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  1. From the album: me and stuff

    Decided to try my hand at tiger stripes on my helmet to better match my woodland camo.
  2. From the album: me and stuff

    This Is my kit minus my Co2 GBB 1911. Replica MICH2000, Painted flat OD green with two U.S. flags attached by hook and loops. ALICE Pistol Belt and Suspenders 1 M16 Mag pouch with dual Frag loops 1 Small canteen pouch(I use it to hold extra mags) 1 Large Canteen pouch (used as a mag dump) 1 compass pouch for misc storage a random pistol holster I had laying around from my RS Colt 1911 WE KAC PDW Tan (open bolt) w/ 2 gg mags (more on the way) and 1 co2 mag. The vest is legit Kevlar, Made by Greenbrier inc? It was Issued to my cousin when he was in the Army. He gave it to me when th
  3. NCairsofter28


    From the album: me and stuff

    Replica PASGT helmet that I cut to Resemble the MICH 2000.
  4. NCairsofter28


    From the album: me and stuff

    First Gun, JG M16 A3 with a Leapers Red/Green dot.
  5. NCairsofter28

    Me In camo

    From the album: me and stuff

    Sunny day for airsoft at my local field.
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