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  1. Paul202

    KJW M4

    You're confused, I'm saying that it's a very reliable GBBR and that it's a shame that people seem to be turning away from it. Just wondering did you have a V1 or V2 KJW? I know the V1's had a problem with the upper reciever breaking, but it was my understanding that they had fixed this problem in the 2nd version.
  2. Paul202

    KJW M4

    Personally I have followed this thread and owned KJW M4's for a while and it seems like it is losing popularity. About a year ago when I bought one the guy had multiple offers within a day, my KJW has been for sale for months without so much as a comment. It's really a shame too, in my experiance the KJW M4 is one of if not the best GBBR on the market.
  3. Paul202


    Hey guys For the low price of $25 you can just buy a new one: http://store.kwausa.com/KrissVectorFoldingStock.aspx However ,one part that I want that isn't on the ProShop is a side rail. I bought my gun used on eBay and it only came with 1, and I want to have the other side match. I can get a real one from the KRISS website, however I was hoping I could get the airsoft one cheaper than the RS on at $30. Furthermore, do any of you guys run EOTech 551's on their KRISS, and if so, what kind? I would normally buy one from Hawaiianjuggernaut however it appears that has stock has run dry, and I don't want a crappy replica that will break after a game.
  4. Paul202


    ^What would be the right way? I pull on the lever, it extends out, however I have to exert a significant amount of pressure before the bolt moves backward. This occurs with the mag and when the mag is out. Is it possible that the gun isn't lubed properly?
  5. Paul202


    Hey guys on my new KRISS I noticed that the bolt requires quite a but of force to charge, and also that the trigger requires alot of force to fully depress. Is this normal?
  6. Paul202

    VFC MP5 (Umarex Licensed)

    What I'm wondering about the MP5K is if the gun could actually be used a couple times and not break apart.
  7. Paul202

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    ^I know that some of the newer GHK Plus AK74's come with Bakelite mags. Which, unfortunately, is actually problematic for me as I need the mag to be black.
  8. Paul202


    I was able to get a great deal of an almost new KRISS with 4 50 round mags, all for the very low price of $420 shipped. It should arrive Monday, I'll update with a shooting performance then.
  9. Paul202


    Hey guys I found a KRISS for sale on a forum, it is $440 total with the gun and 3 mags. Would you guys say it's a good price?
  10. Paul202


    Hey guys I have been very interested in buying one of these, as I had fallen in love with the real KRISS when it came out. However I remember there being some problems with the KRISS earlier in this thread, so I am wondering if those were sorted out. Also, are mags possible to find these days?
  11. Paul202

    VFC UMP .45 GBB

    Get the best of both worlds in a GHK AK. Just make sure you get a 2013 model, previous models sucked. Back on topic, has anybody tried to test the reliabilty of the gun? I've always wanted a UMP and this looks like a promising choice. However I have read mixed reviews, some people saying that they are a POS while others claim that they're amazing. If they are really that good then it might just be worth saving up for one.
  12. Paul202

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Come on WE, come out with a GBB version. You know you want to.
  13. Paul202

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    ^Way to make me feel bad that mine hasn't arrived yet. Fricking customs,
  14. Paul202

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Here's a wooden furniture set I found, it looks like it fits the bill. I couldn't find the T1 but if you do find it somewhere be sure to post it. http://centerfiresystems.com/stkaka04.aspx
  15. Paul202

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    This is a necro, however this post was the first one that came up when I clicked in the thread. Anyway it is possible to fit a KJW Stock on a Mauri, there is no modification required. The only thing is that stock will not lock back unless you modify it to do so.

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