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  1. that is beautiful, what kit is the frame and slide?
  2. WOwwwwwwwww!! <3 *fruitcage*in badass!!
  3. The only internal parts I changed were the inner barrel and the nozzle return spring (in the blowbk unit). Pistol is pretty much "new" and worked fine for awhile after installing the Deep Fire barrel (until recently). First, BBs would drop to the ground after 3m when I was shooting. Then BBs would fall out from racking the slide / the slide blowing bk. My best guess is that over time, the DF inner barrel changed the shape of the hop-up bucking. By the way, any1 got opinions on hi-capa hop up buckings? 9ball and Fire Fly are about $18-24, while SAPH and King Arms are about $
  4. A few days ago, I switched back to the stock barrel (from Deepfire 6.02MM barrel) to do some testing. The TM hop up rubber seems to have more contact surface with bb when using the stock barrel. But there’s still a 50/50 chance that a BB will fall out when I rack the slide. More Testing…(w/ stock barrel) Shoot gun w/ chamber empty --> bb falls out of barrel Rack slide and shoot --> next round falls out of barrel. ----------------------------------- I left the gun alone for a few days, and did some more testing just now. (Still stock barrel.) Put bbs i
  5. Hello, I have been having problems with my TM 4.3 stainless hi-capa. Recently I installed a Deepfire 6.02mm barrel into my stock TM 4.3. Not long later I began to have problems. Game A. At the end of a 3 hr game... The bbs would fall out when I shoot. This occurred along with a visibly huge (duster) gas cloud by the chamber - maybe I overloaded the mag with gas? I had it checked at a store, and it functioned flawlessly when they were testing it out. Game B. Gun seemed to work fine at the beginning of the game. A few hours later my gun would shoot very weakly. BB droppi
  6. Can anyone show me what the TM Desert Warrior / Foliage Warrior 4.3 looks like w/o the picatinny rail?
  7. Knowing me, I'll probably render my slide inoperable if I attempt such thing.
  8. I'm disappointed by how fragile the slide release area/notch is on the TM plastic slides. I was showing my buddy how to rack the slide back instead of using the slide release, and he somehow manages to wear down the slide release notch so that my slide won't lock back anymore. >.< I had to Dremel down the area and use an exacto blade to scape another notch into the slide. I was expecting the slide to be a lot more durable. Also, when I tried to use Blue Loctite to secure a fiber optic front sight to the plastic slide the Blue Loctite ended up melting off the ridges (on the slide,
  9. Wow that's nice. Plz let us know how they do.
  10. Thanks 8^) I will use the white lithium grease that I use for my AEG gears.
  11. You guys might like this... http://blog.wilsoncombat.com/uncategorized/wilson-combat-christmas-giveaway/ The Combat Auto, by Bill Wilson When you sign up below, you will get an email asking you to confirm your email address. Once you confirm your email address, you will receive a final email with a link to download the PDF version of the book.
  12. yezzir. I can engage the safety all the way even though the hammer is up. Then I can pull the hammer down, and the safety that's already engaged will prevent the hammer from firing. lol Half cock still works. I can't pull the trigger when hammer is down and safety is "on," which is all that really matters I suppose. Everything works, but I'm just wondering if this is normal for the WE M1911a1 since my TM Hi-capa thumb safety can only be engaged with the hammer down.
  13. I have a question for anyone that has a WE M1911a1.... I can engage my thumb safety even though my hammer is not cocked. Is that normal or is something wrong with my gun?
  14. Can someone tell me how to put the blowback unit back into a plastic Marui slide w/o smashing the nozzle spring (like I did :'( )? I have the 4.3 stainless; not sure if that info matters.
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