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  1. Hello boys, I’m baaaaaaaaaack!
  2. Just got my Strider Hybrid HAK back from Dave at Lifter's Leather. I told him what I needed, he worked with me to refine the design, I sent him the knife, and he made the sheath for me. Beautiful. I can't speak highly enough of his work. Making a sheath for a blade as small and fiddly as this can't be easy! Black leather belt sheath for carry at about the 4 or 5 o'clock position. Retention is rubbish with all of the capsule exposed, apparently, so the way he worked it was to expose enough for you to hook your middle finger through, pull it out, then slip your index finger in as you d
  3. I was quoted 8-10 weeks (usually 6-8 weeks) because of the rush on the G2 stuff. I was watching the website and put my order through within about 15 minutes of the new site going live with all the G2 stuff on it... Order placed on 24th February. Turned up on 23rd April. Work out the days for yourself. Worth the wait and expense? Abso-f***ing-lutely, as usual. Also had one slight hitch with the order but I rang them about it and they made it right within 15 minutes over the phone. Oh, and the Woobie is the real sleeper in this order. The pack and Organiser are cool and all,
  4. Just got some goodies in the mail, courtesy of Kifaru: The E&E G1 isn't new, but the MOLLE Express G2 and Organiser are. Check the Woobie G2 in the last photo - that's new too.
  5. I just posted them to prove that black ones are in use, not to specify by which unit. I thought the guy from the second pic was assumed to be Delta, unless something has changed since I last checked? This IDing of guys in photos is a f*cking failure anyway - there are more arguments over that than anything else. Pretty sad.
  6. These two both have black PEQ-15s: Both on HK416s. They're just from a cursory glance at my pics, so there may be more.
  7. Ah yeah, of course. I want to know how the top-opening arm pockets are. The side-opening ones on the ACS are AWESOME, but they're annoying to zip back up again because the shirt material bends back up with the zip.
  8. I have a life outside of airsoft and don't want a beard at any other point in time, so that's not gonna happen
  9. Just great. Beats running it on a belt because, well, it's not on a belt. My rig is all self-contained now. We all did (apart from Tom - see above) who didn't because his SERPA mount hadn't arrived in time. A couple of us run them on the chest area of our rigs so you probably can't see them in the pics very easily. The way we look isn't something we can readily change, but we're not that young. Added to which there are some surprisingly young-looking guys in SF for real if you look through the pics!
  10. And in another relevant thread (sorry)
  11. The rest, and kitlist: KITLIST: Roughly head to toe... MICH 2000 - Issue ACU Cover - MICH NVG Mount - MSA Pads - MSA Chinstrap, Foliage Green - Foliage Green Goggle Retention Straps - Petzl Tactikka ESS NVG Profile Goggles, Black TCI Liberator II Headset Massif Army Combat Shirt - Tan IR Flag, Nametape, IR Blood Type Patch, SNAFU Team Patches Issue 2nd Gen. ACU Pants w/ Foam Kneepad Inserts - BDU Belt, Tan SWMS Max Grip II Gloves, Sage Green Suunto Observer Tt PACA Low Visibility Carrier, Tan - Nametape - IR Tab
  12. Don't think anyone had posted these yet, so I'll do it. Four of us plus an 'outsider' (now a member) from SNAFU at Phoenix Rising 3 last weekend. http://www.teamsnafu.org/gallery/albums/userpics/10002/ Left to right: aimpoint (Luke), Buzzsaw (Ben), sadigh (James), tom lawson (Tom), Me (James) Tom was in UKSF kit, hence the RAV (sadly not finished at the time of the game) and Brit flag. More pics of me (the other guys can post theirs if they want): Sad face at this face. What the hell? Ben, I hate you for taking the photo at that exact moment.
  13. I figured that he used MALICE clips, seeing as you can see them and all But yeah. Some MALICE clips have holes in them, so maybe he just a screw through them into the back of the 6004, but maybe not.
  14. How have you bodged the 6004 on there? Have you got photos of the back? Looks a lot lower profile than using an actual mount plate like I am now, and rather more like the way the BladeTech MALICE holsters attach. Is it suitably stable with a 1911 in there (I find mine flops around a bit even with a proper mount plate because the gun is quite long)? Looks awesome, anyway. I am literally in love with your RAV setups.
  15. Depends how you like it to fit, maybe. The torso isn't really an issue since it's all pressed in to you with armour on anyway, but I tried a Large (and wear a Medium Short ACU shirt) and I find the length of the arms perfect. I can only see a Medium being too short (and I wear a damn SHORT shirt). But yeah, your mileage may vary, I guess. I know I'm not alone on going a size up, though.
  16. PROTIP: Go a size up from your ACU shirt size.
  17. Because they're British SAS, duh.
  18. Senator Craig, is that you? And yeah, the knife looks like a Gerber LMF II.
  19. Funnily enough mate, I've gone the other way - I was running it with a Thermobak bodged onto the straps, and now I have the rear plate on there with the same hydro zip-tied onto the back. I found it awkward to take on and off with the Camelbak there, and it seems to sit more stably now. I just make sure it's cinched up pretty tight, and you have to tape the 'waist' straps at the back, because I found they come loose pretty quickly which lets the rig flop around. Generally though, I love it. No real movement and it carries everything I need where I need it. And yeah mate, the tea
  20. Awesome, looks like I'll fiddle around and make it work somehow then Thanks Knick.
  21. Yeah, I had a Gemtech TRL on my pistol when I ran it on my leg (back when I was running my USP Compact, I think) and it was fine. I was just wondering if it got in the way with your pistol mounted up on the chest, since I can see it causing issues with magazine access, etc.
  22. Danke, how's the lanyard on there? I need a Gemtech TRL (or similar) for my 1911 as per SOP, but I can see it getting in the way and snagging on everything in sight.
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