you that Arnie might have better things to do than change your name?
  5. Can't we just change it to "UK" and "Less important places"?
  6. I went to my room, but then I found Resident Evil 4. Now I'm trapped in a loop where I check Arnie's, get told to go to my room, play RE4, come back a couple of hours later, get told to go to my room... you see the problem.
  7. You've made four posts, and created one topic. Have you been starting topics on naughty topics that have been deleted?
  8. Does seem like it would be a fun toy. Replace the bayonet with a rubber blade and rig up a shell-catcher, and you could have a fun skirmish tool.
  9. Review of the GSpec quotes it at 300fps. I don't normally regard pistols as being "a bit low powered" at 280 because my Hi Capa does 300.
  10. 280 fps w/.2 is "a bit low"? Compared to what?
  11. So, it's a total change from the normal moderating recruitment process?
  12. Just a thought, but the forum had grown a hell of a lot since it started (we're over 30,000 members now, IIRC). Rather than having a handful of Global Mods trying to deal with everything, why not start creating more subforum mods?
  13. Did you read what you quoted, only I already answered that.
  14. Sledge


    Actually, the person isn't making a point. They're hinting at what their point might be without having the courtesy to explain it.
  15. I'm going out on a limb here, but could we have a rule that says you're not allowed to quote something someone said, change a couple of words, and post it with the single comment "Fixed"? It was funny for a while, but it's starting to get pretty irritating, and does nothing to forward a discussion.
  16. No one ever believes the guy they're talking to, they always want to talk to the manager. Last customer service job I was in was great for that. Sadly, we went through seven managers in about ten months. As a result, before taking any call, the manager would ask us to explain what was going on and what he/she should say. Always fun to be 100% truthful when you told the caller "I'll get my manager, but he'll just say EXACTLY what I've just said."
  17. You know what's pissing me off at this moment? There's some dumbass kid flaming a fellow airsofter for owning inert ammunition, AND USING THE SAME REASONS WE'VE HAD THROWN AT US. You know, the "what do you need replica guns for? Do you think you're real soldiers" ######. Frankly, morons like this are people the sport can well do without.
  18. Damn fine work, sir. But doing that to a PSG-1 is just wrong.
  19. Why not get the Webley bayonet?
  20. All those questions are answered by the magic of science fiction. Which would be the point we've been trying to hammer into your skull for the last page or so. If you really care, which I doubt, the generally accepted fanon explanation for trailers, guns, body mass, etc disappearing is subspace. Each TF can access an individually coded "pocket" in subspace to store things in. Therefore, they can stow items that aren't needed, or that they have no room for in their alt mode. They can also stow body mass, in the case of those TFs who change size as part of their transformation. So, for exam
  21. Jag: Nowhere have I suggested that matter is created or destroyed in The Transformers. You seem to have got it into your head that that's what I said. It isn't. Re-read my posts, and try again. Oh, and Star Trek is the show that features the destruction and creation of matter. They refer to it as "the transporter." But... that must mean that an American sci fi show features something that's wrong?
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