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  1. Yeh. Hindsight is 20/20. I will do my best to repair any damage caused.
  2. Yes i have. I was certainly a bit hasty with posting up what happened originally, but i did make sure i posted up their response asap to show that they had gone out of their way to resolve it. When i posted this up, i wasnt doing it to get anything from them. I just felt i should post up what happened.
  3. I was busy last night, so i didnt get chance to put anything else up. I think that the main reason for the situation was due to them releasing the bfgx on sunday. This solution to the issue is better than i expected, and they have been very generous with it. The product itself worked brilliantly. I only got to use it a few times during a game on sunday, but it was great. The only issue i have found is that the paint chipped quite easily, but i stripped it back down to the metal which should make it easier to find. The fact that it self resets is good as well.
  4. Another email from him today. hi jordan, much better response, out and as an act of goodwill i will be crediting your account with the £70.00 and you can keep the grenade, this offer is purley that you can appreciate that things sometime, are out of both of our control. i trust this resolves your issues with us, we dont portend to mess people about or disrespect them, but you may consider next time this issue arises in a different place, be more civil rather than resort to threats, you would get a lot more feedback fella. anyway if you feel you have been messed around we apologise and ho
  5. i have put the original post up on a couple of other forums, and i will update them with the emails. Ill put this up on as many forums i can find. Thanks for your help as well.
  6. As a note, i did not accept. I acknowledged his response, but did not say "I will no longer pursue this issue" or anything along those lines. I don't see how informing them that i will contact trading standards is childish, but maybe that's just me. As for me being the one who is rude... And now he is denying receiving any emails, even though i got a copy sent to me by their contact form. I have managed to sort out the spare grenade myself, but i still think its worth me updating any emails i get.
  7. Most recent email from him. Hi Jordan, Don’t be so dam rude, it would be polite to address the matter by either a hi or dear sir. You are obviously intent on not taking the blame for this matter; the fact that you ordered a product then changed your mind is not covered by your statutory rights. We have made a fair offer for you to return the goods, which you up to this point have declined. Rather than be sporadic with your threats would it be more prudent to be productive rather than shift the blame on to us. Your ordered a grenade and requested that the grenades were engraved with “h
  8. This has definitely put me off buying from them again. I have found other places to buy blanks and pins, so i should be ok. He certainly isnt the sort of person who should be running a business.
  9. From what they said the order was sent out on the monday, but from the stamp (and i might be able to find out from the tracking number) it was sent out on the 27th. I do think they wanted to shift the grenades as they are releasing newer versions this weekend. Thanks. I have managed to sell the grenade on myself now, but i will make sure i warn people of their quality of service.
  10. Invoice came through at 12:57 PM Sun, Jun 24, 2012 at 12:59 PM You have received a new inquiry: Data: ------------ Customer ID: ****** Name: Jordan Heath E-mail address: ************************ Inquiry: -------------- Subject: Cancel order. To whom it may concern, i wish to cancel the other number O-1053 as i accidentally ordered 2 impact grenades instead of one. Regards, Jordan Heath --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 8:31 AM To whom it may concern, I wish to cancel order number
  11. I got to the point in the order where it had 'any extra comments'. So i wanted to make sure i hadnt missed out the point where you asked for it to be engraved. I opened up a new tab, and added a grenade to the basket. Usually when you are past a certain point any additions to the basket in another window wont effect the order, and i think the any extra comments part was in the overview section of the checkout process. I would have been a lot happier if they had said that to begin with even though i would have been out of pocket.
  12. Even if it is a small business thats no excuse for poor service, and i dont find any of their excuses justify the situation.
  13. Another email from them. we have no control of the post office and their date stamps etc, again you were in control of the order despite the fact your instructions were to engrave the grenades, i cannot see what all the fuss is about which results in what a £70.00 grenade you changed your mind about. the basis of resolving this dispute is to what threaten us ?
  14. It certainly is. I have sent them an email saying if they do not resolve the issue adequately they i will bring in trading standards, or somebody along those lines (worded a lot better than that though). I do intend to see this through to the end, because its his fault the order went through and not mine.
  15. Glad im not the only person who thought that. A company that operates on the internet should be checking their emails. I have but i haven't received a reply yet, ill keep this thread updated.
  16. Accidentally ordered 2 impact grenades instead of one. I had requested that it had 'Heath' engraved on as well. Two minutes after receiving the invoice for the order, i contacted them using the contact form on the website requesting for the order to be cancelled. I sent another the next morning at 8:30 as well. I still hadnt heard anything, so i sent another 2 emails on the tuesday requesting for the order to be cancelled. I received a reply at 7:30pm saying that 'this may pose a problem for you, the grenades were shipped yesterday and engraved as requested'. I contacted him again asking wh
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