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  1. No one ever believes the guy they're talking to, they always want to talk to the manager. Last customer service job I was in was great for that. Sadly, we went through seven managers in about ten months. As a result, before taking any call, the manager would ask us to explain what was going on and what he/she should say. Always fun to be 100% truthful when you told the caller "I'll get my manager, but he'll just say EXACTLY what I've just said."
  2. You know what's pissing me off at this moment? There's some dumbass kid flaming a fellow airsofter for owning inert ammunition, AND USING THE SAME REASONS WE'VE HAD THROWN AT US. You know, the "what do you need replica guns for? Do you think you're real soldiers" ######. Frankly, morons like this are people the sport can well do without.
  3. I'm kinda glad to know it's not just me. I thought I was offering a decent price. £50 for a sidearm and two spare mags? Bargain. If it wasn't mine, I'd probably be PM'ing the seller right now.
  4. Please all come to AG07: Operation Set Fire To Samm's Testicles.
  5. Why does my latest sales thread have 240 views but NO responses? What are people doing? Are they hoping it's not actually a sale, but my latest piece of wacky comedy? Or are there people out there so bored they read every sales thread?
  6. Yeah, I've read one of the books, mainly because he won't receive any money from it. Really, why the hell should a criminal be allowed to profit from their crimes?
  7. Oh thank God that's not just me! Wtf is wrong with people not capitalising names? It's one of the most basic rules of written English. How lacking in self-esteem do you have to be to not even capitalise your own name?
  8. At least he only conned a TV company. What about "Mad" Frankie Fraser? In and out of prison, costing the taxpayer money. Now, he's some sort of celebrity to wheel out on crime issues. Shouldn't there be a law saying criminals cannot profit from their crimes? Sure, let them write books, appear on TV, etc. But the profits should go to their victims.
  9. Oh god, that's pissing me off. It was bad before, but now we have seperate subforums for different stuff... GAAAAAAHH! "gear for sale" In the Gear Sales subforum? Surely not! "wud lyk to sell GBB" That's nice for you. WHAT IS IT? Unrelated: have people not heard of Photobucket? So irritating to go through threads and find either a load "hotlinking not allowed" graphics, or tiny little things people have uploaded to Arnie's, and I now have to click on to view.
  10. I've complained about it before. Probably will again. Anyhoo: cryptic topic titles. Guys, the reason it's often hard to find information is because people seem to think they're writing clues for a cryptic crossword. Titles such as "Help please" "help with a" "holy Christcakes!" do not give any indication as to what you're talking about and make it impossible for people to find when searching.
  11. This one almost brings me full circle to where we started. It was raining today. I was doing some shopping in town. What annoyed me? No, it wasn't the rain and me not having a jacket, it was the *fruitcage* morons standing in shop doorways. Not going INTO the shop, where they'd be out of the way, but standing in the door so no one can get in or out. It's raining, people. You're going to get wet. Get out of the way so I'm not stuck standing outside getting even wetter. Morons. Oh, and a sidenote: could someone in America teach Dubya how to pronounce "nuclear"? Thanks.
  12. How projects work on Arnie's. Post 1: Hey, this is my idea. Post 2: Wow, I like that. Post 3: That sucks. Post 4: What are you, retarded? Post 5: You should do something that is nothing like what you want to do. Post 6: Helpful advice. Seriously, if your contribution is going to be something like "do something else" why post? Why can't people, oh I don't know... OFFER USEFUL ADVICE?
  13. One of my favorite quotes from "Time For Bed" by David Baddiel: "Do you know what it's like to resent the sound of birds singing?"
  14. Any and all people responsible for the designs of the Transformers in the new movie. Why do they all transform from vehicles into piles of walking scrap? Could no one find a less aesthetically pleasing look for them? The concept of these things is thirty years old. The designs have advanced from the often fairly statue-like original toys to the latest fantastically posable Alternators line. So why why why do the latest ones look worse than ANYTHING I've ever seen. Christ, they make the GoBots look good.
  15. People who respond to threads by saying "you can PM me for info." Wtf? Have you TOTALLY missed the point of a FORUM? If you have this wealth of information POST IT, YOU MORONIC *fruitcage*! I am so sick of seeing someone post "Hi, new to the sport, appreciate any help people can give me," only to get three replies (usually from people who've been airsofting for all of five minutes) saying "I was in the same boat as you, PM me for help." This is a forum. Either post what you have to say, or shut up.
  16. Dannyboy's Mk1 above is now mine. Also: KSC H&K USPc, threaded barrel, SD slide.
  17. People who get annoyed by people pointing out the obvious. Oh, and Barbrady. Or is it Jimbo? Or the 1991 Denver Broncos?
  18. People who kinda walk into things.
  19. People claiming they've been neg repped for having an opinion different to mine. No. Read again. You'll find you've been neg repped for refusing to acknowledge facts when you're beaten over the head with them. This also goes for people claiming I have some sort of cult following me around, negging those who disagree with me. No. Just some people can recognise a logical argument when they see one.
  20. Like, totally. And people with bad spelling. That drives me nuts.
  21. People commenting on guns they know nothing about. Why do some people feel the need to post when they clearly know nothing? This tends to fall into two categories. First, you get the "this must be great/rubbish" poster. This is someone insisting a gun will be great or terrible because it comes from a certain company. Because, as we know, companies never improve themselves (recent CYMA, BE, etc), or fumble the ball (usual first run problems with CA/ICS, low gas capacity in TM 1911, etc). The second is the person who thinks they know everything based on their experiences with a differ
  22. I gotta start reading more carefully. I just read the above post as "Romulans". I was a little intrigued as to what they'd been doing. Complaining that sunglasses won't fit over their pointy ears? Using their cloaking device to spy on your missus in the shower?
  23. The WE Hi Capa. Or rather, the attitude some people have to it. I am so sick of hearing about how it's as good as the TM, and it's the same price but full metal, so what a great saving! Yeah, apart from it having poor gas efficiency and a slide that moves about as fast as some mutha *fruitcage* trying to ice skate uphill. Also, if it's so great, why are their any number of threads with people asking for help on their WE Hi Capa that's stopped working? It's a low quality copy of a great gun. Let's stop bigging it up just because it's metal.
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