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  1. thread revival! I was curious as to what brand of mags will fit the cyma thompsons?
  2. trying to make a shell catcher but its not easy
  3. True, granted the performance is very good and Im impressed by it, Got some pictures up, I've compared the size of it to my M4.
  4. fair enough....the power is adequate then.
  5. hi all Ok questions anwsered:- .Manufacturer > Shell (yes thats their name) .280 fps w/.2 is "a bit low compared to? > Other bolt action rifles e.g. Gspec .The shells are loaded from the front and hold 1 BB .Puchased from Kapowwe .Try the DVD in my DVD-ROM and it still didn't work. Ill put pics up in a few mins after I've taken some cheers
  6. SKS Shell Ejecting Spring Rifle This gun caught my eye a while ago when I was looking for a shell ejecting shotgun cheaply, At first I thought "why the hell would I want that!" but i kept thinking about it and decided to go for it. Heres a small review about a pretty good springer. Packaging Upon arrival I wasn't impressed by the box grahpics, simple yet effective writing saying exactly what it was, I opened the box up and its the typical styrofome packaging. The gun itself was wrapped in clear plastic celophane. The Gun The first thing I noticed about the SKS was the
  7. Dammit my 3+ points are gone One was for getting mass debate into a thread (high point of my life)
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